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The specifics of pedagogue's work with children with social disadvantages during the process of school club integration.
Pokorná, Daniela ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The thesis is focused on the specifics of work of pedagogical worker with socially disadvantaged children during the process of their integration into the out of school care environment. The thesis is trying to find out how the pedagogical workers detect such disadvantage and furthermore how are they handling this problem. The research part is based on qualitative research strategy using the methods of observation, casuistry and open interviews.
Thematic preferences of the Czech printed media seen on the example of the case of Pussy Riot
Pokorná, Daniela ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The master'sthesiscalledThematicpreferencesoftheCzechprintedmedia seenontheexampleofthecaseofPussyRiotdeals withthe mediaphenomenon Pussy Riot, whichprovokedheightenedinterestofboththegeneralpublicand Russianand Western mediaatthebeginningof2012.The membersoftheartistic activistmovementPussyRiotperformedtheso-called"punkprayer"intheCathedral of Christthe Saviourin Moscow. Thisact, whichhadpoliticalandreligious overtones, wassubsequentlycriminalized. Thethesisoffersaninsightintothe backgroundofthecasefromtheperspectivesofhistory,inspirationandgoalsofthe movement.Italsoseekstopointouttheimportantaspectsoftheirperformanceand eventsthattookplaceafterthecase.ThethesisshowshowthePussyRiotissuehas beenaddressedbythemediaaroundtheworld,takingintoaccounttheworkofthe journalistandtheinfluencesthatmayshapehisorherwork.Italsotakesintoaccount theinfluenceoffeminism,itsdevelopmentinthemedia,anditsconnectionwiththe activismofPussyRiot.ThemainaimofthisworkistofindouthowCzechmedia haveconstructedmeaningsrelatedtoPussyRiotfromthebeginningofthecasetothe present.Todothis,aqualitativeanalysisofthreeCzechdailynewspapers Mladá frontaDNES,Hospodářskénoviny,PrávoandthreeCzechweeklyRespekt,Reflex andTýdenwasused.
Influence of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment on the development of children cognitive abilities
Pokorná, Daniela ; Váňová, Eva (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
In the theoretical part, this work deals with the problem of comparison between Feuerstein cognitive function and partial cognitive abilities which are mentioned at the Educational Interpretations of the WISC-III. Research study follows up changes in partial cognitive abilities which could be viewed as a consequence of FIE (Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment) intervention lasting several months. By comparison of pre-test and post-test, which is realized by WISC-III and processed with Educational Interpretations of the WISC- III the study tries to describe impact of the method to child's cognitive functions as well as its school successfulness, self-concept, and behavior. Study also pursues possibility to use factor analysis of WISC-III for planning of the FIE intervention. Information was taken from tests, questionnaires for teachers, videos and records of FIE lessons. Research was realized at the Elementary school in a small town with 1700 inhabitants, nearby to Prague. This was the only school in this town. We noticed more or less significant changes in all areas of interest. In some cases, there was agreement in the test results and teacher's evaluation whereas in other there were differences. KEY WORDS Reuven Feuerstein, modifiability of intelligence, deficits of cognitive functions, mediated...
Education problems of children given to keep their grandparents
Pokorná, Daniela ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Krykorková, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with issues of upbringing children by their grandparents. It focuses on the fact, how the grandparents handle the upbringining of underage children. The theoretical part is divided into six main chapters. This part includes topics such as family, upbringing and the issue of foster care. The practical part deals with the research itself, as the main research method was chosen to interview and documents analysis. The interview was made with ten grandparents, who have underage child in their custody. The interview was focused on the financial security of families, cooperation with school, the possible educational problems of children at school or at home. Finally, there was made the evaluation based on available data.
The Dietary System in Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Reality and Objective Needs
Pokorná, Daniela ; Kohout, Pavel (advisor) ; Humlová, Renata (referee)
Author: Pokorná Daniela Institution: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, 1. lékařská fakulta Title: The Dietary System in Hostitals in the Czech Republic: Reality and Objective Needs Tutor: Doc.MUDr.PavelKohout,PhD. Numberofpages: 88 Numberofsupplements: 6 Year: 2011 Keywords: diet, dietary system, dietology, dietotherapy, nutritional therapist, reality, objective needs This paper deals with the dietary system in the facilities in the Czech Republic, particularly in hospitals, with the focus on reality and objective needs. It is divided into two parts - theoretical and research part. The theoretical part explains the terms such as dietology, diet, nutritional therapist, and subsequently the history, present state and possible future of the dietary system in the Czech Republic. In the research part, the reality and objective needs in the given field are explored. The focus is on objective conclusions of the research exploration as well as on initiatives and comments from professionals in the particular facilities. Three hypotheses were set and subsequently examined. The above data was obtained from facilities such as hospital, spas and health resorts, and senior homes. The research was basic and quantitative in nature; data- collecting was done using a questionnaire. Basing on ideas and comments from the...
Living nature in the third grade
Pokorná, Daniela ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Lukavský, Jiří (referee)
The paper deals with "living nature", how it is presented at school to the third graders, how children deal with examining, and what kind of mistakes they make. It comes out form the observation during lectures, dialogues with teacher and analyses of the tests. Piaget's works The Childs Conception of the World, The Psychology of the Intelligence and The Psychology of the Child were used as a theoretical base. Three main reasons for mistakes emerged from this research. First children have problems with the terminology, naming of objects, either brand new words or new content of familiar words. Second problem is different experience of each child. And finally, logical and infralogical mental operation which are quite new and difficult for children but important for organizing our surrounding world. Through acquiring of this topic at school children learn how to reason what is alive and why, what the typical characteristics of life are, so they can leave their child animism and egocentric way of understanding the world.
Evaluation of Company Financial Performance and Proposals of Improvement
Janáčková, Marcela ; Pokorná, Daniela (referee) ; Čižinská, Romana (advisor)
This Master´s thesis deals with assessing the financial situation of the company Symbol Technologies, Inc. in years 2004 – 2008. Selected Methods of Financial Analysis are used during assessment particularly the calculation and evaluation of financial ratios. On the basis of findings are suggested some steps that could generally improve financial situation of the company.

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