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Moral Dimension of Marriage in Young Adults
Pikhartová, Alena ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Vágnerová, Marie (referee) ; Hnilica, Karel (referee)
TITLE: The Moral Dimension of Marriage in Young Adults AUTHOR: Alena Pikhartová DEPARTMENT: Department of Psychology SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Miroslav Klusák, CSc. ABSTRACT: The presented thesis is based on a study of moral psychology and its methodological tradition, particularly on Gilligan's morality of care. The marriage has become a subject of this research. The main source of the empirical data are interviews about the Wedding dilemma and following interviews about this topic. The aim of the research is to mediate an insight into young adults' reasoning about moral dilemmatic situations, that deal with a wedding and setting up the family, and to uncover a moral dimension of the marriage. This study is a contribution to the theories of morality, to the discussion about the acceptance and the rejection of the marriage, and to the discussion about moral dimmension of the marriage. According to my findings (and by using my methodological procedures) it is possible to find a difference in reasoning between married and unmarried respondents. The moral dimension of the marriage is consisted in the possibility of hurting the others in the case, that partners don't concur in the question of the marriage. One or the other is pressed (in this case into the marriage), or must renounce his or her needs. An...
Estimation of Cognitive Plasticity in Old Adults Using FIE
Fišarová, Zuzana ; Váňová, Eva (advisor) ; Pikhartová, Alena (referee)
5 Abstract The work deals with the development of cognitive skills by the method of the Feuerstein Instrumental enrichment for seniors in a residential care. It should clarify whether the Instrumental Enrichment Program is practicable when working with seniors and how it will affect the development of cognitive abilities of these people. The theoretical part deals with the period of the old age, the cognitive specific of seniors, the contemporary views on the brain functioning, and especially with the Instrumental Enrichment Program.The practical part includes the results of the qualitative research. The main method of data collection was a " dynamic assessment " of the cognitive test and the case studies. The qualitative results evaluation of the Addenbrooke cognitive test showed the improvement in the solution methods almost in all levels ( input , elaboration and output) . The results of the study showed that the Instrumental Enrichment Program is very suitable for the seniors. Its use is meaningful not only for clients with mild cognitive insult but it is also very effective for the people with more severe degrees of dementia.
The Impact of Family Discipline Styles on a Career Choice of Grammer School Students
Pikhartová, Alena ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Gillernová, Ilona (referee)
Since professional identity is an inseparable part of self, a career choice is one of the most important steps in life. Therefore vocational guidance is the up-to-date subject matter in counseling process. The theoretical part of the theses includes basic characteristics of development in adolescence, family characteristics, various styles of family discipline, and outputs of previous researches that deal with the impact of family on adolescents career choice. Besides that it takes into account specifics of career choice among students of a grammar school, who are the target group of the empirical part of the theses. The experimental group is formed by 62 final grades students from the grammar school in Jindichv Hradec who are in age range 18-20 years. Research results did not show any significant relation between style of family discipline and further vocational orientation of students. The only significant correlation was proved for emotional relationship between a father and a child and their level of communication about choosing a college and future vocation. Further findings point to correlation between parents expectation, their level of education and their childs career choice. These findings support conclusions made by previous researches. It was found out that girls have slightly less certitude...

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