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Long-distance belt conveyance
Kulich, Stanislav ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (advisor)
The purpose of my bachelor thesis was a research of devices similar to long-distance belt transport. However, the greatest emphasis is placed on the long-distance belt transport method. Following is a detailed description of each component of the device. Furthermore, it deals with functional calculation according to the assignment of bachelor thesis and strength check of selected elements. The last chapter is a proposal and justification of used components according to the results of calculations for this type of belt conveyor. Part of the thesis is the design of the overall device assembly.
Pillar jib crane
Petrů, Martin ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
Jib crane, boom, column, hoist, safety brake, construction
Belt conveyor - tolerance analysis
Man, Lukáš ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (advisor)
The Thesis deals with the tolerance analysis of the factors entering the long-distance belt conveyor of wet sand transport. The Thesis contains a critical research of similar belt conveyors of long-distance transport and a description of main parts of long-distance belt transport. Furthermore, the Thesis includes a calculation according to CSN ISO 5048 and all the standards related to this standard.
Barrel handling equipment
Dostál, Martin ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Hloušek, David (advisor)
The primary content of this work is a conceptual design of a manipulative device for tin barrels, with its characteristic parameters. The model design was completed in accordance with the gathered information from the critical research of comparable devices available on the market. Ultimately, the model concept is focused on improving the market devices’ deficiencies. The manipulative device model was composed in Autodesk Inventor 2018 application and subsequently subdued to testing calculations. The entire model construction is chiefly welded. Therefore, the majority of the calculations is concerned with the solidity control of the welds.
Conception of horizontal wood splitting device
Mikl, Marek ; Hloušek, David (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a brief research of wood splitting machines and splitting tools, then it was the task to create own design of the horizontal wood splitting machine with the use of splitting grid according to the given parameters. The thesis is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter, the research of splitting machines was solved, in the second chapter the machine design wich was made itself, in the third chapter the strength analysis of important machine parts and in the last part the control functional calculations were made.
Conception of a conical splitter for wood
Stejskal, Jan ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Hloušek, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis consists of an introductory research part and a structural draft of a conical wood splitter with typed technical parameters and maximal log length and width. The thesis contains computing and strength examination of chosen components and final evaluation of designed construction from the law standards viewpoint.
Belt conveyors - special constructions
Hejl, Radek ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to draw up an overview of manufacturers of belt conveyors and their individual components together with clarification of functions and construction of selected units. The work includes basic division, overview of manufacturers of different types of belt conveyors, diagram and description of individual parts, analysis of conveyor belts, drums, belt cleaners and others, together with the overview of manufacturers of these components. It also contains an assembly drawing of the selected unit.
Kadla, Zdeněk ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of the creeper for technological production line. Part of this thesis is the technical report with analysis and calculation of the proposed solution, describing the ultimate possibility of chain drives and different types of chain. Attached to the project is drawing documentation containing the plan of the facility, subassembly drive chain tension and the detailed drawing of the drive chain wheel.
Differential tackle
Poliak, Daniel ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and strength calculation of the differential hoist. The chain block is self-locking with a load capacity of 400 kg and a lifting height of 4750 mm. The design is projected with safety consideration to the flexibility limit state. The project also includes computational report and drawing documentation.
Analysis of structures of compact hydraulic equipment
Sordyl, Martin ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is realization of short research of current compact hydraulic power unit, realization of FEM analysis with aim to find inappropriately dimensioned parts of structures. Based on this data design optimized solution of structures and create drawings of weldments. This thesis is carried out in cooperation with company Bosch Rexroth, spol.s.r.o.

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