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Image of a Family in Selected Works of Italian Verismo
Šalagovič, Filip ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
Bachelor thesis compares three different novels and family models depicted in them writen by three different writers. The thesis deals with an Italian literary movement called Verismo, exponents of Verismo, social, cultural and psychological aspects of the characters and classification of novels in the historical context. The first chapter of the thesis defines Verismo. The following chapters are dedicated to the individual novels, where we deals with topic, describe one chosen character, interaction of the characters among them and description of family from the economical and social aspect. Each chapter is dedicated to one novel. At the end the results of the analysis of the novels and families are presented and the main characters and families are compared. Key words Italy - Sicily - Rome - 19th century - verismo - family
Letters of Pietro Aretino to Tiziano Vecelli
Krčmová, Michaela ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
(in English): This work describes a Renaissance comparison of individual types of art - paragone, in this case of literature and painting. In the second chapter there is a brief biography of Pietro Aretino related to his literary development. The main part of the work is translation and analysis of six literary portraits in the letter collection of Pietro Aretino to the painter Titian. In the end the common features with which the letters are formulated are described as a subgenre of epistolary literature typical for the period and social relationships in Venetian society during the Cinquecento (16th century). Key words (in English): Aretino, Titian, literature, letter, picture, portrait, painting, comparison, society, Renaissance
Family theme in Natalia Ginzburg's works
Macháčková, Michaela ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this master's thesis called Family theme in Natalia Ginzburg's works is analysis of the chosen prosaic works of one of the biggest writers of the twentieth century, concentrated on the topic of the family. The introduction is a short presentation of the author (her biographical and bibliographical data). After that there is an analysis of her most known prosaic works with the family topic and with the topic of the relations in general. It is followed by more detailed analysis of her most known novel Lessico famigliare. In the final part, the work is concentrated on the biography of Manzoni's family in La famiglia Manzoni.
Czech versions and adaptations of Le avventure di Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
Holanec, Kryštof ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Flemrová, Alice (referee)
(english) This bachelor thesis deals with two earlier and two more recent Czech translations of the Italian children's novel Le Avventure di Pinochio. Storia di Un Burrattino [The Adventures of Pinocchio. The Tale of a Puppet], in Czech known as Pinocchiova dobrodružství. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the translations in terms of their functionality in the target environment and their perception by the target reader. The analysis examines differences in Czech translations on the level of language elements. Another criterion for evaluating the translations is their relation to the original text, respectively the degree of translation adequacy. The comparison of the Czech translations with the original establishes the extent to which the original author's style has been preserved in them. At the conclusion, it is stated to what extent the individual translations adhere rather to the acceptability in the target literary culture, or to the adequacy of the original.
Carlo Dossi and the Scapigliatura movement
Fajtová, Anna ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a connection between the writer Carlo Dossi and the artistic movement Scapigliatura from the Milano. The author explores Dossi's life as well as his two first novels, L'Altrieri and Vita di Alberto Pisani. The analysis of Dossi's works focuses on the topics of the Scapigliatura movement, especially on the dualistic view of the world and on the ironic comments to the postrisorgimental society. The conclusion summarizes the results of partial analyzes from which is appreciated Dossi's place in the Scapigliatura movement.
Romeo and Juliet before Shakesperae
Szkanderova, Marie ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Bolletta, Ave (referee)
The aim of this work is to outline the origins of the famous play of William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. Almost everybody knows this play. They saw it in the theatre, read it in a book, saw it on television or in the cinema, but only few of them know, that William Shakespeare was only a skilful interpreter of the earlier stories of Romeo and Juliet written in verses or in prose. We will try to arrive to the roots of this story, that does not begin where the names of our two protagonists appear but it starts in the ancient times with the topos of the forbidden love. With the topos of the common grave or at least the desire to be together after the death. From these stories, that begin in the times when the man did not know to write we will move to the era where people started to write down the stories inherited and narrated for centuries in numerous variations until we arrive to the Humanism and Renaissance, that was very fruitful in all artistic experimentation and it was in this period, where our story will be first written with the characters that we know very well. We will stop for a longer time in Italy as the Italians wrote for the first time the story of Romeo and Juliet and we will try to describe the background of the single writers and the differences between the stories of our lovers....
