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Ethics of Sexual Behaviour. Mimesis of the Sexual Ethics in the European Belles-lettres Literature
Koumar, Jan ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Vrhel, František (referee) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
This works deals with ethics of sexuality in the chosen canonical works of the Euro- American Belles-Lettres literature. It tries to concentrate on the changes of the preferred bases which ethics of sexuality is based on, furthermore it analyses the expressed ethical stances and finally it emphasises some sexual-ethical themes, which appeared in the analysed books. The emphasis is put on the different nature of two ethical layers: shared customs and individual morality, which can radically differ from the prevailing customs, protest against them or expand them further. Based on 42 canonical works, this work names and described 7 possible approaches to the ethics of sexuality and 7 ethical topics which were recurrently appearing in the analysed books.
Ethical aspects of intercultural phenomenon of Czech Republic inbound tourism focused on Russian tourists
Klímová, Monika ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Haškovcová, Helena (referee) ; Strobachová, Ingrid (referee)
1 ABSTRACT This analytical-empiric study presents ethical aspects of the intercultural phenomenon in inbound tourism of Czech Republic focused on Russian tourists mapping topic which hasn't been covered in such a wide scope yet. The multicultural and intercultural definition of the words is described in great depth in the theoretical part of the of this study as the terminology is strongly ambiguous. The special attention is not only paid to the interests and preferences of the tourists but also to the history especially aimed to so-called "Russian soul" and delimitation of the position "we" and "they" and "they" and "we". The data, collected by quantitative and qualitative author's research, complete and penetrate the whole theoretical frame of the study. The research part contains quantitative (24 subjects) and qualitative (2 respondents) research. It detects ethic dilemma and presents the specifics of the Russian tourists in inbound tourism of Czech Republic. We present the result as a substantiated constatation that the category "they" has a lot of prejudice from both sides and it causes unpleasant conflicts which can be prevented when the knowledge of when and how the prejudice was created is in place. The ethical problems as the consequence of existing prejudice connected to concrete expressions of...
The role of spontaneous volunteers in the dynamic humanitarian system
Smejkal, Richard ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Sokol, Jan (referee) ; Murgaš, Jaromír (referee)
Increasingly, we hear that the humanitarian system has exhausted its potential and is over the abyss. The volume of funds, the number of humanitarian organizations and the number of rescued people are growing year after year. Nevertheless, the gap between needs and real humanitarian assistance is steadily increasing. Traditional humanitarian actors have been unsuccessfully looking for ways to repair the system that once worked well. Attempts at financial and institutional reform fail, and the debate on humanitarian principles annoys the main actors. This work shows that the traditional humanitarian system is only a part of the larger ecosystem of humanitarian assistance, and analyzes the external influences it fails to cope with in the last decade, and why minor repairs and corrections are not enough and a new system architecture is needed. The author identifies new humanitarian actors with whom the traditional system does not count and points to spontaneous volunteers as a group with dynamic potential and ability to create a parallel system to professional disaster and emergency managers. Since it is an undervalued and overlooked actor, the author refines the definition of spontaneous volunteering. Using the case studies of the Cajun Navy in Louisiana (U.S.) and the confessions of medical rescuers...
Body, Surveillance and Ethics
Charvát, Martin ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Marcelli, Miroslav (referee) ; Strobachová, Ingrid (referee)
Body, Surveillance and Ethics PhD Thesis Mgr. Martin Charvát, Ph.D. Abstract The aim of my dissertation thesis is to analyze the dispositions of non-normative ethics as presented in works of M. Foucault, G. Deleuze and J. Derrida. My hypothesis is that non- normative ethics must be conceived as an interpretation and thematization of the meaning of the relationship between body, surveillance, event and experiment. What brings together Foucault, Deleuze and Derrida is the critique of externally constituted moral codes that are always creating a historically-economically-polico-socially determined subject, or certain norms of conduction and behaviour that are considered to be "good" or "right". However, the above-mentioned authors have based their conceptions on the belief that the human life should be characterized by freedom, or the potential of articulation of an individual (or his behaviour/action), regardless of external moral determinations. Foucault, Deleuze and Derrida distinguish the possibility of a constant crossing of given institutional and socially grounded constraints, with the goal of the constant shaping of ones live that would not be restricted by normative and prescriptive rules. The theme of freedom is given into context of the experimental self-formation that takes place at the moment of...
Biography of Professor Jan Bouzek
Havelková, Miroslava ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Německý, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis describes the life and professional destiny of Professor Jan Bouzek on the background of historical situations. This Czech intellectual, thanks to his deep education and his philosophy of life, was able to prosper in the field of science while confronting the peripetials of fate in the complicated period of the second half of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia. It is a socially-historically conceived commentary biography. The second chapter consists of philosophical considerations of human action and sociological perspective. In the third chapter I describe the chosen method, the oral history and sources of the biography. The content of the most extensive, fourth chapter is a detailed biography of Jan Bouzek with historical and factual inputs. It covers all his personal and professional life, from childhood, through studies, to the beginnings of scientific work, to the achievement of scientific degrees. Historical entries refer to the breakthroughs in Czechoslovakia that Jan Bouzek experienced, Fifty Years, "Prague Spring", 1968 and subsequent normalization, conditions for traveling abroad at the time of communist totality and a break in 1989, "The Velvet Revolution. At the end of the chapter there is a more detailed insight into his extensive work. The fifth, final chapter is a...
Russian speaking students (from Russia and Kazakhstan) in the Czech Republic. Educational migration and the role of the family in it
Kopecká, Liudmila ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee) ; Sidiropulu Janků, Kateřina (referee)
The PhD thesis "Russian Speaking Students (from Russia and Kazakhstan) in the Czech Republic: Educational Migration and the Role of the Family in it", examines the life of Russian speaking students, who come to the Czech Republic to obtain a university degree. It tries to answer several research questions. How is the decision taken to come to the Czech Republic? What kind of role does family play in the decision-making process and in further intentions/plans in the Czech Republic? What are the migration strategies of Russian speaking students in the Czech Republic? How do these strategies change over time? What connections exist between the life cycle of the student and the migration process? This is an anthropological, multisite field research, with participant observation being the core research method. As of 2015, 55 student research participants participated in the research (41 from Russia and 14 from Kazakhstan), with whom formal and informal interviews were made. Transnationalism and migration system theory have been used as theoretical concepts so as to better understand the student migration process.

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