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Technologické parametry a konzervárenské zpracování plodové zeleniny
Pechová, Lenka
The thesis is focused on technological parameters and canning of fruit vegetables. The literary section describes the different kinds of vegetables grown, its material composition, crop changes, storage and conservation options. The practical part of the laboratory and sensory evaluated gherkins variety ZUZANA F1, ORFEUS F1, REGINA F1, KAREN F1, PARTNER F1 and KARLOS F1. Laboratory quality parameters were evaluated different varieties and sizes, weight, color, firmness, soluble solids content, malic acid concentration and all titratable acids. Preservation was chosen sterilization in sweet and sour marinade. The results were statistically evaluated tabular and graphical.
Stock markets contagion in the Western and Central European region during subprime crisis
Pechová, Lenka ; Geršl, Adam (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
The topic of financial contagion is growing in importance as the financial markets are integrating and becoming global. In my work I test contagion between stock markets in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland), markets in Western Europe (Euro zone, France, Germany and UK) and U.S. I use two types of model to test the data from ongoing subprime crisis. The first one is parametrical model that uses the correlation coefficients obtained from VAR regression, based on paper by Forbes and Rigobon 2003. The second one is non parametrical model that uses the Kendall's tau approach to measure the comovements of the stock markets based on paper by Li (2009). In the work is also provided overview of theoretical and empirical literature that is focused on contagion and related topics.
Comparing pension systems of the Czech and Slovak Republics, ways to reform the pension system of the Czech Republic
Pechová, Lenka ; Schneider, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hedbávný, Petr (referee)
The goal of this paper is to resume the development of the Czech and Slovak pension systems and to compare microeconomic and macroeconomic levels of chosen proposals created by Czech political parties with reform which already has been implemented in the Slovak Republic. Powered by TCPDF (
The Development of a Children Verbal Expression in Kindergarten
The objective of this Bachelor´thesis is to verify " The programme of the development of the coherent utterance abilities of 5 and 6 aged children". The speculative part includes the development of speech at the pre-school age, the development of the independent and coherent way of utterance and its steadfast evolution at nursery schools as well as the assessment of the education in the area of language and speech. Its functional part deals with the way the programme elaborated by the leading consultant on the Bachelor´s thesis Mrs A. Váchová is verified and implemented within a group of 10 children at nursery school. The evaluative plan follows the way of response of the children to the plan, the way they coped with its activities and also the way the educational strategy of the programme matches its purpose. The challenge of the programme is being further assessed from the point of view of time needed and the willingness of parents to help their child to cope with the tasks the programme implies. Method of observation, chatting and scaling is also used. The demonstration of the programme is presented on the enclosed video.
Medovina a možnosti její výroby
Pechová, Lenka
Bachelor thesis Mead and the possibility of its production was written at the Department of Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Products, Faculty of Horticulture, Mendel University in Brno. In this paper I focused on the requirements of honey, which is the main ingredient of mead. In addition, technological process of production of mead, fermentation microorganism and compared with the production of wine. The text also mentioned the legislative requirements and the product assortment of mead on the market.
Nursing care for patient after lung surgery
The operation of the lungs is being performed on the base of a variety causes, among which the most common causes are cancer, inflammatory diseases, accidents and a variety of complications of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. After the surgery, patients are taken to the intensive care unit (ICU). The nurse must meet the patient´s biological, psychological, but also laboratory and medication needs. The attainment on this thesis which is titled as "Nursing care for patients after lung surgery" was to determine the method of nursing care for patients after lung surgery. Three research questions were also asked to achieve this. The necessary information were obtained through qualitative research, semi-structured interviews with nurses from the Department of Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Czech Budejovice a.s. The research was conducted during March 2015. Three categories were generated from an analysis of data: Specific care for patients after lung surgery, Education, Rehabilitation. This research suggests that nurses meet frequently with this specific care for patients after lung surgery that means several times a month. Further information from this research is that the patient after surgery gets parenteral nutrition first, on the second day starts with a liquid diet and the nurses are following the care with most commond diets as diet no 0, 1, 3, and diet no 9 if the patient is a diabetic. After the surgery, the oxygen is being provided to a patient. The results showed that the nurses must always check to see if the airways are clean, that the patient does not have any mucus in the lungs and that he's able to cough without problems. Nurses are checking the blood gas values by using a Pulse Oximeter. Emphasis is placed on the post-surgery rehabilitation to allow patient to be fully ventilated. For a different lenght of times the indwelling urinary catheter (hereinafter PAK) is fed to patients with respect to the operating performance. It depends on the patient's health condition. The nurses must check the functions of the thoracic drains which are often inserted after surgery. First, the patient has an active suction or active mobile suction, then Bülauov drainage. Frequency of change of the surgical wound dressings is mainly set by the doctor. Postoperative pain is monitored in a verbal way. Prescribed medication is administered also by using the epidural line. Subsequently, the patient receives painkillers IM inj. According to the nurses the post-surgery complications are breathing problems, bleeding from wounds, pain, risk of infection, high waste of chest tubes, the inability of the lungs to maintain a vacuum and subsequent collapse of the lung. The education of the nurses is very multidirectional and each one applies different methods to enrich their knowledge. Physical Therapists are responsible for the rehabilitation of patients after lung surgery. Nurses have a very good knowledge in a nursing care which is applied in their practice. However in some ways the information obtained from the nurses disagree with the procedures set forth in the literature. The conclusion of this work should be aimed to the improvement of nursing care for patients after lung surgery and to correct the shortcomings in the providing of nursing care. This work can be used as educational material for nurses starting job at the Department of Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Czech Budejovice a.s.
Unused Tourism Potential of Standard Rural Regions
The aim of this thesis was to analyze unused tourism potential in the microregion of Veselsko. In terms of solution diploma work was elaborate analysis of choice territory, chart and interpret height subjects of rural tourism and was executed questionary enquiry too. Finally there was created own suggestions chances of development which was solve unused potential of this region.The microregion has relatively good potential for development of rural tourism and therefore was created design for innovation of current situation in this work. In future microregion should have target to quality of tourist trade infrastructure and for creation varied offer culturally-communal actions in smaller municipality.

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