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Contribution to arsenic solid phase speciation in soils and mine wastes
Filippi, Michal ; Pertold, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Zeman, Josef (referee) ; Chovan, Martin (referee)
N1ichó] F] ]ppi Abotract Sunrnrar 1, ,tf Dtssertdtron The presentď dlssertat|on attempts to contrlbute to the current know|edge on the arsen|c (As) m|n€ra|og|ca| spec|at|on |n diverse types of so||d materta|s, such as contam|nated solls and mlne wastes. . lntřoductory part of the d|ssértat|on prov|des a geneftr| |ntroduct|on to As chemlca| and physlcal characterlstlcs and to the behavlor In the environment, wlth the maln emphasls on As so||d phase spec|aíon ln so||s and m|ne wast€s. . Next part of thé d|ssertat|on summar|zes and br|efly eva|uates m|nera|ogka| Ínethods to the study of prlmary and secondary As-bearlng phases. The maln alm ts to help wlth better or|ental|on |n the app||cat|on of these methods. The ||terauJre rď|en, showed thát áhhough a rank of modem methods have been developed |n |ast years (HMDF-STEM, AFM, BFM, PÍxE, xAs techn|ques, ND, etc.), there rema|n severá| estab||shď rnethďs (xRD, sEM, etc.) as a startlng step br mlneraloglcal research. Some other group of methods has been found as posslble useful for the study of As solld phase spechtlon (e,9,, RS, DTA, TGA, Vts DRS, VMp), The ma|n part of the d|ssertat|on |s pr€s€nted as a s€t of three papeni on shllar subjccts pub||shed |n scienťflc Journa|s - Env|ronÍrEnta| Cieo|ogy, sc|ence of the Tota| Env|ronrnent and Geoderma, The fu||ow|ng...
Correlation of tectonic evolution of the Blanice Graben and of late Variscan hydrothermal processes
Hübst, Zdeněk ; Zachariáš, Jiří (advisor) ; Pertold, Zdeněk (referee)
The Blanice graben represents about 200 km long N-S trending tectonic zone with minimal sinistral movement of about 17 km. Large number of hydrothermal ore deposits (eg. the Roudný gold deposit; or numerous small-sized deposits/districts of Ag-Pb-Zn ores - Stará Vožice - Ratibořské Hory or Rudolfov near České Budějovice). This thesis is focused on the northern and central part of the Blanice graben in between the villages Vlašim, Mladá Vožice and Chýnov. Much of the work is focused on the reconstruction of the structural evolution of the Roudný gold deposit. The thesis is aimed in the study of brittle deformation, namely in the study hydrothermal veins, intrusive dikes and in paleostress analysis of fault-slip data. In addition to field data, structural data were also excerpted from unpublished historical documents (reports, maps, underground documentation). At least two phases of brittle deformation were discriminated in the study area. Older phase corresponds to E-W to NW-SE oriented compression. The younger phase represents extension in the E-W to NE-SW direction. During the older phase, the oldest types of quartz veins (Q0 to Q2) formed at the Roudný gold deposit, while type Q3 veins at the same deposit formed during the younger phase. The younger tectonic phase also allowed formation of hydrothermal...
Fe-oxide copper and gold deposits (IOCG) and comparison with mineralization at the Kombat deposit in Namibia
Denisová, Nikola ; Zachariáš, Jiří (advisor) ; Pertold, Zdeněk (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with iron oxide copper gold deposits (IOCG) and contains a description of the Kombat deposit in Namibia, as well as a comparison of the deposit with the IOCG deposit type. In the first part of the bachelor thesis, IOCG deposits are described with respects to their geological, mineralogical, geochemical and structural aspects. The results of fluid inclusions and stable isotope (sulfur and oxygen) are described for all IOCG deposit types, together with genetic models. The second part of the bachelor thesis concerns the Kombat deposit in Namibia. The last part of the thesis is the comparison of the Kombat deposit and IOCG deposits. IOCG deposits form a broad group of world-class deposits characterized by economic grades of copper and gold, their main feature is occurrence of both oxidic (magnetite, hematite) and sulfidic (iron and copper sulfides). IOCG deposits form mainly in extensive settings, on cratonic margins, active continental margins and in intracontinental rifts (Groves et al., 2010). Ore bodies are associated with zones of brittle and ductile deformation, various breccia types are common. Zones of sodic-calcic hydrothermal alteration are typical for IOCG deposits and usually have an area of several square kilometers. The Kombat deposit is situated in...
Geochemical model of arsenic at the Mokrsko gold deposit
Drahota, Petr ; Pertold, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Száková, Jiřina (referee) ; Zeman, Josef (referee)
Geochemical model of arsenic at the Mokrsko gold deposit Dissertation of Petr Drahota 1 Abstract The dissertation contributes to the As mobility at the naturally contaminated site of Mokrsko gold deposit in Central Czech Republic. The primary goal of the dissertation is to fill some gaps in previous research carried out at the study site in order to contribute to the quantitative biogeochemical model of As in the bedrock-groundwater-soil-surface water system. In the first part, the previous research related to As environmental issues at the study site has been reviewed, discussed and evaluated. These include detail information on (i) the extent of natural As contamination in bedrock and soil, (ii) the extent of As contamination in groundwater, (iii) the primary and secondary As mineralogy in bedrock and soil, (iv) the chemical speciation of As in soil and (v) the leaching experiments of the gold ore. In the second part, the mineralogical and chemical speciation of As in soil, in stream and fishpond sediments and dissolved As concentrations in waters have been studied to determine the processes that lead to release of As into solution and control its concentration under different redox conditions at the Mokrsko gold deposit. The highest dissolved As was found in groundwater (more than 1000 g L-1 ), which...

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