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World of novels by Daniela Hodrová
Kobrová, Ivona ; Peterka, Josef (advisor) ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis World of novels by Daniela Hodrová is through the author's novels world to analyze her very specific poetics, which is to a large extent also influenced by a professional activities in the field of literary science. Own scientific work is based on the method of repeated readings of individual pieces of fiction, which are in fact only one part of the endless life novel. Intense reading experience is then confronted with author's theoretical works. Although the subject is based on the bachelor thesis, all the facts have been processed completely original approach. World of author's novels is analyzed through the gateway of own reader's experience and the dedication of the individual works and of the whole creation, which in this concept significantly address the loss of the family, but in the context of therapy in the form of writing novels herself can't accept, in ultimately resulting it is for her more hurtful.
Reflection of real life in works of Jiří Orten
Ruml, Lukáš ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on reflection of real life in works of Jiří Orten. It analyses three types of resources: biographical data, diaries of Jiří Orten and his poetry, especially poetry collections Ohnice and Elegie. From the short life of the poet, the focus is oriented on those facts which might have been crucial for Orten's works: the death of his father, emigration of his brother and unfulfilled relationship with Věra Fingerová. In the last part of the thesis, Orten's experience with the era of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia is described. It intensively shaped his personality, because he was Jewish. The analysis of the literary and non- literary texts confirmed that the objective world of empirical author gets nearest to the inner world of lyrical subject in the reflection of loss of Orten's brother, Ota Ornest. The death of Eduard Ohrenstein is not a fundamental inspirational source and the motives of love are mostly presented in the sense of loss, therefore it is not easy to refer to particular relationship peripeties with Věra Fingerová. The diaries of Jiří Orten oscillate between fictional and factual literature. As a consequence, it is very difficult to recognize autobiographical entries. The question is, if the term "diary" is a correct one. The fact that Orten...
Enjoyment from reading
Přibylová, Kateřina ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
Master's thesis was focused on enjoyment from reading. The aim of the thesis was to analyze and after that characterize, where the enjoyment from reading lies, which factors do affect it, which elements of titel do participate on iit, by different respondents based on qualitative survey. The first part of thesis was dedicated to theoretical treatise about enjoyment generally and enjoyment from art. Focus was placed on conception of reader and author, on reading and literary work from literry theory point of view. In practical part was at first introduced and commented set of questions, that was used as a tool for enjoyment study together with methodology of qualitative research. After that my answers on questions focused on immediate enjoyment and perception were submitted also with expected answers from respondents, following the elaboration of respondents reader's profiles nad their enjoyment from reading. The analyzes of answers related to respondent's enjoyment were part of annexes. Keywords Enjoyment, enjoyment chaining, reader, reading, readership, reader's biography, self- reflection, analysis, author, literary work, literature
Philosophy inspiration in selected works by Ladislav Fuks
Plašil, Šimon ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
The aim of this diploma theses is to find philosophical, religious and ideological motifs in the work of Ladislav Fuks and subsequently interpret their origin, intertextuality and meaning in the text. The emphasis is put on proving the semantic functionality in the story. For our research, we have selected following works: Mr. Theodore Mundstock, The Cremator, and Addressing from the Darkness. We will study philosophical and theological literature, as well as materials from the archives and from the estate of Ladislav Fuks in order to base all the findings on the biographical author, too. The thesis is divided into five chapters. In the first chapter we deal with basic literary characteristics of the selected books and their literary reception. The second chapter discusses Ladislav Fuks' relationship to philosophy, being anchored in both his friends' testimonies and the archival research of his estate. The third chapter is the most important and the most comprehensive one since it deals with the interpretation of philosophical motifs in each of the selected books. In the fourth chapter we compare individual philosophical motifs from different works with each other. We summarize the findings at the end of the theses.
Analysis of Application of Selected Accountinfg Software in the Company
Bobčík, Zbyněk ; Peterka, Josef (referee) ; Křížová, Zuzana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is aimed at analysis of accounting software in a company Dixons Carphone CoE, s. r. o. Beginning of the thesis focuses on theoretical knowledge needed to fully understand the issue. Next part deals with accounting software analysis and problems connected to it. Based on gathered findings, several company criteria for choosing accounting software are set. Together with chosen suitable products, the analyzed accounting software is analyzed and rated. The final part contains proposals which should have a positive impact on the improvement of problem areas.
(N)ostalgy: Literary depiction of childhood and youth in socialism in literary fiction after 1989
Cermonová, Klára ; Píšová, Ina (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the representation of the normalisation era as drawn in contemporary Czech literature after 1989. The thesis is based on reminiscent fiction about childhood and youth in the socialist era, dealing with so-called small history - family memories, depiction of childhood, youth and teenage years. This thesis deals with the typical codes for recalling the socialist era, identifies what is recalled and how, and examines what influences remembering of childhood and youth in the era.
Personal literary writing with an authorial commentary
Wilczková, Lucie ; Peterka, Josef (advisor) ; Píšová, Ina (referee)
The Thesis Personal prose with an authorial commentary is divided into two parts. The first part consists of the personal prose called Before it Happened. This is a more perspective psychological prose from family life in which Mirek plays the lead role (is the main character). Mirek has been a more active child since his childhood. It brings to his parents a number of worries that multiply with increasing age. At the age of twelve, at the time when the story unfolds, his problems get too far and cause a number of complications in his parents' marriage as well. In the second part of the thesis the author reflects her own story. It deals, for example, with the characteristics of the individual characters, the motivation for the choice of the subject, the variants of the conclusion and the choice of the literary code and the title. Two literary criticisms and an author's statement to them form an integral part of the thesis. KEYWORDS psychological prose, Before it Happened, family relationships, troubled child, title, narration

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