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Pion-induced polarized Drell-Yan process at Compass
Pešek, Michael ; Finger, Michael (advisor) ; Spousta, Martin (referee) ; Závada, Petr (referee)
In this work we present the basic theoretical concepts of the description of the nucleon spin structure. The theoretical background of two processes of interest - Semi-inclusive DIS and Drell-Yan - in the terms of Transverse Momentum De- pendent Parton distribution Functions is presented. The COMPASS experiment and particularly its unique polarised target are described in detail. Several target related measurements are presented. The express analysis and detector efficien- cies analysis are presented as examples of important hardware related analysis. Finally two measurements of Transverse Spin Asymmetries are presented. The first measurement is the measurement of the Transverse Spin Asymmetries in J/ψ production in the Semi-inclusive DIS on polarised protons. The second mea- surement is the measurement of Transverse Spin Asymmetries in J/ψ in the π− p polarised Drell-Yan data. 1
Zkoumání vzácných procesů na experimentu NA62 v CERN
Jerhot, Jan ; Zamkovský, Michal (advisor) ; Pešek, Michael (referee)
Předmětem této práce je studie vzácného rozpadu π0 → ν¯ν. První část této práce obsahuje výpočet větvícího poměru tohoto rozpadu využitím dominantního rozpadu π0 → γγ a dis- kuzi teoretického pozadí. Druhou částí práce je příprava pro experimentální měření tohoto rozpadu, která je rozdělena na popis experimentu a použitých detektor· a na analýzu roz- padu K+ → π+ π0 na datech z roku 2016. Konkrétně je provedena analýza dominantního rozpadu π0 → γγ a účinnosti kalorimetru. 1
Low temperature polarized target for spin structure studies of nucleons at COMPASS
Pešek, Michael ; Finger, Miroslav (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivan (referee)
Title: Low temperature polarized target for spin structure studies of nucleons at COMPASS Author: Bc. Michael Pešek Department: Department of low temperature physics Supervisor of the master thesis: prof. Ing. Miroslav Finger, DrSc. Abstract: In presented thesis we describe concept of Deep Inelastic Scattering of leptons on nucleons in context of nucleon spin structure studies. Both polarized and unpolarized cases are discussed and concept of Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Functions (TMD PDF) is introduced. The possibility of TMDs measurement using Semi-inclusive DIS (SIDIS) is described along with related results from COMPASS experiment. The future Drell-Yan programme at COMPASS is briefly mentioned and its importance is presented on the universality test i.e. change of sign of T-odd TMDs when measured in Drell-Yan and SIDIS. The importance of Polarized Target (PT) for spin structure studies is highlighted and principles of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) are given using both Solid effect and spin temperature concept. COMPASS experiment is described in many details with accent given to PT. Finally the thermal equilibrium (TE) calibration procedure is described and carried out for 2010 and 2011 physics runs at COMPASS. The average polarization measurement results from 2010 and 2011 are...
Low temperature proton polarized target for nucleon structure studies at COMPASS
Pešek, Michael ; Finger, Miroslav (advisor) ; Englich, Jiří (referee)
Title: Low temperature proton polarized target for nucleon structure studies at COMPASS Author: Michael Pešek Department / Institute: Department of Low temperature Physics Supervisor of the bachelor thesis: prof. Ing. Miroslav Finger, DrSc., Department of Low Temperature Physics Abstract: Overview of basics of deep inelastic scattering and process of dynamic nuclear polarization with emphasis to importance of precise polarization determination for nucleon spin structure studies are given. This is followed by description of COMPASS experiment with emphasis given to low temperature polarized target. General procedure of NMR data analysis is given and finally polarization for run 2010 and relaxations rates are determined. Keywords: nucleon structure, polarized proton target, low temperatures, NMR technique

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