Humanism and the Renaissance in Czech Print Culture
Fernández Couceiro, Eduardo ; Voit, Petr (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee) ; Halama, Ota (referee)
The present PhD thesis examines the reception of Humanism and the Renaissance in Czech print culture between 1476 and 1547. Critically, it opposes the predominant interpretation line that - from National Revival to post-war marxist literary criticism - tried to preserve at all costs a magnificent picture of the 16th century as a "golden age". The study is based on Petr Voit's recent works on Czech book printing of the first half of the 16th century and follows the reception of Humanism and the Renaissance from a complex point of view (printers' profiles, typography, illustrations and ornaments, readers' reception). The analysis shows that during the period under review, the Czech society, which predominantly professed a reformed confession (utraquism, lutheranism, the Unity of Brethren...), lived in a self-centered religious messianism, and therefore rejected any cultural novelties, especially those coming from Italy as the hometown of the hated papacy. Book printing largely reflected the conservatism and moral rigorism of this mainly utraquist society that ignored the entertainment literature, considered unnecessary or even undesirable. In this rigid religious scheme, the Renaissance literary genres (Petrarchan poetry, novella, epic poem, etc.) and the humanist text-critical approach to ancient...
Giacomo Leopardi's Zibaldone
Přikrylová, Nikola ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse Zibaldone di pensieri, the private diary of Italian poet, writer and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to Leopardi's biography. We focus on his childhood, youth and on the events that had effect on his thinking. The crucial part of the thesis deals with the diary Zibaldone; with its structure, autobiographical features and with various ways in which we can look at this text. In the following part of the work we analyse some of the topics of Zibaldone. Observing the development of Leopardi's thinking, we deal with various phases of author's pessimism and with his perception of nature, reason, human destiny and ancient and modern world.
Crime and Punishment Sicilian Style in Prose of a Contemporary Italian Writers-Journalists
Šupíková, Barbora ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to show the current Italian authors work specifics who are asserted as journalists as well as writers and their journalistic and prosaic outputs is devoted to organized crime in today's Sicilian society. Roberto Alajmo, Gaetano Savatteri and Salvo Sottile and their literaty outputs È stato il figlio, Tempo Niente. La breve vita felice di Luca Crescente, Gli uomini che non si voltano, I ragazzi di Regalpetra, Maqeda and Più scuro di mezzanotte were chosen for an analysis. The criterion in choosing works was particularly a time span of its formation - for the first time they were published after 2005 and at the same time they are mostly the newest literary outputs of selected authors meeting the requirements. Particular authors are presented after an opening which is describing logical interrelationship between writers and journalists in history of Italian literature ever since the unification of Italy in 1870 and deals with history of Sicilian Mafia and Sicilian literature concerning a phenomenon of Mafia. Part of the following analytic section is devoted to work of particular writers-journalists. Emphasis is put on analysis of prosaic texts considering authors journalistic outputs. Watched is particularly a thematic line of their work and a possible reflection of events...
Lyrical line of the Sicilian prose writers of the 20th century. Mythical realism of Elio Vittorini and its continuation in works by Bufalino, Bonaviri and Consolo
Baroni, Sarah ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
(in English) The aim of this thesis is to analyse thoroughly the mythical approach and lyrical aspects in the writings of Elio Vittorini and subsequently to find the continuation of these tendencies in works by Vincenzo Consolo, Giuseppe Bonaviri and Gesualdo Bufalino. At first we briefly described the approach of mythical realism in the Italian and Sicilian literature of 20th century as a literary topos. Afterwards we focused on the individual authors who were already shortly introduced in biographical portraits, then we made the analyses of chosen novels of those four writers where we focused on the mythical and symbolical motives and the lyrical tendencies of their prose. In conclusion we made a comparative according to the results of our previous analyses and we shortly evaluated the image of Sicily emerging from literary output of those chosen authors.

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