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The emergence of new political parties in the Czech Republic
Šárovec, Daniel ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Švec, Kamil (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to discuss new political parties in the context of the Czech party system. Movement ANO 2011 and Dawn of Direct Democracy are the researched subjects which broke through elections to the Chamber of Deputies in the Czech Republic in 2013. This multiple case study proceeds from the basic and ambiguously gripped notion political party to diverse theoretical aspects of newness, trying to briefly define the Czech party system in the context of new political parties. It is done in terms of legislative rules for (not only new) political parties and also from a developmental view. Afterwards the empirical part works with particular characteristics of two chosen subjects - it gradually focuses on their emergence and development, programme, the leader and members, electoral campaign and their participation in elections. The task of the individual characteristics is to introduce both subjects accurately so their common and different traits are obvious. The gained findings are later assessed by the view of the chosen Sikk's theory of newness. There is examined if ANO and Dawn fall into some of the categories defined by this theory. The diploma thesis tries to shift the state of knowledge of new Czech political parties and refers to the positives and negatives of the chosen...
Negotiations on the executive coalition after parliamentary elections in 2017 in the Czech Republic
Kornetová, Kateřina ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
This thesis deals with the political situation in the Czech Republic since the parliamentary elections in October 2017 till the successful vote on the government's confidence in July 2018. It focuses specifically on the relations between the political parties, the reasons for refusing cooperation with the winner of the elections, and the motives for a participation on the executive coalition. Emphasis is placed on the parliamentary actors who have fundamentally influenced the emergence of the government. Furthermore, the work clarifies the social environment and important events during the period that was related to the coalition negotiations. At the same time, the text focuses on the role of the President in the formation of the government. Since he is the first directly elected president, the thesis tries to answer the question whether there are visible differences between the two previous indirectly elected presidents of the Czech Republic and current president Miloš Zeman. The thesis also examines the breadth of presidential powers over the government and seeks a possible overrun of powers. The main objective of the work is to verify whether the president extends his power beyond the constitution. For this purpose is uses the comparison of realities with the Constitution of the Czech Republic,...
Migration as a theme of regional elections in 2016
Randáková, Alice ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
Annotation1 This diploma thesis aims on the migration as a topic of regional election in 2016. This topic became resonating in Czech environment and appeared at several political subjects across the political spectrum. The author focuses on four regions in this thesis: South-Moravian, Moravian-Silesian, Plzeň region and Ústecký region. In respect of these territorial units the author aims on topic of migration, considering election 2016 as well as 2012, in order to clarify if the topic of migration is entirely new or it has already shown up in the czech political environment in previous election. The author aims on the first and second order election problematics in the the2 sis and also studies the role of the party's center and periphery in the regional election 2016 and 2012 in the territorial units mentioned above respectively.The author supports the research with a survey. The thesis consists of two levels. First is teoretical part, where the author defines the concept of migration, its kinds, etc. The author also explaines the theory of first and second order election. Following practical part operates with individual political programs, articles and election results. Main goal of the thesis is to answer the question if the migration was one of the main topics of regional election 2016. Another goal...
Patterns of the legitimation of lobbying in Central Europe and their ambivalences
Vargovčíková, Jana ; Znoj, Milan (advisor) ; Georgakakis, Didier (referee) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
The paper examines attempts to professionalize and institutionalize lobbying in Poland and the Czech Republic from the beginning of the 1990s to 2016, from the point of view of the sociology of professions, the sociology of public policy-making and interpretative policy analysis. First, on the basis of an analysis of the professional paths of 80 Polish and Czech commercial lobbyists, it presents their common typology for both countries and shows how efforts to gain recognition and enhance their professional status, i.e. efforts to professionalize lobbying, are linked to their pursuit of political legitimacy. Then it shows lobbying as a specific way of constructing the political activity of private actors as a policy problem. It illustrates the conditions under which lobbying in both countries was constructed as a problem and set on the agenda. In doing so, the dissertation pays particular attention to the role of transnational actors in this process. Finally, lobbying regulation processes are analysed as arenas where the symbolic boundary between the public and private spheres is negotiated and redefined.
