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Current trends in leadership of healthcare organizations
Pešek, Ondřej Matthew ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Drábková, Hana (referee)
9 ABSTRACT This diploma thesis summarizes the theoretical knowledge about the healthcare organization and its management, it also presents history and theories of leadership, the specifics of leadership in the healthcare organization and describes the generations of employees. The main goal of the work focuses on leadership education and training, personal characteristics of leaders, and new tools that are used in leadership. The aim of the thesis is to find current trends in the management of people in healthcare organizations in the Czech Republic. The diploma thesis uses the method of the in-depth interview with the subsequent thematic analysis of acquired data. An in-depth interview was conducted with six respondents; managers of small and medium-sized healthcare organizations. The thematic analysis examines the education and leadership of healthcare organizations, deals with the styles and tools used in leadership in recent years, and also shows whether and what kind changes in leadership are anticipated by senior executives in future years when a new generation of workers is emerging. The results of the analysis show that the education of managers of healthcare organizations in the field of management is still inadequate. Leaders seek to bring the leadership to a democratic line, but they still use...
Émile Benveniste and the role of sens
Krásová, Eva ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Pešek, Ondřej Matthew (referee) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
Eva Krásová: Émile Benveniste and the role of sens My thesis "Émile Benveniste and the role of sens" is a monographic study of the life work of Émile Benveniste (1902-1977) through the role that the concept of meaning (sens) takes in his thought. I adopt the methodology defined by K. Kœrner as "historiography of language sciences", and thus my perspective on Benveniste's work is mainly chronological and developmental. First part of the thesis concentrates on theoretical foundations of Benveniste's thought in the school of Paris (A. Meillet and M. Bréal), Prague (R. Jakobson and V. Skalička) and Copenhagen (texts around 1939). I point out the concept of language system in diachrony in A. Meillet's thinking and in Prague school and present a hypothesis about the role of Émile Bneveniste in their contact during the International congresses of linguists. This results into a description of the perspective of meaning as it was presented in Benveniste's 1962 lecture "Levels of linguistic analysis". Second part deals with Benveniste's concept linguistics of discours. First chapter explains the main concepts of Benveniste's theory of language: semiotics and semantics or the semiotical and the semantical (le/la sémiotique, sémantique), enunciation (énonciation), appropriation (appropriation) and the theory...
The Evaluation of Managers and Employees Awareness of the Ergonomics in Office Environment
Pešek, Ondřej Matthew ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Title: The Evaluation of Managers and Employees' Awareness of the Ergonomics in Office Environment Objectives: The aim of the thesis was a quantitative research to assess the awareness of ergonomics, working environment, office equipment, motor behavior and the appearance of professionally conditioned diseases among office workers, recruiters and management of companies in the Czech Republic. In conclusion outlined recommendations to improve the situation. Methods: The thesis using electronic polling using non-standardized questionnaire, which provides primary data collection. The method is used to analyze the awareness of ergonomic environments, motor behavior in the workplace, the occurrence professionally conditioned diseases and office equipment. The questionnaire was distributed to companies throughout the Czech Republic, a total of 678 employees were contacted, data was compiled from 442 respondents with an average age of 32,6 years. For data analysis was used software Microsoft ® Excel for Mac version 15.20. Results: It was found that ergonomics training and OSH passed only 25% of employees of Czech companies in the research sample. It came up to 20% more employees of national companies rather than international companies of the total number. The data show that the awareness of ergonomics is...
The nominal suffixal derivation in pre-classical French
Štichauer, Jaroslav ; Zavadil, Bohumil (advisor) ; Radimský, Jan (referee) ; Pešek, Ondřej Matthew (referee)
The present PhD thesis deals with nominal suffixal derivation in pre-classical French (about 1550-1610). Based both on traditional data collection and on available digital corpuses, especially Frantext, it first strives to define basic concepts such as language standard, problems of periodization, productivity, lexicalization, paradigmatization, panchronic validity of word-formation rules etc. On selected derivational patterns, it also tests the operationality of Optimality theory (OT) and other mechanisms (i.a. paradigmatization) in diachronic perspective. In several follow-up chapters, it then analyzes, from a diachronic point of view, a number of suffixes (-age, -aison, -ance, - ment, etc.).

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