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The Beginning Years of Film Symphony Orchestra (FISYO)
Poláková, Ivana ; Klimeš, Ivan (advisor) ; Szczepanik, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the inception and initial operation of the Film Symphony Orchestra (FISYO) which was the only ensemble that was used for recording film music for local feature film production since 1943 till the early nineties. Besides the information about the orchestra itself this thesis also includes the introduction to the field of music dubbing of films in Czechoslovakia since the silent era and also the curriculum of the first four FISYO conductors: Jindřich Bubeníček, Václav Smetáček, Otakar Pařík and Milivoj Uzelac.
The workload of nurses in perioperative care
The basic theoretical background: It is known that the profession of nurses is very physically and mentally challenging. Otherwise, it is not even for nurses in the operating room. The work of nurses in operating rooms is highly specialized and demanding profession that requires specific skills and knowledge primarily because the operating rooms is very specific and puts high demands on the technical and material equipment, flawless organization work and to perfect the principles of antisepsis and asepsis. It's about challenging, diverse activities, including the preparation of operating material, devices, apparatus, instruments and sterilization. The correct execution of all these activities, the profession ranks between occupation with time pressure, physical stress and irregular rhythm of life and professions, in which psychological and physical depletion of reserves means not only a danger to themselves, but also the health of the patient. The objectives of the work: To meet the main intent of the work were established two objectives. The first goal is to find out what type of workload for nurses in perioperative care predominates. The second goal is to compare the differences of the workload for novice and long - term working nurses in perioperative care. Hypothesis: Depending on the set objectives have been identified four hypotheses. H1: the incidence of psychological burden for nurses in perioperative care predominates over the occurrence of physical exertion. H2: for nurses working less than three years in perioperative care is the presence of psychic load higher than for senior sisters. H3: for nurses working for more than three years in perioperative care is the presence of physical load higher than the sisters with less length of practice. H4: the workload of nurses in perioperative care does not differ from the standard, based on the Meister´s method of assessing workload. Methodology: Research method of quantitative inquiry of research using the techniques of a standardised questionnaire, supplemented by their own questions. The questionnaire was completely anonymous and respondents ' participation in the research was voluntary. Were used two standardized questionnaires. The first questionnaire was elected from Maister, which assesses the impact of work on the psyche of the individual. The second questionnaire was used as a working activity from Baecky, which is used to measure physical activity. The target group were the nurses working in the perioperative care. In total, were interviewed across nine hospitals of the Czech Republic. All selected Hospital have agreed to perform the research investigation to this thesis. The results obtained were statistically processed. Conclusion: The work provides information about what type of workload predominate for nurses in perioperative care and about the differences of the workload for starting and working nurses in perioperative care. The results of the thesis can be used by medical facilities to identify the workload for nurses in perioperative care and by the perioperative nurses. From the above results, it is clear that the issue of mental and physical loads primarily nurses in the operating room is a very current topic, and it is important to deal with manifestations of this load. In addition to this thesis was created, information material on the prevention of the workload and the methods of its elimination.
P3-TOP-TN-15001 Achievable microroughness of ASPIICS optical glass elements
Bartoníček, Jiří ; Budasz, Jiří ; Hadincová, Ivana ; Horodyská, Petra ; Kaucká, Iva ; Kovačičinová, Jana ; Lédl, Vít ; Melich, Radek ; Pleštil, Jan ; Poláková, Ivana ; Procháska, František ; Psota, Pavel ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Šípová, Gabriela ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Ulrichová, Iva ; Václavík, Jan ; Vápenka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
The scope of this document is describe a test that investigates an achievable micro-roughness realized on different types of optical glasses [R1] that are planned to be employed for realization of PROBA3 coronagraph telescope. The test is realized with respect to the technological manufacturing possibilities of optical elements at TOPTEC facility.
Process development and prototype realization of non-symmetrical aspherical lenses
Melich, Radek ; Pintr, Pavel ; Pleštil, Jan ; Poláková, Ivana ; Procháska, František ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Václavík, Jan ; Vápenka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
The aim of the study is to develop a process chain and realize prototype lenses of non-symmetrical apherical lenses of given tolerances.
Důvody, postup a výsledky zavedení B2B portálu pro podporu obchodních procesů ve společnosti Škoda Aut a.s.
Siparau, Aliaksei ; Švecová, Lenka (advisor) ; Poláková, Ivana (referee)
Bakalářská práce popisuje proces zavedení B2B systému podporujícího vyřízení žádosti obchodních partnerů Škoda Auto a.s. na vyplacení finančních bonusů v rámci prodeje velkoodběratelům, cílovým skupinám a taky v rámci jednotlivých marketingových akcí. Pozornost je především věnovaná důvodům, postupu a hodnocení úspěšnosti realizace projektu.

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2 Poláková, Ingrid
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