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Modelling of water distributor in a steam conditioning valve
Polášek, Radek ; Juřena, Tomáš (referee) ; Hájek, Jiří (advisor)
The purpose of the thesis is to create a model for an analysis of a steam conditioning valve whose function is to reduce the temperature of the steam using a spray water system. First of all, simulation of the fluid flow and heat transfer is done using CFD analysis. Then the results are used for thermal stress calculation.
Evaluative Language in Electronic Product Reviews
Polášek, Radek ; Mihai, Hana (referee) ; Reich, Pavel (advisor)
Tato práce bude zaměřena na ohodnocení jazyka v recenzích mobilních telefonů. K tomuto účelu bude použita recenze Apple iPhone 7. Apple má širokou nabídku produktů, jmenujme počítače, tablety, hodinky nebo mp3 přehrávače. Mobilní telefony jsou ale jedním z nejpopulárnějších produktů. Z tohoto důvodu, jsou recenze mobilních telefonů perfektním zdrojem pro tuto tezi. Účel této práce je analyzovat a demonstrovat prostředky ohodnocení jazyka v reklamní mluvě a odhalení strategií a jazykových prostředků použitých k ovlivnění čtenáře, při apelování na city, morálku a estetiku chápání. Předpokládám, že recenze jsou zaujaté díky použité formě jazyka, která může obsahovat osobní názory autora nebo metody manupulace se čtenářem. Tyto metody mohou být použity při stylizaci textu, mohou apelovat na emoce nebo sociální zázemí čtenáře nebo mohuu být použity při rozhodování o tom zda a jaké informace v recenzi poskytnout. Tato teze ověří, zda je tato hypotéza platná.
Nonlinear diffusion equations
Polášek, Radek ; Hájek, Jiří (referee) ; Franců, Jan (advisor)
This work is focused on various types of diusion equations. The diffusion equations are derived for various assumptions of media. We describe in detail Barenblatt solution for slow diffusion equation, whose features are demonstrated.
Geocaching - volnočasová aktivita
Polášek, Radek
The bachelor thesis Geocaching - leisure activities are divided into theoretical, methodological, and practical. The theoretical passage submitted material highlights the general characteristics of free time, highlights the requirements for teacher free time, brings some important information about the pedagogy of experience as a important for communication about geocaching. Historical perspective complements the concise approach the rules of the relatively little-known games and movement in the natural environment and points to the possibility of eventual use in secondary or even primary schools as appropriate to the particular forms of educational instruction during extracurricular activities. Suitable methods for the theoretical part of the study offers professional literature in Czech and English. To enhance the knowledge and skills to exploit also available electronic resources and bibliographic suggestions of essays previously published elsewhere and on a similar subject. In the methodological part of the written material, efforts turned toward submission of application form adequate itself educational recommended procedure for people pubertal and adolescent. For students at primary schools and secondary schools, current educational institution. The practical part in the conception of an exploratory investigation addresses experts in educational practice, professionals of all ages who are looking for reasonable, alternative forms of educational access for those who do not want to accept the prevailing IT orientation, rigidity in the use of modern teaching aids and the growth of social pathologies in the school environment. All parts of the thesis illuminate each of the topic and outlines the actions deliberately, in practice relatively simple to use, where appropriate, in its sole discretion modifiable as friendly educational resource for students, or also those middle-aged and elderly readily available to members of all ages.

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