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The Oldiest Italian travel stories
Tarasova, Polina ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
The aim of this work is to study the development of balance between the factographic and belletristic components in travel literature during the medieval era in Italy. The basis for the analysis are following works: Historia Mongolorum by Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, Il Milione by Marco Polo and Diversae Historiae by Odorico da Pordenone, namely the excerpts from the chosen texts. This work is divided into five chapters. The second chapter is a short introduction to the whole work. In the third chapter is presented Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, his life and historical context, followed by a study of the extent of author's presence in the text composed according to a clear given conditions. The fourth chapter is dedicated to Marco Polo, his life, work and short analysis of author's presence in a text written without any formulated task. In the fifth chapter is presented Odorico da Pordenone, his life and historical context. Afterwards the extent of author's presence in a text is studied on an example of text with a relatively clearly formulated given conditions. The sixth and last chapter is a recapitulation. It contains confrontation and comparison of the gathered information and points out differences and similarities.
Journey towards current drama through commedia dell' arte and G. B. Andreini
Dvořáková, Edita ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
Current playwriting is performed with awareness that its product, the text, will be performed on stage: therefore it takes into consideration the specific qualities of theatre and it's being percieved as one of its components. It hasn't been always like this, though, until the 20th century drama together with theatre was being classified as undoubtable part of literature. In this thesis I will try to explore why these two different points of view exist and why their exchange occurred. I will examine the changes in the relationship of theatre and literature. I will sketch this question from the origins of theatre in the ancient Greece, through the medieval folk theatre to the baroque commedia dell'arte. In the second part I will focus on the role in the balancing of this relationship that was played by the work of the playwright, the actor and capocomico Giovan Battista Andreini in the turn of the 16th and 17th century. I will analyse the revision performed by this author on this topic on the example of his play Two comedies in one - and I will try to prove the meaningfulness of such revision on the current performance of this play, introduced by the group Geisslers Hofcomoedianten in 2014. In the enclosure there is a brief interview with translator Kateřina Bohadlová, the author of the translation...
"The oyster concept" in veristic prose of Giovanni Verga
Blechová, Lenka ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a presentation of the veristic italian prose, his main representative Giovanni Verga and analysis of the selected works. The author explores Giovanni Verga's life as well as his novel Fantasticheria from the collection of Vita dei campi and the novel I Malavoglia. The analysis has a focus on the "oyster concept" which is applicated and developted in these works. The conclusion reflects on the validity of this concept for our epoch and also for contemporary literature. Key words: Giovanni Verga, the italian verism, the oyster concept
Gadda's Crime Novels in the Context of the Contemporary Debate on Subject and Intersubjectivity
Richterová, Daniela ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
(in English): The main aim of this thesis is to focuse on the two of C. E. Gadda's most famous novels in their comparative interpretations based on the perspective of the debate on subject and intersubjectivity by philosophers E. Husserl, M. Heidegger and L. Wittgenstein. After a short intoduction dedicated to life and work of the author, we analyse both novels in which we witness the shift of attention from the problem of the subject to the problem of the intersubjectivity seen as socially anchored truth that gives rise to antidetective novel. In conclusion we emphasise once again the epistemological level of meaning in Gadda's novels - their insights into the essence of truth and the character of human knowledge in general which emerge especially with the crime fiction against the background of questions regarding conscience and justice.
Commento sopra una canzone d'amore in Context of Its Time
Herůfek, Jan ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
The doctoral thesis Commento sopra una canzone dʼamore in the Context of Its Times, divided into four chapters, focuses on an analysis of the concept of love as perceived by the Italian humanist G. Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). As Giovanni Pico was an author who lived and worked in the Italian Quattrocento, in the first chapter ("Italian Humanist Giovanni Pico: Portrait Attempt") the attention is focused on the concept of studia humanitatis. His relation to the study of classical languages (Greek and Latin), rhetoric, philosophy and theology is examined in the first part ("Pico between Rhetoric and Philosophy"). Here we deal with the question whether Pico like other Italian humanists adopted the contemporary phenomenon, i. e. the discovery of sources of ancient wisdom (ad fontes). And thus Pico can be grouped with intellectuals of the type of M. Ficino and A. Poliziano, who set themselves the task of creating critical editions of philosophical texts, or, rather, whether Pico used humanist tools (especially rhetoric) to introduce his humanistic philosophical-theological concept. Pico seems to have selected the latter option and he systematically presented his humanistic conception in his works dating from 1486 to 1489 (e.g. Oratio 1486, Conclusiones 1486, Apologia 1487 and Heptaplus 1489). The...
