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The wider context of the impact of solar activity on mortality by cause in the Czech Republic
Podolská, Kateřina ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Šídlo, Luděk (referee) ; Laštovička, Jan (referee)
The wider context of the impact of solar activity on mortality by cause in the Czech Republic Abstract The presented dissertation investigates the influence of extraterestrial phenomena, in the whole scope of their possible effects, on human population. It analyses the influence of climate-change induced fluctuation of solar activity on the population, as well as the impact of the concentration of cosmogenic radionuclides on human health. In the introduction, the manifestation of solar activity on Earth is described, the results of the present research is summarized, and the used methods of data processing and the data sources are described. The primary focus of this work is the association of mortality from the causes of death recorded under chapter IV. Diseases of the nervous system and chapter IX. Diseases of the circulatory system of the International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision (ICD-10) in the Czech Republic with the changes in the level of solar activity and its exceptional fluctuations. The main aim is to determine the possible link between the daily numbers of dead by the respective causes of death, by sex and age groups in the Czech Republic, on global as well as on geographically specific daily values of solar, ionospheric, and geomagnetic parameters in the years 1994-2013. These are...
Impact of changes in Earth thermal plasma parameters and solar indices on mortality by cause in the Czech Republic
Podolská, Kateřina ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis was to study the dependence of the intensity of mortality in the Czech Republic, according to the chosen causes of death, on the Solar activity during the increasing and decreasing phase of the Solar cycle in the period 1994-2011, using the methods of the multivariate statistical analysis. The Solar activity was represented by the indices R, Kp, F10.7 and Dst, and also by the height of the F2 layer and TEC for the Czech Republic. The typology of time profiles for causes of death was identified with the help of cluster analysis using time. The dependence between the analyzed time series was investigated using the multivariate statistical analysis. The correlation of the intensity of mortality from coronary heart disease, from stroke, Edwards' and Pataus' syndrom with the Solar activity parameters was discovered, as well as a stronger dependence on the ionosphere parametres related to the Czech Republic area.
Graphical Models in Continuous Financial Data Analysis
Podolská, Kateřina ; Hurt, Jan (referee) ; Zichová, Jitka (advisor)
Xa/ev prace: Graficke niodely v analy/e spojilych linancnich dat Autor:'ina Podolska Kaledra: Kat.edra pravdepodobnost i a matenial.icke isl.ikv Yedouci bakalafske prace: KXDr. Jilka Zichova, Dr. e-mail vedouciho: Jit ka.Zicliova:("inff.cuni.c/ Abslrakt: Hlavnini cilem teto bakalarske praee je aplikovat gralickf'1 niotk'ly urrene pro /praeovaiii tlat se spojityin ro'/delem'in na data z linanrni praxe. Pro lento Tieel byly /voleny denni ineno\(; knr/y / dalaba/,e C'XB. Pro \yber konkret niho gralickeho niodelu byl pou/it pro^fam Backward]. vytvofeny jako soneast diplomove [>raee [ !]. reali/ovany v syst.einn Mat.heinat.ica 4.0. Klirova slo\a: graficke niodely. analy/a spojilveh (inanrnieh dal Title: Graphical Models in Continuous Financial Data Analysis Author: Katenna Podolska Department: Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Supervisor: RXDr. Jitka Ziehova, Dr. Supervisor's e-mail address: .Jilka.Ziehova Abstract: The- main topic of this bachelor thesis is the application of graphi- cal models developed for data processing of the continuous distribution on finance data. For this purpose, daily exchange rates from the CXB database were selected. The program Backward!, which was created as a part of the thesis [Ij under the system Malhematica 4.0, was used for selection of t he...

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