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The Development of preliteracy in preschool age
PÍCKOVÁ, Barbora
This bachelor thesis deals with the development of reading preliteracy of preschool children. The theoretical part of the thesis is a concept of theoretical background regarding the concepts of literacy, functional literacy, reading literacy and reading preliteracy. In further the thesis deals with internal and external factors which are influencing reader preliteracy, insetting reader literacy in the framework curriculum for pre-school education and the development of reading preliteracy itself. The practical part is dealing with quantitative research. Collection of data is consisted of questionnaires designed for nursery teachers (both males and females). By using charts, the opinion of what teachers are imagining as reading preliteracy is processed and the next one is how they are developing this skill. In the attachment there are examples of activities to support the development of reading preliteracy and a theme for a possible collaboration between the kindergarten and the family.
Facial Coding as a tool in neuromarketing research of emotional response
Picková, Barbora ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
Bachelor's thesis is devoted to the topic of neuromarketing research of consumer behaviour. It focuses specifically on one research tool, belonging to this category, called Facial Coding. The introduction part presents the theoretical foundations on which this technique is based, especially the psychology of emotion and its background. It describes the six basic emotions, which are measured by this tool. The founder of the Facial Coding research method, Paul Ekman, is then introduced and his studies of human face are recounted. The third part of the text describes the modern form of Facial Coding, its advantages and disadvantages and the applications of this tool in marketing research, which are illustrated by few practical examples.
Finnish media landscape - print media
Picková, Barbora ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Aplt, Daniel (referee)
Bachelor's thesis aims to describe the structure of contemporary print media in the Republic of Finland and the way they function. It focuses namely on the periodically issued print, i.e. newspapers and magazines. The introduction part contains a brief outline of historical background of the Finnish media system and thereby delineates the rise and development of print but also of other media in this country. Next the thesis describes the main characteristics of the said system relating it with economical, social and political bases. Third part of the text covers more specifically some of the present- day titles and their position within the Finnish print market. Internet and its influence on print media in Finland are dealt with in the final part of the work, which also in this context attempts to describe a possible future outlook of the Finnish press. The purpose of this thesis is to present a comprehensive summary of the Finnish print media and of their place within the Finnish media landscape.

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