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The Political Thought of Karl Jaspers
Bojda, Martin ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šebek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
The Political Thought of Karl Jaspers - Abstract The aim of the dissertation was to interpret the thinking of Karl Jaspers as an endeavour to clarify the connecting lines between the basic characteristics of human being and its historical and political dimensions. In the book we reconstructed Jaspers' spiritual development from systematic-theoretical research to the engagement of a public intellectual. As his main legacy are shown the importance of the inseparability, of a mutual cultivation and prove of philosophical foundation and historical being as well as exploration. Jaspers is presented as an important participant in the discussions about the problems of German society from the 1930s to the 1960s, whose contribution laid not in a philosophically "more abstract" analysing of problems, but in discovering that social and political being cannot do without philosophical self-reflection of man, of the structure of human existence and knowledge and of the principial values derived from it. In his confrontations with the situation of German culture, politics and society, Jaspers enriched the public debate by cultivating the philosophical and methodical consciousness. He emphasized the distinctions between the nature and instruments of the different spheres of human spirit (of sciences, religion, philosophy...
Cyclic architecture of the Nýřany Member (Pennsylvanian) in the central part of the Kladno-Rakovník Basin
Páchová, Helena ; Opluštil, Stanislav (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
This master thesis studies cyclic pattern of the Nýřany Member (Middle Pennsylvanian, Moscovian) in the Slaný coalfield situated in the Kladno-Rakovník Basin. The main objective is to identify laterally persistent cycles and to find out their possible origin. Set of cross-sections constructed from boreholes proved lateral stability of 40 - 60 m thick units called the mesocycles. In all, eight mesocycles were identified (N0 - N7), of which the mesocycle N7 was newly defined. Maps of thickness and sand content constructed for each mesocycle provided additional information on subsidence rate and distribution of clastic sediments by fluvial processes. Lateral stability of the mesocycles suggests their allocyclic character and regionally operating mechanism responsible for their formation. Regularity in repetition of the mesocycles as indicated by their similar thicknesses and architecture may suggest that the mechanism could be periodic, possibly of climatic origin. This hypothesis is supported by calculated mean duration of the mesocycles to be ~ 400 ky, based on previously published high-precision CA-ID-TIMS radioisotopic ages of intercalated tonsteins. This "periodicity" approaches 413 ky periodicity of the long eccentricity, one of the Milankovitch orbital cycles, which, in turn, is considered here...
The Image of Czechoslovakia in the British Press 1918 - 1922
Bajerová, Adéla ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the reception of the newly established Czechoslovakia by the British press from 1918 to 1922. My task was to find out how often and in what context did Czechoslovakia appear in the press and what was the difference between the image of the republic in each newspaper. Secondarily, my task was to evaluate the success of the Czechoslovak propaganda in Britain. The thesis consists of two parts. The first part presents the context of the emergence of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak-British diplomacy aims and cultural propaganda in the given period. One chapter is dedicated to the history of the British press and includes profiles of the journals examined. The practical part incorporates both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Four broadsheets in total were analysed; The Times, The Manchester Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and a Sunday newspaper The Observer. Quantitative content analysis of The Times was used to determine the frequency, the length and the interest of the mentions of Czechoslovakia as well as the theme of the articles. Based on the quantitative analysis, sample time periods were selected for the qualitative section. The qualitative analysis further deepens the quantitative part and presents the explicit and implicit attributes that Czechoslovakia was...
Study of Process Management of a Contract in a Manufacturing Enterprise
Zaoral, Vít ; Pešek, Jiří (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the study of process management of a contract in a manufacturing enterprise, specifically in the company Seaborne Plastic s.r.o. The British company specializes in the thermoforming plastics. The first part introduces theoretical basis of the thesis. The second part is focused on the company and it analyses the process management of a contract since accepting the contract from a customer until the expedition of the product to a customer. The third part is focused on changes to improve or remove discovered lacks in the company.
Guilds in Prague Cities from their Beginnings to the End of Guild System
Smrž, Jiří ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
(in English): This rigorous thesis follows the history of Prague guilds from the very beginning of their system to the end in 1860. Research was focused on cities which created former Prague - Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town and Hradčany. At first, used sources and their evaluation for the above mentioned research are described. There are reflections of the most important moments in the history of guilds in the Czech Lands, especially in Prague towns at that time, in the next chapters. Main goal of this thesis is to reconstruct a picture of all historical guilds and brotherhoods in the cities of Prague. My own research reflects knowledge of previous researchers. These were thereafter compared to some new sources and revised. Unknown parts of the history of Prague guilds were elaborated, such as history of this system in modern period. Based on some particular knowledge of history of singular guilds new hypotheses of general evolution of guilds in Prague were formed. Attached are glossaries of names of professions (Latin, German and Old Czech), that were in Prague towns in the past.

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