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Media representation of the Czech national identity in the historical TV show DějePIC!
Petrová, Natálie ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Klásková, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the representation of Czech national identity in the show called DějePIC! (2017). It's a family TV cycle about Czech history. The thesis is based on the assumption, that the media participate on defining the concept. The outcome of this thesis is the analysis of the interpretations of Czech national identity in the chosen show. The analysis focuses mainly at the presentation of symbols, events, personalities and the characteristics of Czech national identity. The aim of this thesis is to answer the question how and in what relations is the Czech national identity presented in the show DějePIC!. In the first part I presented the key theoretical concepts, which are the national identity and the connected collective memory, then medial construction of reality and the forming of national identity in media. The second part of the thesis is empirical, and it consists of the analysis. Due to the nature of the analysis I'm using the qualitative methodology. After the first phase of identifying the base themes, which participate on creating the image of national identity in the show, and after the categorization, I carried out the deeper analysis. The research sample consists of all the 32 episodes of the DějePIC! Show (from September 2017 until December 2018) which are...
Medial Image of Pavel Minařík after his Return from Radio Free Europe
Petrová, Natálie ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
1976 to the end of April of the same year on the theme of the return of captain Pavel Minařík, major enemy for the regime. Captain Minařík, the agent who Minařík introduced his story and testimony to the public on a first time he revealed the story too. All the major Czech media reported on Minařík's media image of Pavel Minařík in the selected media in ines (Signál, Květy, Svět socialismu, Mladý svět, Pionýrská

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