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Interpersonal relationships in school communities
Singrová, Ivana ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Chvál, Martin (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
The aim of this work is to gather relevant information about interpersonal relationships in the teaching staff of selected secondary schools and to show how they are perceived, understood, experienced and reflected by their participants. The result of this work is to propose principles and recommendations leading to the optimization of relationships between teachers. This work, in the terms of qualitative research, used the design of case study. Research techniques are semistructured interview and participant observation. Through them, information was gathered on relationships between teachers, teachers and school management and teachers and other people, with whom they come into contact within the scope of their profession. These relationships were then qualitatively analyzed based on open coding, categorization, typology, contrasting, generalization and validation of communication. The result of the investigation was that six schools out of four have the interpersonal relationships on a good level, educators are happy at work and their good mood and feelings are transmitted to the whole school climate. That creates the conditions for excitable work with good results both in the work of teachers as well as pupils. On one school the relationships between teachers and school management and the...
Influence of Music in Personal Development and use of music therapy elements and technics in educational practice
Počtová, Lenka ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Slavík, Jan (referee)
The thesis on "Influence of music in personal development and use of music therapy elements in educational practice" describes the music impact on human being and connection of musical and non musical realms of life of man and the world. This existing connectedness is a basis for searching for possibilities how to use the music in educational practice to support self understanding, personal and social development. The whole thesis consists of five theoretical and one empirical chapter. In the first chapter few key attributes of education that may support a young man in growing into authentic, integrated and social personality are described. One's own experience and reflective dialogue are considered the main means of this kind of educational process. Later some characteristics of art philetics and personal and social skills training are described for they bring inspiration for use of music and musical experience in educational practice. The second chapter sets forth the outlines and main characteristics of music therapy, music education and music philetics which can coincide with each other. The third chapter describes the music itself, its origin, qualities, meaning and certain effects that music brings into human life. The fourth chapter deals with impacts of music on man, his body, mental life, cognitive...
Influence of nannies on the overall development of the ward
Dvořáková, Helena ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Prokop, Jiří (referee) ; Vítečková, Michaela (referee)
Dissertation thesis summary: Influence of nannies on the overall development of the ward This dissertation thesis deals with the topic of child minding by an alternative caregiver, the so-called nanny. Its target is to broadly examine and describe the issue, with emphasis on defined aspects. The presented theoretical-research work covers existing institutions and services for child care in both Czech Republic and abroad. It primarily strives, however, to capture the essence of motherhood from psychological, philosophical and genetic points of view. This effort takes into consideration the question of separation, and consequently traumatization in childhood. A significant part of the paper concentrates on the area of education of the child care providing persons. The research chapters focus on the influence of the nanny not only on the child, but also on the family atmosphere and the educational stances of the parents. It further deals with the position of the nanny within the family, and with bounds of the child-nanny relationship. The output of the work is then a practical handbook, a manual with specifically defined content of an educational program (for nanny-position aspirants and for already practicing professionals). The material was drawn up with help of experts, with the aim to point out weak spots...
Influence of primary prevention on class atmosphere
Bednářová, Jaroslava ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Tvrzová, Ivana (referee)
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze KATEDRA PEDAGOGIKY BAKALÁŘSKÁ PRÁCE Jaroslava Bednářová VLIV PRIMÁRNÍ PREVENCE NA KLIMA VE TŘÍDĚ Influence of primary prevention on class atmosphere 2011 Doc. PhDr. Jiří Pelikán, CSc. ABSTRACT The bachelor thesis is focused on issues of primary prevention and its influence on class atmosphere. The theoretical part deals with details of primary prevention, history of prevention in the Czech Republic and forms of prevention. The principles of effective primary prevention and evaluation of prevention programs are also mentioned. The second chapter is focused on class atmosphere. It defines important terms and factors having influence on class atmosphere. Attention is also paid to climate diagnostics and possibilities of influencing climate, one of which are programs of primary prevention. The empiric part presents the Project of primary prevention realised by the Christian pedagogical- psychological counseling centre. It summarizes the results of the research on the prevention programs effectivity, which was organized by this pedagogical-psychological counseling centre in 2008. In this part, I also use my own experience with organizing primary prevention programs. Key words: Effective Primary Prevention, School Climate, Clasroom Atmosphere, Primary Prevention,...