Neorealism in Italian Literature
Gregorová, Silvia ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee) ; Čaplyginová, Olga (referee)
This dissertation on Neorelism in Italian Literature seeks to concretise and define more precisely literary neorealism through the analysis of the literary works of the main representatives (main representatives of what?) . Formally, the work is divided into eleven chapters. The first two chapters are aimed at a theoretical introduction to the issues related to the subject: the definition of realism and the introduction of the literary directions from which neorealism was based. The third chapter outlines the historical and cultural context of the twenties and thirties, that is, the time that preceded the emergence of neorealism, and at the same time gives a brief overview of the cultural movements that were at that time. The chapter concludes with an analysis of novels that are not yet non-realistic, but their linguistic and by means of content they no longer presage neorealism. The novels are: Gli Indifferenti by Alberto Moravia, Paesi tuoi by Cesare Pavese and Conversazione in Sicilia by Eloa Vittorini. The fourth chapter is devoted to the English translations of Cesare Pavese, which introduced new linguistic means into Italian literature. The anthology of L'Americana, which was compiled and edited by Elio Vittorini in 1941 and...
Image of a Family in Selected Works of Italian Verismo
Šalagovič, Filip ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
Bachelor thesis compares three different novels and family models depicted in them writen by three different writers. The thesis deals with an Italian literary movement called Verismo, exponents of Verismo, social, cultural and psychological aspects of the characters and classification of novels in the historical context. The first chapter of the thesis defines Verismo. The following chapters are dedicated to the individual novels, where we deals with topic, describe one chosen character, interaction of the characters among them and description of family from the economical and social aspect. Each chapter is dedicated to one novel. At the end the results of the analysis of the novels and families are presented and the main characters and families are compared. Key words Italy - Sicily - Rome - 19th century - verismo - family
Letters of Pietro Aretino to Tiziano Vecelli
Krčmová, Michaela ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
(in English): This work describes a Renaissance comparison of individual types of art - paragone, in this case of literature and painting. In the second chapter there is a brief biography of Pietro Aretino related to his literary development. The main part of the work is translation and analysis of six literary portraits in the letter collection of Pietro Aretino to the painter Titian. In the end the common features with which the letters are formulated are described as a subgenre of epistolary literature typical for the period and social relationships in Venetian society during the Cinquecento (16th century). Key words (in English): Aretino, Titian, literature, letter, picture, portrait, painting, comparison, society, Renaissance
Family theme in Natalia Ginzburg's works
Macháčková, Michaela ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this master's thesis called Family theme in Natalia Ginzburg's works is analysis of the chosen prosaic works of one of the biggest writers of the twentieth century, concentrated on the topic of the family. The introduction is a short presentation of the author (her biographical and bibliographical data). After that there is an analysis of her most known prosaic works with the family topic and with the topic of the relations in general. It is followed by more detailed analysis of her most known novel Lessico famigliare. In the final part, the work is concentrated on the biography of Manzoni's family in La famiglia Manzoni.
Czech versions and adaptations of Le avventure di Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
Holanec, Kryštof ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Flemrová, Alice (referee)
(english) This bachelor thesis deals with two earlier and two more recent Czech translations of the Italian children's novel Le Avventure di Pinochio. Storia di Un Burrattino [The Adventures of Pinocchio. The Tale of a Puppet], in Czech known as Pinocchiova dobrodružství. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the translations in terms of their functionality in the target environment and their perception by the target reader. The analysis examines differences in Czech translations on the level of language elements. Another criterion for evaluating the translations is their relation to the original text, respectively the degree of translation adequacy. The comparison of the Czech translations with the original establishes the extent to which the original author's style has been preserved in them. At the conclusion, it is stated to what extent the individual translations adhere rather to the acceptability in the target literary culture, or to the adequacy of the original.

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