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LOGI - Logistic method for SMEs in culture (museums and libraries)
Dostál, Petr ; Pernica, Petr
Hlavním cílem metodiky je přínos k úsporám času a k hospodárnosti prostřednictvím řešení logistických problémů v rámci vlastní nezávislé činnosti subjektů sektoru kultury. Metodika je prvé řadě vedena snahou pomoci v řešení aktuálních logistických problémů těm subjektům kultury, pro něž tyto problémy nemají v rámci jejich vlastní nezávislé činnosti marginální postavení. Dílčím cílem metodiky je zvýšení úspěšnosti projektů, a to jejím využitím při přípravě kroků, jež předcházejí podání projektů, anebo budou následovat po jejich udělení, a prokazatelně vedly nebo povedou k lepšímu hospodaření se získanými prostředky. Zřizovatelům může metodika sloužit k podpoře kontroly racionality procesů probíhajících v těchto organizacích.
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System of public transport in Oslo
Neuman, Petr ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Zelený, Lubomír (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of system of the Oslo public transport. Its aim is to analyze in detail the form and approaches of the system and be an inspiration to other cities' public transport system. Thesis is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter discusses the meaning of transport in cities. Subsystems of urban passenger transport and their combinations are emphasized. The second chapter applies acquired knowledge to Oslo transport system. The beginning of the chapter focuses on the city of Oslo, its infrastructure and the meaning of urban transporting in the city context. Further in the chapter there is emphasized the management and the operation of integrated transport system, focused mainly on its financing, fares and the means of transport. The third chapter compares Prague's and Oslo's ITSs and based on the lessons learned makes recommendations to improve the Prague's public transport condition.
Contemporary Trends in Air Transport
Fuchs, Jakub ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Huňak, James (referee)
The thesis describes the features and history of low-cost carriers. It also includes comparison of these carriers and full service carriers. The ambition of the whole thesis is not only to follow the trend of low-cost carriers but also the trend of the development of those carriers. As a result, the part of the study is an analysis of low-cost strategic model and a suggestion of new classification for the low-cost carriers as well as comparison of two region from the same perspective.
Museum building today: historical or new building?
Steinocherová, Denisa ; Janištinová, Anna (advisor) ; Pernica, Petr (referee)
The thesis looks into the history and charts the development of the museum architecture in the world and in the Czech Republic with a focus on art museums .It describes the current situation of museum building in the Czech Republic. It deals with the typology of museum buildings in terms of their functionality and changes in the organization of museum work. The practical part focuses on Gallery of modern art in Roudnice nad Labem.
Negalerie - a new phenomenon in the presentation of visual art. Situation in the Czech Republic
Pojarová, Karolína ; Janištinová, Anna (advisor) ; Pernica, Petr (referee)
The work is dedicated to "negalerie" (non-galleries literally translated) as an extra-ordinary way to present contemporary visual art in the public space, organized usually out of institutional field, by enthusiastic individualities or groups. The theme is approached partially in a theoretical way through historical, geographical and social context, and partially practically via a case study of one of Czech negalerie Fresh Air Gallery in Pilsen. Goals of this bachelor thesis could be summarized then as introducing "negalerie" as a term, mapping an existence of this phenomenon in the CR, a practical show case along with essential economical and production aspects. Secondarily, the work could serve as a manual for future organizers of similar activities.
International comparison of library logistics
Zubíková, Michaela ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Mervart, Michal (referee)
This master thesis deals with the untraditional application domain of logistics in libraries which is demonstrated with the help of concrete examples of libraries from the Czech Republic, Finland and Australia. The main goal of the thesis is to compare the library logistics of the City Library of Hradec Králové, the Municipal Library of Prague and the Turku City Library with the focus on the equipment and logistics technologies used, especially storage technologies and technologies for automatic identification. The most sophisticated technologies used in libraries are demonstrated using the example of the Australian Macquarie University Library and the project Eye over Prague. A classification of libraries according to their size in terms of the number of library items and the number of loans is created in the thesis and the appropriate library logistics solutions are then assigned to the particular classification groups.
Retail companies in the Czech Republic and their logistics
Nováková, Zuzana ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Jirsák, Petr (referee)
This thesis analyses the current situation of the retail market in the Czech Republic. It examines the principal trends in the distribution politics which have an important influence on the czech retail market. In the following section there is described how the most successful retail chains have developed in recent years. At the end, by three case studies I allow the reader to have an overview of the current practice. I explain how the distribution centers work and what is the business strategy of one of the leading chains in the Czech Republic.
Value generation and management in retail/whole chains
Vrbová, Jana ; Kislingerová, Eva (advisor) ; Čapoun, Karel (referee) ; Pernica, Petr (referee)
Thesis ?Value generation and management in retail/whole chains? was started with intention to offer enhanced theoretical basis for research in this area, that is still represented insufficiently in comparison to importance of retail/whole chains in whole economy. Additionally the practical inconsistency between trading rules demostrated to customers and trading partners of chains (including visible behaviour of chains) and value driving variables bears interest. The thesis targets following: search and indication of potential value drivers (value affecting variables) of retail/wholesale chains description of such value affecting variables, testing of relevance of such value affecting variables synthesis of description and relevance (importance) gives recommendations and measures for value creation in these chains Based on analysis of external conditions and internal sources were identified following value generating areas: strategy of retail/wholesale chain growing from internal source of competitive advantage ? strategical differentiation, issue of expansion (understood both as strategical variable - potential competitive advantage, and external threat of concentration value creating variables of core business of retail/wholesale chain: price strategy managing of liquidity stabilization of operating profit in condition of fluctuation sales
Specifics of Logistics Outsourcing
Vinš, Marek ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Gros, Ivan (referee) ; Rumler, Miroslav (referee)
The paper presents specifics of logistics outsourcing, gives recommendation on how to execute outsourcing relationships, and conducts a research focused on preferences of companies on logistics services to help providers better target their potential clients.
The influence of economic recession on logistics providers
Frčková, Šárka ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Rathouský, Bedřich (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze the development of the economic recession in the Czech Republic and its impact on the logistics services providers. It means how the providers acquitted before the attack of the recession, how they were influenced by the crisis and whether there was any improvement. Another goal is to focus on the best practices and measures that providers should orient on for a successful recovery from the economic recession. In the theoretical part the thesis explains the basic concepts of logistics, outsourcing of logistics and introduces all kinds of logistics providers, which can be used for the outsourcing of logistics. The practical part then directly analyzes the development of the industry, trade, transport, logistics and real estate market in the Czech Republic over the last few years. At the same time, there are given some recommendations and measures for the period of recession.

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