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Care of aging or dying individuals with mental disabilities living in residential facilities
Pokorný, Marek ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Holasová, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis investigates possibilities of care provision for ageing or dying people with intellectual disabilities within different types of residential facilities as are for instance homes for people with disabilities, sheltered housing, nursing homes or week-care centers. For purposes of this research, residential facilities in Prague were chosen to examine what their approach is when it comes to the issues related to ageing or dying of their clients, how they consider their special needs and what are the barriers keeping them from living the rest of their lives in the environment of residential services which they often perceive as their home. Keywords Individuals with mental disabilities, elderly, living facilities, aging, dying.
Výživa dojnic v daném zemědělském podniku
The Bachelor work describe nutrition of dairy cows in selected companies. The main parameter of successful cattle breeding is the provision of natural condition especially for breeded animals. This is mainly about housing conditions of natural movement, nutrition and feeding that corresponds to the suitable physiological needs. With time and the new trends are to increase the quality of cattle breeding, to improve the quality of optimal nutrition, to manage and to implement it. At this companies I focused nutrition of dairy cows which this companies exploits. At the Bachelor work describe nutrition of dairy cows which is great for health and welfare of dairy cows.
Memory and Time in Augustine's Confessiones and in Proust's A la Recherche du Temps Perdu
Roreitnerová, Alena ; Karfíková, Lenka (advisor) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee) ; Pokorný, Martin (referee)
This presented paper is a parallel reading of two works which both connect a philosophical perception of time and memory with an actual narration. The first is one of the earliest spiritual autobiographies of late antiquity - Confessions - and the second is a modern novel - In Search of Lost Time. A distinctive (originally Neoplatonic) understanding of eternity as simultaneity opens a line of questioning which both Confessions and In Search of Lost Time have in common: What is the relation between time and eternity (extra-temporality in Proust's case) and is it possible at all for a time being to have a relation to something what is eternal? In both works, the mediating role between time succession and timeless simultaneity is played by narration and memory. Part I of the paper (Chapter 1) deals with Augustine's understanding of time which can be found not only in Book XI of Confessions but also throughout the whole work including its narrative passages; it also partly takes into consideration Book VI of De musica. It tries to answer a more general question, i.e. whether Augustine in his autobiography concentrates only on subjective time or whether he is interested in time as such (in contrast to eternity). The answer is intended to be found through the analysis of questions the author of...
Double-ridge waveguide horn antenna for EMC measurements
Martincová, Kateřina ; Pokorný, Michal (referee) ; Mikulášek, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design and realization of a horn antenna for electromagnetic compatibility measurement. First it focuses on general theory of antennas, than it focuses more on horn antennas and their design. Second part deals with description of antenna realization and comparison of simulated results.
Following the phenotype development of TgHD minipigs by invasive and noninvasive approach
Ellederová, Zdeňka ; Baxa, Monika ; Vidinská, Daniela ; Bohuslavová, Božena ; Vochozková, Petra ; Šmatlíková, Petra ; Klíma, Jiří ; Valeková, Ivona ; Ardan, Taras ; Juhás, Štefan ; Juhásová, Jana ; Konvalinková, R. ; Klempíř, J. ; Pokorný, M. ; Krupička, R. ; Kauler, J. ; Hansíková, H. ; Motlík, Jan
Recent promising treatments for Huntington’s disease (HD) may require pre-clinical testing in large animals. In 2009, we generated HD transgenic (TgHD) minipigs with one copy encoding the N-terminal part (548 aa) of human huntingtin (HTT) with 124 CAG/CAA repeats integrated into chromosome 1 q24-q25. The successful germ line transmission occurred through four successive generations.
Search for the Hero - The Izanagi Myth Theme as a Key to the Interpretation of Protagonists in Haruki Murakami's Novels
Jurkovič, Tomáš ; Švarcová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Pokorný, Martin (referee) ; Rumánek, Ivan (referee)
This thesis deals with a motive, very frequent in the novels of Haruki Murakami: a male protagonist trying to save his spouse, who has disappeared in a "different world". This can be of course interpreted as an orphic myth variation. However, the version used by Murakami resembles the story of Izanagi and Izanami deities in the Kojiki, ancient Japanese chronicle, more than the Greek orphic myth. Therefore, the motive is treated like a specific "Izanagi myth" variation here in the thesis, and the examination of its function is focused on the novels, the most important segment of Murakami's work. Murakami intentionally uses a very complicated form of narration in the novels. Therefore, to examine the exact function of Izanagi myth motive in the novel stories, a method of abstraction of these stories from their narrative discourses is used, based on the theories of Seymour Chatman. According to these theories, stories are strictly chronological sequences of events, while narrative discourses are more specific forms of these sequences, processed by the narrators. To abstract "exact" stories from Murakami's novels' specific discourses, we concentrate on all time-related data in their texts and use them to reconstruct the minute chronological orders of events - the stories of the novels. After that, we...
