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Philosophical analysis and possible interpretations of Gödel's incompleteness theorems
Arazim Dolejší, Zuzana ; Vlasáková, Marta (advisor) ; Peliš, Michal (referee)
❆❜str❛❝t ❚❤❡ ❞✐♣❧♦♠❛ t❤❡s✐s ❞❡❛❧s ✇✐t❤ ♣♦ss✐❜❧❡ ♣❤✐❧♦s♦♣❤✐❝❛❧ ❛♥❛❧②s❡s ♦❢ ●ö✲ ❞❡❧✬s ✐♥❝♦♠♣❧❡t❡♥❡ss t❤❡♦r❡♠s ❛♥❞ t❤❡✐r ✐♥t❡r♣r❡t❛t✐♦♥s ✐♥ ❞✐✛❡r❡♥t ❜r❛♥❝❤❡s♦❢♣❤✐❧♦s♦♣❤②✭♣❤❡♥♦♠❡♥♦❧♦❣②✱❛♥❛❧②t✐❝❛❧♣❤✐❧♦s♦♣❤②♦❢♠✐♥❞✱ ❑❛♥t✬s ♣❤✐❧♦s♦♣❤②✮✳ P❛rt ♦❢ t❤❡ t❤❡s✐s ✐s ❞❡❞✐❝❛t❡❞ t♦ t❤❡ ❛tt✐t✉❞❡s t♦ ♠❛t❤❡♠❛t✐❝❛❧ ❞✐s❝✐♣❧✐♥❡s ❛♥❞ t❤❡✐r ❢✉♥❞❛♠❡♥t❛❧ tr❛♥s❢♦r♠❛t✐♦♥s ❝❛✉s❡❞ ❜② r❡✈♦❧✉t✐♦♥❛r② ❞✐s❝♦✈❡r✐❡s s✉❝❤ ❛s ◆♦♥✲❊✉❝❧✐❞❡❛♥ ❣❡♦♠❡t✲ r✐❡s ❛♥❞ ✐♥❝♦♠♣❧❡t♥❡ss t❤❡♦r❡♠s✳ ❚❤❡ r❡❧❛t✐♦♥s❤✐♣ ❜❡t✇❡❡♥ t❤❡ s❡❝♦♥❞ ●ö❞❡❧✬s ✐♥❝♦♠♣❧❡t❡♥❡ss t❤❡♦r❡♠✱ ●❡♥t③❡♥✬s ❝♦♥s✐st❡♥❝② ♣r♦♦❢ ♦❢ P❡❛♥♦ ❛r✐t❤♠❡t✐❝ ❛♥❞ ❍✐❧❜❡rt✬s ♣r♦❣r❛♠♠❡ ✐s ❛❧s♦ ❞✐s❝✉ss❡❞✳
Generic Approach to Updating Uncertainty: Focus on Conditioning
Kuncová, Alexandra ; Peliš, Michal (advisor) ; Sedlár, Igor (referee)
First, we consider different kinds of representation of uncertainty and the meth- ods for updating each of them by conditioning. We focus on the generic frame- work of (conditional) plausibility spaces, since it generalises all the introduced representations. Further, we select three frameworks and list the properties that need to be added to a conditional plausibility space in order to recover each of these frameworks. The main goal of this work, however, is to show how public announcement on single-agent plausibility models, ranking structures, and pos- sibility structures realised by their corresponding update mechanisms, can be embedded into the framework of conditional plausibility spaces. At the very end we briefly illustrate a general update model using plausibility measures. Keywords: belief revision, dynamic logic, epistemic logic, plausibility space, pub- lic announcement, uncertainty, update.