Curriculum of middle school and Education for health
Jiráková, Martina ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
Thesis Curriculum of secondary school and Education for Health deals with educational area of Education for Health at secondary school. It is about Curriculum in general, as well as how educational area Education for Health is implemented in to The Framework Educational Program (FEP) for secondary vocational school and in the School Educational Program (SEP) for secondary school and how area Human and Health is implemented in FEP and SEP for elementary school. Goal of the thesis is to capture content and relevance of educational area Education for Health. Survey is focusing on real content of Education for health at secondary school as well as how pupils and teachers are looking at content and importance of this educational area. Next goal of research is to compare how is this area implemented in FEP for secondary vocational school and in the SEP for secondary school against elementary school.
Perception of Parents by Adolescent Children: Selected Specific Characteristics
Vávrová, Rút ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Krykorková, Hana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the perception of parents by their adolescent children. Since the topic is very wide the thesis considers only selected specifics. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. First part describes parenthood especially in the time with adolescent child and the next topic is adolescence, its history and main characteristics and the change of personality of adolescent. The next part is devoted to describing the social context which influences the adolescent child and forms their perception of parent. The examples of variability of this relationship are presented in the last part. The research target was to find how Czech adolescents perceive their parents. A questionnaire was used as a means to reach this aim. Gained data were sorted and the outcome is presented in the thesis.
Quality of life in old age
Novotná, Tereza ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with old age, aging and quality of life in old age. Problems of old age and aging acquire an importace because of demographic development. With increasing number of people in higher age it comes a question of assuring the conditions for their satisfied and quality life. Employment in old age has in this respect its own nonsubstitutable role. From the investigation follows the results, that employment in old age supports a positive evaluation of life. Many respondents mention ability and interest to be employed also after their retirement. This agreed with contemporary trend of moving a retirement age into higher age.
The issue of the educational process of traumatized children in the SOS system children's Villages
Gíbalová, Vladimíra ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Schõnfelderová, Marie (referee)
Key words Forms of alternative care, institutional care, children's home, substitute family care, foster care, SOS Children's Village, a complex developmental trauma, abuse, deprivation, and child needs, parenting style. Summary This diploma work deals with the characterization of complex development trauma as the cause of placing children in foster care. The diploma work describes the foster care system in the Czech Republic and the specifics educational environment and educational process in the SOS Children's Villages. Includes a comparison of some factors and circumstances of educational conditions children's home and SOS Children's Village. Descriptive studies are concrete stories of children who passed the foster care system. 2
The influence of the school climate on the quality of integration of a handicapped pupil
Svobodová, Ilona ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
AND KEYWORDS This diploma thesis deals with the impact of school climate that has a strong effect on the success in integration of handicapped pupil into the mainstream school. In this respect main terms which are related to "school climate" and "integration" are defined. Work more specifically focuses on individual types of handicaps, analyses principles of various handicaps and specific educational requirements needed for social relations. It furthers deals with the subjectivity of success in integration. Presented diploma thesis further concentrates on the social status of the handicapped pupil among his schoolmates, his social interactions and the role of the teacher as the main factor in the problem of integration. Empirical survey is oriented in a narrative way; the key method used is narrative dialogue, as it is able to recognise autobiographical experience of respondents. Each narrative dialogue is interpreted and completed by narrative reconstruction of core narration. Keywords: - school climate - integration and inclusion - pupil with specific educational requirements - handicap, disablement - success in school integration - family - school - teacher - chicane - relations among schoolmates - diagnosis of school climate - narrative attitude - narrative dialogue
The influence of social climate in classroom on a self-concept of pupils with specific learning disabilities
Matějková, Veronika ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Počtová, Lenka (referee)
The influence of social climate in classroom on a self-concept of pupils with specific learning disabilities. The aim of the thesis was to outline the problems of the self-concept of pupils with specific learning disabilities in the classroom social climate. The thesis has the form of an overview study followed by a research probe into the given problems. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the definition of the following main terms based on the literature studied: specific learning disabilities, self-concept, social climate in the classroom. Furthermore, symptoms of the specific learning disabilities and their impact on the self-concept of pupils within the social climate in the classroom are described. The practical part of the thesis deals with the research probe. The research sample is represented by seven classes of 7th and 8th grade pupils from two Central Bohemia schools and three Prague schools. The research probe has the form of a non-standard survey study. In conclusion, the necessity of further research in the area is emphasized. Key words Specific learning disabilities, self-concept, social climate in classroom, academic self-concept

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