The Transformation of Reality by Text
Hankiewicz, Jakub ; Pokorný, Martin (advisor) ; Hrdlička, Josef (referee)
This thesis presents transformation as the key principle of production, as well as reception of a literary text. As far as production is concerned, the thesis takes off from the passing nature of any moment, any element of reality, and it perceives a literary text as a way to save and conserve that element. It is obvious that should the given element of the physical reality - perishable in its true character - survive in a text, it needs to undergo a change, a transformation: what needs to change in order for it to survive? By analyzing authors who discuss this nature of the text in their works, the thesis comes to understanding the production of a text as a discovery of such an environment within the text, which would allow the element of reality to be conserved. As far as reception is concerned, the thesis studies the influence a literary text has on our experience of reality. The problem is not only tackled as a perception of the world via a certain literary work, which was for example the case with the literary characters of Don Quixote or Madame Bovary, but the thesis tries to describe the deep transformation of our perception of reality caused by a poetic outlook on elements of the real world.
Historical record of the fairyshrimp Branchinecta gaini in the James Ross archipelago, and its phylogeography
Pokorný, Matěj ; Sacherová, Veronika (advisor) ; Janko, Karel (referee)
The Fairy shrimp Branchinecta gaini Daday, 1910 is the largest freshwater invertebrate in Antarctica and the top-level consumer of local freshwater food webs. Ecological demands of B. gaini that are accompanied by 'ruderal' life strategy together with its spatial distribution that exceeds to Patagonia indicate that it had survived last glacial period in South America and expanded to Antarctica shortly after this epoch endeed. On James Ross Island that is the most extreme environment where B. gaini occurs today was this fairy shrimp considered extinct until year 2008. Its disappearance was based on paleolimnological analysis of several lake sediment cores according to which it inhabited this island between years 4200 to approximately 1500 before present when it died out because of changes in lake catchments caused by harsh neoglacial conditions. Paleolimnological analysis of Monolith Lake presented in this study has shown that this assumption was wrong and B. gaini has lived on James Ross Island throughout neoglacial period up to recent time. Phylogeographic analysis of 16S rDNA of specimens from Patagonia, South Orkneys, South Shetlands and James Ross Island revealed that its high morphological diversity is not supported by this gene and that all examined populations of B. gaini is one species with very few...
Testing of products generated from Meteosat satellite (MSG) images in synoptic praxis
Pokorný, Michal ; Žák, Michal (advisor) ; Bližňák, Vojtěch (referee) ; Dejmal, Karel (referee)
First part of the thesis introduces possibilities of depicting of the data provided by the MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) satellite. Different color combinations (RGB - red, green, blue) description made by the basic channels combination follows. The main part of this thesis is focused on T-re profiles (T - temperature, re - effective cloud particle radius). The analysis of profiles of temperature versus the effective radius of cloud particles shows the vertical distribution of the effective particle size in clouds. The profiles are computed and constructed from the satellite retrieved data and they show graphically the distribution of cloud particles and indirectly represent the severity of the developing storms. Forecasting and predicting dangerous phenomena such as hailstorms or tornados that occur in severe storms is the main objective of the technique. This nowcasting tool was tested in Central Europe and the end of this thesis presents the results of the testing.
The Level of Risk Posed by Online Marketing Communication of the Engine Tables Brand
Pokorný, Marek ; Plachký, Leoš (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
Target of master's theasis is find, analyze and identify all risks of online marketing communication Engine Tables. The theoretical part describes theoretical basics of marketing, basic concepts of marketing and methods of work. In the analytics part are basic information about company, marketing problems, PEST analysis, market analysis and competition. I will analyze all risk, that may happen at online marketing enviroment. In the last part are all results, their efficiency, financial demands and contribution of individual solutions.

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