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Islamic Art
Šuková, Petra ; Čech, Viktor (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee)
TITLE: Islamic Art AUTHOR: Petra Šuková, Bc. DEPARTMENT: Department of Art Education SUPERVISOR: Viktor Čech, Mgr. ABSTRACT: Object of this thesis is an investigation of islamic art in a context of islamic doctrine with stress on elements which islam has in common with the jewish-christian culture, which was an inspiration for islam as well. The thesis compares certain trends and characters in these monoteistic religions with reference to mutual influences between western and eastern culture, which have been continuing even nowadays. The main object of interest is a human body and its carnality as well as the stereotypes we have about this topic. These stereotypes and prejudices towards islam and islamic art are also the issue for the practical and didactic part, when pupils will have an opportunity to try ornamental and nonfigurative way of depiction as well as a figurative and contemporary islamic art influenced by the western culture. KEYWORDS: islam, nonfigurative art, body, holy books, taboo, transcendence, mysticism, christianity, judaism, identity, stereotype, contemporary art, islamophobia
Art education and community
Tůmová, Aneta ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee)
Thesis deals with possibility of development cooperation, engagement and interpersonal relationships through artistic projects. How can arts education promote children's interest in their neighbourhoods and learn them engagement? This is main a question in this thesis. The theoretical part describes the methods and approaches that are related to the cooperation in art education. The thesis search for contemporary art projects focused on community development and local changes and interpret them. The practical part describes own project, focused to the city of Dačice. The main ideas of the project are based on the official transfer of the city from Moravia to Bohemia. The aim of the project is not only to promote children's interest in their place of neighbourhoods and to lead them to engagement and cooperation, but also to lead them to reflect their identity. Keywords: community, school, visual culture, collaborative art, art education, communication, cooperation, interpretation, interdisciplinarity, project
Author's book on the theme of water
Hromířová, Magdalena ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with an author's book. The thesis describes sorts of artistically made books and a development of the author's book. It has also the intention to present several Czech and foreign authors whose creation is related to the author's book. The author researches, which artists work with a topic of water and nature in their author's books. She is concerned with various types of visual expression of water in wide area of fine art in 20th and 21st century. The author also dealt with the topic of water in her own author's book called Otava. Illustrations show specific features of this river and also the general features of water. Apart from that, the author points out the life of people and animals around the river. A didactic project is made up of tasks, which should lead pupils to look at water in an artistic, social and environmental context.
Emotional Cartography
Rygálová, Monika ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The work aims to artistically compile perception of maps as a fact, what let us think about The world - how we know it from the map. I work with data, which I gain by displaying technology – eye tracking, which helps me to record track of moving eyes during watching any kind of picture. The observations will be people from different places such a place of stay etc. Gained data I am going to use as a study, which I will componate to maps and different vizualizations of world, countries etc. "Where i have not ever been before, it does not exist" – is idea of percepting world, wich I also work with on that project. Study will contain all aspect of perceiving maps and systematicly shown world related to the person, his memories to that place, fyzical contact and his impact in his scale person versus a the world.
Packaging as a sculpture
Šťastníková, Magdalena ; Velíšek, Martin (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with two main concepts - package and sculpture, including the whole idea of packaging. It reflects connecting the two concepts and also finding contrasts between them. Both are viewed through their historical evolution but the thesis also addresses their contemporary side. It shows different points of view when an important role is played by concept of space, shape, material and scale. Another notable part of the thesis deals with contemporary ideas of package design, in addition to the aesthetical and functional side of packages. These aspects are connected with an ecological view. All key words of the theoretical part are used in the didactical part as topics for educational tasks. The practical part connects the thoughts and ideas from the thesis and shows three different conceptual outcomes. KEY WORDS: packaging, sculpture, space, shape, materiál, scale, package design, ecology
Toy, Technology and Education
Buriánková, Kamila ; Kafková, Helena (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee)
(english): In the theoretical part, I deal primary with defining the concepts of doll production and it is history first in a global context and than specifically in the Czech Republic. I also cover historic all production technques by artisans, the revival of there traditional technques as well as various doll produstion techniques. I highlight some of today's craftsmen as well as their personal stories about getting started in the handmade doll production. Next, I delve into rules and guidelines for doll production as well as doll selection by the consumer. A the end of theoretical part, I deal with the different types of gameplay with dolls along wth gender aspect. The first part of the project deals with the relationship between the person hand making the doll and the doll itself. It also includes a small making project with childern. The second part is the project goes over a collection of dolls I have handmade in the last three years divided according to production technique and further subdivided need on material, labor and suitable age. The third part is the research, Which has determine whether the observation of the making process of dolls can influence the kids. It seems that it reflects on the relationship or the playing with the doll. Keywords: pre-school education, research, didactic...

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