Comparison of the electorate structure of the new parties in the post-communist Europe
Šotola, Jan ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
In the last few years new parties were rising in the post-communist bloc rapidly. Moreover, many of them were successful in the parliamentary elections. Party systems were slowly stabilizing and now they are threatened by new influences. Success of new parties is changing current politics in the central and eastern Europe. These parties are connected not only by the date of foundation but also by the way they act against current establishment. Despite their different strategies, level of success and their creation, their quick unexpected success is interesting. What is the structure of the electorate? This work is focused on identifying the structure of electorate of the new parties in central and eastern Europe. It is divided into two parts. First one, summarizes the theoretical concepts concerning the study of the new parties and clearly identifies what kind of new parties will be considered in this work. For this designation are used theories by Paul Lucardie, Allan Sikk a Krystyna Litton. Second part is quantitative research, based on advanced statistical methods. The research is trying to accurately identify what kind of social groups in the population are most likely to vote for the new parties. In this research is used OLS regression analysis on the global (state) level and for more accurate...
The programatical evolution of the ODS
Kašpárková, Petra ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Charvát, Jan (referee)
Political party manifesto is one of the most significant ways of communication between a party and the citizens. In these documents, the parties present their values and ideological background as well as their priorities in current political issues. This master thesis deals with the topic of Civic Democratic Party and comparasion of its manifestos. Civic Democratic Party has been established in 1991. former Czechoslovakia. Until 2017 there has been created almost 30 different party manifestos. In this qualitative case study, the manifestos topics have been described, as well as its changes during these years. The analysis has been primarily focused on the topics of Economics and European integration. According to theoretical frame, we assume that the changes are made only in case of the significant changes of political environment. We also focus on the process of change, as the impact of party Conventions and Expertise. This analysis has been primarily based on the interviews made with current and past members of the party.
Creating and managing of presidential campaigns with the case study of Emmanuel Macron 2017
Pečenková, Markéta ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Švec, Kamil (referee)
Professional campaign is an integral part for each candidacy, including presidential candidates. Presidential campaigns recognise two significant milestones. The first was presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 which is considered to be the beginning of televised politics. The second was Barack Obama's campaign in 2008 with its innovative usage of social media. Emmanuel Macron's campaign from 2017 is aspiring to push the evolution of presidential campaigns further. He surrounded himself with international advisors and based his campaign upon contemporary trends of political communication. Thanks to this he was able to introduce a very effective campaign. This diploma thesis conducts a research of presidential campaigns with the aim to generalise their key features and compare them with Macron's form of campaign. Thanks to this we can explore whether Emmanuel Macron was rather following previous paths or whether he introduced a fundamental progress in the way how presidential campaigns are maintained.
Parliament institute
Jágr, David ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
The aim of this thesis is an analysis of activities of the Parliamentary Institute (PI) which serves as an expert base for the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The Parliamentary Institute resolves the tasks of scientific, informative and educational nature for the Chamber of Deputies as well as the Senate. The PI originated from an initiative of deputies who lacked apolitical and unbiased information of a professional nature in the early 1990s. Nevertheless, the need for objective information persists to this day. The importance of the PI thus lies primarily in the fact that it enables legislators to create good quality laws and control the executive by providing them with the specific unbiased information. The text focuses on the establishment, development, structure, functions and outputs of the institute.
National Front: Old extreme right or new extreme right?
Valenta, Pavel ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
The thesis is focused on the development and transformation of the National Front, largely after Marine Le Pen took up the position of the party's boss in 2011. An analysis of the direction of the party will be conducted to answer research questions, with the main emphasis on the development of the party from 2011. The analysis will be made with the reflection of the events of recent years, especially considering the influence of Marine Le Pen on the events around the party and her own actions. Based on these facts, in combination with the theoretical part of the thesis, the work has the ambition to answer research questions, including a question in the title of the thesis itself. The thesis is divided into several parts. In the first part, after the introduction into the problems of thesis, the aim of thesis is revealed, followed by methodology and overall overview of the structure of work. Another (theoretical) part defines key concepts. The following part deals with the general historical development of the party. The final part of the thesis focuses on the transformation of the National Front under the leadership of Marine Le Pen and, in the context of the theoretical part, attempts to answer research questions and outlines possible options for future development.

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