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Chemical Properties of Flue Gas Desulphurization Gypsums from Different Energy Sources
Kroulíková, S. ; Mercl, F. ; Száková, J. ; Perná, Ivana ; Tlustoš, P.
There were compared flue gas desulphurization gypsums (FGDGs) from four different power plants in the Czech Republic on chemical properties (pH, total content of nutrients and risk elements) and then was assessed their potential for utilization in agriculture as fertilizer without any risk to the environment. According to our results, the FGDGs represent an important possible source of sulphur (17.8 – 19.0 %) and calcium (23.0 – 30.2 %) for reduction of their deficit in the soil. However, contents of arsenic and of mercury in three of the tested FGDGs not fulfil the limit values for fertilizers. In the future, the remaining FGDG is thus necessary to evaluate for its fertilizing effects in model and field conditions.\n\n
Rehabilitation of slag
Hanzlíček, T. ; Perná, Ivana ; Šupová, Monika
The paper describes the historical context of the heap of blast furnace slag in Kladno. It also characterizes the chemical and mineralogical composition and offers an explanation of the different composition of the bottom active and top inactive layers. It was found that if the slag contains active components in the form of a disordered gehlenites it can be easily reprocessed by alkaline activation into valuable, stable and water-insoluble matter.
The ash quality monitoring of biomass combustion
Tlustoš, P. ; Ochecová, P. ; Száková, J. ; Perná, Ivana ; Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Habart, J. ; Straka, Pavel
The aim of methodology was, on the basis of results of analyzes of ash from more than 40 sources in the Czech Republic, these ash categorize by feedstock and identify suitable ash for use on agricultural land. It could lead to a significant shift to reduce the cost of incinerators, to the entry of new businesses on the market and to easier fulfilling of republican obligations in the share of energy production from renewable sources. Another advantage of finding employment for these materials, from an environmental view, is the reduction of landfilling and support for recycling of nutrients. The methodology presented the process for the selection of suitable ash for agricultural purposes and the reader should be able to determine the applicability of the material.
Utilization of ashes from biomass combustion
Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Perná, Ivana
The paper summarizes the results of project QI 102A207/2009, describes acquired experience and offers the basic properties of ashes from biomass combustion.
Biomass cinder – waste or raw material?
Ertl, Z. ; Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Perná, Ivana ; Boura, P. ; Janků, R.
The paper summarizes the results of project MP0 FI-IM5/146 and offers a number of ways of utilization of ashes from biomass combustion.
Inorganic wastes like raw material for geopolymer binders
Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Perná, Ivana
Great amount of industry wastes lead to the technology which are able to use waste materials as additives to different types of matter or convert industry waste materials to the new basic material.
The use and disposal of the cinders from wooden masses and bio-wastes combustion
Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Perná, Ivana
The results of the 2009 year were focused on knowledge showing and proving that the bio-cinders do not contain the toxic or dangerous elements. Their composition of calcium and potassium salts predestinates the ashes as fertilizers. The composition of offered fertilizer was protected by patent proposal.
New material
Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Perná, Ivana
The paper presents basic information about poly condensation reaction of clay minerals and introduces the possibilities of utilization in glass industry.
Pucolánové vlastnosti popelů z fluidního spalování
Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Perná, Ivana ; Steinerová, Michaela ; Straka, Pavel
Basic properties of fluidized bed ashes and new interpretation of geopolymer composition is presented.

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