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Reality and Postmodernism in the Plays of Mark Ravenhill
Krejčí, Patrik ; Wallace, Clare (advisor) ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee)
Thesis Abstract The thesis aims to explore how Mark Ravenhill's plays engage with postmodern themes and techniques, while tracking the development of associated experimental tendencies. This development cannot be accurately perceived chronologically, therefore what the thesis does instead is to group connected phenomena thematically, while making sure to stress the gradation that is perceptible over the course of Ravenhill's career. To achieve such a goal, several plays have been selected and arranged based on their focus and the level of experimentation present within them. The plays of principal importance are: Shopping and Fucking (1996), Some Explicit Polaroids (1999), Faust (Faust Is Dead) (1997), Handbag (1998), Mother Clap's Molly House (2001), Product (2005), Pool (No Water) (2006) and The Experiment (2010). The first three listed plays are not formally experimental themselves, yet they instead provide a sound theoretical background for the close reading of the remaining plays. This includes especially Ravenhill's treatment of the concept of postmodernity and its social impact. The analysis of the other, generally younger plays pursues the practical application of the insight gained in the introductory plays. Hence, what is theoretically implied at first is applied not only thematically, but...
Apartment house in Trutnov
Taclík, Milan ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Smolka, Radim (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s work is composition of project documentation for the constrution building of apartment building in Trutnov. Object is situated on the cadastral area of Trutnov, number of builing plot is 2656/6. Builing plot is locate in bulit-up area. Terain is sloping. In the apartment building there are 4 floors with thirteen residential units. On the first floor there are two flats, a cleaning room, a room for an administrator, an exchange room and a cellar. In the above-ground floor there are situated flats. The main entrance to the building is on the second floor. Structural system of this builing is wall system. External walls are made of ground brick blocks with mineral insulation bonded with a walling adhesive. Internal masonry is made up of acoustic brick blocks. The building haven´t external thermal insulation. The facade is made of heat-insulating plaster with a silicate top layer. Floor structure is designed as a cast-in-place two way reinforced slab. Staircase and lift shaft are designet as cast-in-place reinforced contstruction too. Roofing of objekt is composed of flat roof. Floor construction are designed as floating floor.
A family house with an establishment
Popelka, Michal ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Berková, Petra (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on design of family house with an establishment serving as financial consultancy. The object is located in cadastral area of Strání and has a partial basement with two above-ground floors. The house is established for four member family. External walls of the basement are bulit of permanent formwork. External walls of above-ground walls are bulit of clay blocks Porotherm 30 Profi with contact thermal insulation system ETICS. Horizontal load-bearing structures are formed by prefabricated rib-and-filler floor system MIAKO. Staircase is designed as two times bent slab. Part of the object is roofed with a warm flat roof, the other part with roof truss with roof slope of 35°.
Apartment Building near the Stromovka Park
Kováčiková, Nikola ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis contains design documentation of a new apqrtment building in Ceske Budejovice near the town park. It is a four storey object with basement, containing seven apartments, common area and a rentable lounge. The structure of the building is designed as masonry system manufactured by Porotherm, outside walls have a contact thermal isulation. Only the basement walls are made of permanent concrete framework. Balconies and terraces for every apartment are supported by reinforced concrete columns. Roof is designed as flat, stabilised by gravel. The design was concentrated on high user comfort and overall modern concept of apartment building.
Renovation and Adaptation of the Parish House
Kaňková, Ivana ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Bachelor thesis occupy renovation and adaptation of the parish house from 1791, the house with partial basement and two floor, it is in Řepníky in eastern Bohemia. The project is aimed at reviving unused construction, in which a fully fledged apartment will be built for four family members and an ambulance for a practitioner. Due to the ambulance for a practitioner, there is also a barrier-free access for persons with reduced mobility. Part of the project is also a solution to the surroundings of the building with a newly built garage stand for two cars. The project applies special technological procedures aimed at eliminating defects in existing structures. Furthermore, the construction is adapted to meet the current safety and hygiene requirements for buildings.
Apartment house Novosedly
Kalousová, Kamila ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The proposed building is thus a apartment building with garages, which will be located in the village of Novosedly, in South Moravia, on two plots no. 5420/83 and 5420/84. The terrain on which the object is in a slight slope. The building of the block of flats is made of brick blocks, for the above-ground part and in the underground part it is lined with lost formwork. The roof structure of the building is arched from wooden beams.
Terraced Apartment Building in Nový Jičín
Kadlec, Jakub ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the preparation of project documentation for the construction. It is a detached building with three floors and a basement. The house offers 8 apartments, 2 accommodation units, and in the basement there are 4 garages, a cellar for each apartment, a bicycle room, a pram and fitness room. The house has a single-layer flat roof and is lined with a contact insulation system. The dominant feature is the receding structure on the south side, creating pleasant terraces with nice views of the countryside.
Detached House with Business Premises
Dvořák, Martin ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Smolka, Radim (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is design documentation of a detached house with business premises. The object is located in a village of Vysoký Újezd near Beroun, in the south part of the village, where they are planning a new development of detached houses. The building is divided into the detached house for four to six members of a family and on the business premises. The business premises is designed as dental surgery for one dentist and one nurse. The owner of the house is dentist at the same time. The detached house is with partial basement, it has two above-ground floors and its roofed with pitched roof made of concrete roof tiles. The business premises is roofed with flat roof. The first half of the flat roof will be used as a terrace and the second half will be done as a green roof. The business premises has one above-ground floor. The structural system of a building is made of clay blocks and the Porotherm MIAKO system is used for horizontall construction. The part of a desing documentation is fire safety assessment, thermal assessment, acoustic assessment and the daylighting assessment.
Apartment house Vyškov
Buršíková, Petra ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s work is composition of project documentation for the constrution building of apartment building. Object is situated on the cadastral area of town Vyškov, number of builing plot is 3088/1, 3088/4, 3088/11, 3088/12 a 3088/13. Terain is sloping. In the apartment building there are 3 above-ground floor and 1 belowground floor. In the below-groun floor there are situated garrage standing, storage spaces and technical spaces. In the above-ground floor there are situated flats. Structural system of this builing is wall system. External wall be composed of vertically performe block Vapis. Object have a external contact thermal insulation Etics, fasade is made of mineral fiber – insulated of stone. The ceiling construction is made of prefabricated Spiroll panels. Staircase are made of reinforced monolithic concrete slab. Roofing of objekt is composed of single-layer flat roof. Floor construction are designed as floating floor.
Gender and Loneliness in Contemporary Irish Short Stories
Míková, Pavlína ; Wallace, Clare (advisor) ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis sets out to explore the theme of loneliness and self-determination in contemporary Irish short stories in relation to the gender of the main protagonists, how the major shift in gender roles and especially the position of women in Irish society changed in relation to the Celtic Tiger. As society in Ireland is traditionally patriarchal and family-oriented, there are many social expectation attached to one's gender that often get to play a crucial part in the person's life. The situation the characters in the stories is further complicated by their placement - rural areas versus towns, marginalization of some individuals due to their difference from the majority and one's social standing. Attention will be paid as well to the stereotypes and the struggle to define oneself due to the present outer circumstances shattering the protagonists' identities and therefore leaving them feeling displaced and isolated, left out of the community, consequently affecting their happiness and enforcing their feeling of loneliness. Frank O'Connor claims that the genre of short story is defined by "an intense awareness of human loneliness" mainly affecting the "outlawed figures wandering about the fringes of society," yet contemporary Irish short story focuses more on the self-realization and the feeling of...

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