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Videogame animation
Pošta, Martin ; PIXA, Libor (advisor) ; JAVORA, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about videogame animation. The work is divided into four chapters. The first chapter describes the history of videogame animation. The second chapter is focused on differences between movie and videogame animation. The third chapter points how twelve animation principles are used differently in videogames and the last fourth chapter is trying to explain the future of animation in VR (Virtual reality).
Copyright Law and Cinema
Pošta, Martin ; Křesťanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Holcová, Irena (referee)
Cinema copyright - Abstract Cinema copyright - a list of all issues concerning copyright protection, which might be dealt with in a cinema building. The thesis "Cinema Copyright" is focused on the problems of copyright protection of audio-visual work, live broadcast and other activities which most often take place in a grand hall of a cinema. The author holds a position of a director of a one-hall city digital cinema. Therefore, it is not the only goal of this thesis to take a positive view of the issues in the legal sense of the word, but also to confront the legal regulation with the common practice in the field in the way I and my colleagues experience it on a daily basis. As a result I propose some changes regarding the matters in question. Except for the first chapter, the whole thesis deals with the legal relations between a cinema operator and a distributor. The text is related to the actual state of legal affairs by February 4, 2013. The first chapter is concerned in detail with the current terminology of audio-visual work and the people within the scheme of its production. In this part a detail analysis of the legal framework of the production of audio-visual work and of the legal relations among the people within the production scheme is given. The second chapter presents the reasons for...
Analysis of novel members of FAHFA lipid class derived from omega 3-PUFA by LC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS/MS
Rombaldová, Martina ; Kuda, Ondřej ; Březinová, Marie ; Slavíková, Barbora ; Pošta, Martin ; Beier, Petr ; Janovská, Petra ; Veleba, J. ; Kopecký Jr., J. ; Kudová, Eva ; Pelikánová, T. ; Kopecký, Jan
White adipose tissue (WAT) is a complex organ with both metabolic and endocrine functions. Dysregulation of all of these functions of WAT, together with low-grade inflammation of the tissue in obesity, contributes to the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) of marine origin play an important role in resolution of inflammation and exert beneficial metabolic effects. Using LC-MS/MS method, we elucidated the structures of novel members of fatty acid esters of hydroxy fatty acids (FAHFA), which were present in murine and human serum and WAT after omega-3 PUFA supplementation in diet. These compounds contained DHA esterified to 9- and 13-hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid (HLA) termed 9-DHAHLA and 13-DHAHLA, and were synthesized in WAT. Our results document the existence of novel lipid mediators, which are involved in the beneficial anti-inflammatory effects attributed toomega-3 PUFA, in both miceandhumans.
Organizing international film festival
Pošta, Martin ; Mucha, Kryštof (advisor) ; Rychecký, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis describes the specifics of organizing an international film festival in the conditions of the Czech Republic. It maps the basic rules of the creation, organisation and operations at the film festival, detailed instructions on how to proceed in its first steps. It is therefore rather a practical guide, which is missing at our market. Since there is no publication on this topic published yet the author is bases his thesis purely on his own experience and the experience of his colleagues. The core issues of this work are: What is Film Festival and how to proceed in the organisation of film festival in the Czech Republic? And is it worth all the trouble?
Difosfinoazinové komplexy rhodia-syntéza, struktura a reaktivita
Pošta, Martin ; Čermák, Jan ; Vojtíšek, P.
Now, we present here synthesis of novel diphosphinoazine complexes of Rh(I) andRh(III) and creation of coordinative unsaturation similar to the Shaw type for.

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