The Role of Islam in Life of Active Muslim Athletes in Czechia
Pulec, Jan ; Peliš, Michal (advisor) ; Waic, Marek (referee)
Title: The Role of Islam in Life of Active Muslim Athletes in Czechia Objectives: The analysis of the relationship of Islam and sport is the main objective of this thesis. Sporting Muslims living in Czechia and active Muslim athletes are chosen as target group for our research. This thesis focuses on level of identification with Islam as their faith. It also focuses on their attitude to sport. It further deals with Muslim customs in terms of its effects on athletes' life. The proper example is the Ramadan fasting. Methods: We chose the semistructured interview as the method to collect data. We took seven interviews with Muslim athletes (four professional and three amateur athletes). We chose the method of open coding as the suitable method for analysing data. Results: We found out that the relationship of Muslim athletes (our respondents) with their faith can be characterized as folk Islam or folk religiosity. Respondents also consider sport as a fully satisfying part of their life, but it is not linked with their faith. However other Muslim practices (represented mainly by Ramadan fasting) do not show as problematic or incompatible with ordinary athletes' life. Key words: Islam, sport, Muslim athletes, Czechia
Data mining
Dolejšek, Jakub ; Peliš, Michal (advisor) ; Verner, Jonathan (referee)
Data mining Bc. thesis Jakub Dolejšek (english abstract) This paper describes problematic of the knowleadge database discovery with focus on methods of decision trees and neural networks with examples of their application on concrete examples. Powered by TCPDF (
Important Themas in Artificial Intelligence
Šudoma, Petr ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Peliš, Michal (referee)
The paper studies description logics as a method of field of artificial intelligence, describes history of knowledge representation as series of events leading to founding of description logics. Furthermore the paper compares description logics with their predecessor, the frame systems. Syntax, semantics and description logics naming convention is also presented and algorithms solving common knowledge representation tasks with usage of description logics are described. Paper compares computational complexity of subsumption of several description logics. Usefullness and further possibilities of description logic systems are shown. Powered by TCPDF (
Historical and Philosophical Context of the Art of Archery in Japan
Coka, Petr ; Parry Martínková, Irena (advisor) ; Peliš, Michal (referee)
Title: Historical and Philosophical Context of the Art of Archery in Japan Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to describe Japanese martial art kyudo and introduce it to the wide public with the emphasis on the historical context and its relation to philosophical and religious systems. The first part focuses on the history and development of the Japanese archery, different kinds of Japanese martial activities and basic technique and equipment of kyudo in the frame of Japanese archery. The second part describes philosophical and religious systems within the context of martial arts, especially Zen Buddhism. Further, I will explain the general situation of kyudo within Czech conditions and introduce the role and the legacy of Eugen Herrigel, which is essential for modern kyudo. Methods: Basic methods of theoretical work (see the Methodology Section). Keywords: Kyujutsu, kyudo, martial arts, Japan
An overview of selected social procedures
Schlosáriková, Eva ; Majer, Ondrej (advisor) ; Peliš, Michal (referee)
Title: An overview of selected social procedures Author: Eva Schlosáriková Department: Department of Political Science Supervisor: RNDr. Ondrej Majer, CSc. This thesis first defines social procedures. These are studied and analyzed by social soft- ware, an emerging interdisciplinary field. This thesis will focus on a prominent social procedure, the coalition bargaining and coalition formation. Basic definition and overview of the coalition theory are introduced. Last chapter will concentrate on Bram's model of the coalition formation and his definition of the stable coalition. Other models of the coalition bargaining are briefly introduced and compared to the Bram's model. Keywords: coalition bargaining, coalition formation, stability of coalition 1
Logic of questions
Peliš, Michal ; Peregrin, Jaroslav (advisor)
Logic of Questions Michal Peliš PhD Thesis Abstract The thesis deals with logic of questions (erotetic logic), which is one of the branches of non- classical logic. In the introductory part we speak generally about formalization of questions and the newest approaches to questions in logic are summed up. We introduce a formalization based on sets of direct answers and point out the role of inferences with questions. The rest of the thesis consists of two parts that can be read independently. The first part focuses on relationships among consequence relations in inferential erotetic logic (IEL). We keep the framework of original IEL, introduced by Andrzej Wiśniewski, together with the representation of questions by sets of direct answers. Answers are strictly formulas of the declarative language. The mix of interrogatives and declaratives occours just on the level of consequences. Consequence relations with questions are defined by means of multiple-conclusion entailment among sets of declarative formulas. This way, one can work with classes of models and to make transparent some properties and relationships. We provide a general study of erotetic inferences based on IEL that is open for non-classical applications. The second part contains epistemic erotetic logic. A question is understood as a set of direct...
Knowledge changes in dynamic epistemic logic
Dančák, Michal ; Peliš, Michal (advisor) ; Urbański, Mariusz (referee)
The Logic of Hybrid Action Models is presented in this thesis along with a sound and complete Hilbert style calculus. It is an original multimodal epistemic logic that tries to give the agents (i) a strong method of communication and (ii) a rich vocabulary to communicate about by combining action models with hybrid logics. The language of the resulting logic is rather complex and includes common knowledge, deterministic action updates and all three commonly used hybrid op- erators @, ↓ and E. An overview of both action models and hybrid logics is included. The Hybrid Logic with Partial Denoting Nominals is briefly described and used as a stepping stone. The semantics and the Completeness Theorem of the Logic of Hybrid Action Models form the backbone of this work. 1

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