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Evaluation of mutual-help group Al-Anon from the perspective of their members
Pavlíková, Zuzana ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
Background: Addiction affects the whole family and not only the individual dealing with it. The reason being that family is usually closest to the individual. The family is mainly affected by the unpredictable behaviour of the addicted member and this behaviour then affects the whole running of the family and sooner or later other members become co- dependent. There is not much support provided for these people. A suitable alternative can be the self-help group Al-Anon. Aims: The aim of the research is to analyse the needs of individuals struggling with the problem of alcohol use of their close ones. The second goal is to describe the form and course of the meeting of the self-help group and the characteristics of the participants who attend this meeting. The third goal is to investigate the level of satisfaction of participants with meetings and description of recommendations for expert care. Methods: To obtain the data, a qualitative method was used by intentional selection through institutions. A total of 12 respondents (10 women and 2 men) participated in the research. The method of searching and marking relations, the method of simple enumeration and the method of contrasts and comparisons were used for the analysis of data. Results: Although expert care is the first choice of respondents,...
Early Detection of Pathological Gambling - Survey among GPs
Pavlíková, Zuzana ; Roznerová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Background: The Bachelor thesis "Early Detection of Pathological Gambling - Survey among GPs" deals with the issue of pathological gambling and the key role of GPs in this diagnosis. Pathological gambling also affects the health of an individual - causing stress, back pain and others. Therefore, it is important for GPs to realise this connection and then attempt to detect the issue early on with the help of screening tools. This thesis is divided into a theoretical part, dealing with the problems of pathological gambling, definition of concepts, interventions, impacts, prevention as well as professional treatments, and a practical part, which deals with the research itself. Aim: The aim of the research is to evaluate the interest of GPs in the field of pathological gambling in their patients. At the same time, it provides the basis for more detailed research in this area. Methods: A quantitative research method in the form of an online questionnaire created on Google forms, which was distributed by e-mail contact to GPs was used to obtain the data. Results: Overall, results show that although GPs are aware of the risks associated with pathological gambling, only a small part of them use any screening tools. The low interest of GPs may be in direct relation with an inadequate amount of information...
Ecological and evolutionary consequences of polyploidization
Pavlíková, Zuzana ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Skálová, Hana (referee)
Artificially synthesized neopolyploids are commonly used to distinguish the direct consequences of polyploidization for plants from those that were formed in polyploid line during subsequent evolution. Colchicine is usually used for induction of somatic polyploids. In this work I tested the possibility of making neopolyploids by using colchicine in three selected plant species. Succcess of neotetraploids was 9,3 % of the species Vicia cracca, 31,6 % of the species Centaurea phrygia and 33,3 % of the species Pimpinella saxifraga when using a 0,2% solution of colchicine and the effect of 12 hours. When extending the exposure time to 18 hours at the same concentration of colchicine in Vicia cracca the success of polyploidization was 100 % but mortality of individuals threated with colchicine was nearly 98 % (when exposed 12 hours it was only 43 %). Vicia cracca was grown to the second generation of neopolyploid plants, but part of the individuals was aneuploid and they were not phenotypically different from the natural tetraploids. Natural diploids, tetraploids and neotetraploids were compared in the size of stomata, rate of germination and relative growth rate. The size of stomata of diploids was significantly different from tetraploids and neotetraploids so it is possible to say that...
Testing of embryotoxicity of selected human teratogenes on chicken embryos.
Pavlíková, Zuzana ; Peterka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Novotná, Božena (referee)
Teratogenes are external environmental factors that can cause a developmental or a congenital defect in exposed individuals. The methods used for detecting the embryotoxic effect of substances are the classic when laboratory mammals are used and the alternative which use in vitro and in ovo systems. The main difference between these two is that the alternative methods lack metabolism of maternal organism. The metabolism of maternal organism brings a high variability of results to systems of the classic methods. We used two alternative methods in this thesis, both using chicken embryo. The first of them was in ovo method called CHEST (Jelínek, 1977). CHEST method can be used for administration of tested substances from ED2 to ED6. The disadvantage of this method is due to the dilution of the tested substance after subgerminal application at ED2. Therefore we developed in vitro method called SANDWICH. No dilution occurs while using the SANDWICH method. The aim of this study was to develop in vitro method SANDWICH while using proven teratogene (all-trans retinoic acid) and its solvent (dimethyl sulfoxide), to estimate beginning of the embryotoxicity dose range for both substances using CHEST and SANDWICH, and finally to compare obtained results. We confirmed the embryotoxic effect of all-trans...
The relation of the population's health condition and the system AB0.
Pavlíková, Zuzana ; Peterka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Likovský, Zbyněk (referee)
This work is a summary of observations about relationships between AB0 blood groups and occurrence of certain diseases. To diseases mentioned in this work belong different types of cancer, malaria, leprosy, small-pox, vitiligo and many others. Marked association with AB0 blood groups was found for cancer of stomach, ovarian cancer, peptic ulcers and cholera. The results for other diseases are not evident or on their relationship to blood groups were not made enough confirmative studies.
Ecological and evolutionary consequences of polyploidization
Pavlíková, Zuzana ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Rooks, Frederick (referee)
The frequency of polyploidy in natural populations is much more common than previously thought, suggesting that polyploidy must bring their holders either long or at least short term evolutionary advantage compared with their diploid ancestors, because otherwise they would not expand massively. The thesis deals with the consequences of polyploidy for genome, meiosis, mode of reproduction and the resulting viability of polyploid plants. It also describes and evaluates the possible reasons for the evolutionary success of polyploid plants. It also described the creation polyploids in diploid populations, the interactions between diploids and polyploids and the mechanisms of creation of reproductive isolation between cytotypes. Further, I paid attention to the interactions between polyploidy, herbivores and pollinators. In conclusion, I mention methods of synthesis neopolyploid plants, the possibility of their use and methods of detection of ploidy in plants.
Photochemically generated oxidative species in natural waters, verification of erioglaucine usage as a probe for hydroxyl radicals determination.
The bachelor thesis is focused on a dye erioglaucine and its function as a scavenger of hydroxyl radicals. The experimental part of the thesis deal with photochemical stability of erioglaucine; degradation of erioglaucine in a model system with photochemical hydroxyl radicals production from nitrate ions; degradation of erioglaucine in reaction mixtures with natural humic samples from upper soil horizont or from peat bog. A kinetic model for the reaction erioglaucine + hydroxyl radicals has been proposed.

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