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Oxidative stress in pathogenic amoebae
Plíva, Jan ; Šuťák, Róbert (advisor) ; Smutná, Tamara (referee)
Reactive oxygen species are substances that contain an atom of oxygen with an unpaired electron. This substance is highly reactive thanks to that unpaired electron. Organisms are capable of utilizing this reactivity in a lot of reactions. Cells can create reactive oxygen species as a by-product of aerobic respiration or by the action of enzymes such as NADPH oxidase. Reactive oxygen species play a crucial role in host defense against parasitic organisms. During host defense, parasitic organisms are destroyed by immune cells utilizing oxygen species. These reactions are in place also in the case of infection caused by pathogenic amoebae. Amoebae are eukaryotic unicellular organisms that are in some cases capable of causing serious illnesses. During the infections, amoebae must be able to bypass the host immune system, thus reactive oxygen species. This is accomplished by parasitic detoxification systems which helps pathogenic amoebae to overcome oxidative stress induced by reactive oxygen species. However, pathogenic amoebae are also capable of using reactive oxygen species to overcome the host immune system. This fact only confirms how tangled and complicated is the effect of reactive oxygen species during an interaction between the host organism and parasite.
Trustworthiness of server certificates
Plíva, Jan ; Vokoun, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pavlík, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of trustworthiness of server certificates. The theoretical part of this thesis will demonstrate and explain all of these essentials that are included into issues. The next step we want to create a material, which will explain this issue. We will write about meanings of certificates, what certificates are used to and what is their role on the servers. We will explain how to install them, and whatever you need after installation to maintain or operate. Also we will compare advantages and disadvantages of these certificates. In this part we will also discuss with an expert from this field, which is interested in this issue for few years. In the practical part of the most famous and widely used certification authority of the Czech Republic and we compare their trustworthiness. At the end, we entire and explain our solution.
Cost of debt in market business valuation
Plíva, Jan ; Maříková, Pavla (advisor) ; Scholleová, Hana (referee)
The work deals with the role of cost of debt capital in the process of market valuation. Analyses used as a basis for determining the cost of debt, simple and advanced methods of cost of debt capital estimation, as well as the issue of determining the value of debt itself are explained. Further, the work briefly examines the impact of aspects that are not directly related to the credit quality of the firm on its cost of debt; by these aspects, legal conditions for interest payments tax deductibility and third-party guarantees are meant. The pivotal part of the work designs its own model for debt rating and a premium over the risk-free rate of return estimation, with the premium consisting of a premium for expected and unexpected loss of a potential creditor.
Possibilities of Marketing Applications in the Express Transport Sector
Plíva, Jan ; Mottlová, Libuše (advisor) ; Bursíková, Marcela (referee)
Práce se věnuje oboru dálkové osobní dopravy v České republice z pohledu zákazníka ? cestujícího. Zkoumá současnou nabídku služeb na trhu a spokojenost zákazníků s nimi. Současně hledá příčiny spokojenosti i nespokojenosti zákazníků s veřejnou dopravou a aspekty, které mají vliv při rozhodování mezi dopravou veřejnou a dopravou individuální. Naznačeny jsou cesty k rozvoji oboru dálkové dopravy a konkurenčního prostředí v oboru a možnosti uplatnění marketingových přístupů.

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