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Analýza dopadu počítačových trestných činů na podniky
Belgoziyeva, Ulpan ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
Global networks enable businesses to operate beyond the geographical boundaries and to make their processes more efficient. However, with digitalization, there also comes threats for businesses and sometimes companies are underestimating the risks associated with cyber-attacks. As the topic is relatively new, there are not many studies that took a deep look at the impact of cyber-attacks on the businesses and analyze those impacts from different angles. The key objective of the thesis was to cover key aspects of the impacts that cyber crimes can have on businesses, taking into account the various types of cyber-attacks, no matter the size and the sector of activity in which the company operates. To achieve this, I used synthesis analysis of real cyber-attacks cases, and I have split each effect into various categories using classification analysis. Furthermore, to study deeply the consequences that cyber incidents can have on businesses, I have analyzed in depth two large corporations that have suffered such attacks, and I have interviewed 15 experts working in the field of cyber-security. This analysis helped to achieve a complete and segmented picture of the impacts that cyber incidents had on businesses and showed how significantly these could affect business.
E-commerce development study and future expectations in Albania
Buçpapaj, Etla ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyze the local Albanian market of e-commerce and to determine the customer behavior of Albanians toward local e-commerce providers. Several studies have been conducted for developed countries. However, there is a research gap in the same studies regarding the developing countries. That is the reason why this thesis considers one of the smallest and on continues developing countries of Europe: Albania. In a fast growing globalized world where the internet is a leading engine, e-commerce is a must for businesses that want to compete and retain customers. Local businesses struggle every day to survive and to have profit in an economy which is globally oriented, and the movement of goods is easier than ever. A questionnaire was designed online using Google form and was distributed online via a social network as the target respondents are online customers. There were 300 relevant answers received from 19-25 March 2017. There is also included a case study in this thesis, analyzing one of the biggest local e-commerce providers in Albania which offers B2C and B2B sales. The results of the questionnaire and the case study show that the customer behavior is influenced by various factors: lack of trust, national culture, online shopping experience, exposure to the internet, infrastructure, family, marketing, etc.
Social networks and older users
Langerová, Aneta ; Sklenák, Vilém (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Antonín (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with social network and its use by older generations. The aim of this thesis is to acquaint readers with social networks, their risks, and to analyze the behavior of its users. The theoretical part of this thesis is devoted to the definiton of the term social network. The thesis also describes the most famous social networks presently used, their history and statistics. The next chapter focuses on common risks made and the prevention of these risks. The last chapter describes the behavior of older users with the Internet and social networks. The practical part of my thesis is based on a survey evaluation relating to the relationship of older users to social networks. The second chapter compares my survey with other surveys from recent years, which dealt with a similar theme.
YouTube Social Network as a Business Support
Phí, Manh Hoang ; Čermák, Radim (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Antonín (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on familiarizing the reader with the phenomenon of the YouTube social network and its possibilities for business support. The first chapter of the theoretical part introduces the reader to the basic characteristics of online marketing and its tools. The second chapter is dedicated to the YouTube social network, where the reader first learns about the key moments in YouTube history and current statistical facts. Furthermore the bachelor thesis describes the YouTube community, the use of YouTube in business and the use of YouTube as a source of incomes. The practical part deals with the analysis of selected YouTube channels divided into categories according to their content. The aim of this thesis is to analyse selected YouTube channels and, based on analysis findings, to write recommendations for creating and managing a successful channel. The web tool, which has YouTube certification, was used for the analysis.
Analysis of university pages on Facebook
Salnikov, Alexey ; Chudán, David (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Antonín (referee)
This bachelor thesis is made up from four parts. The first part describes the current state of the internet population of Czech Republic: the number of Internet users in different age categories, their education, what part of the Internet population is occupied by Facebook users. The main purpose of the second part is to show what social networking services are the most popular for Czech population. In the third part, there is a detailed instruction on two tools - Netvizz and Gephi, which are used to analyze facebook pages, groups, events and places. The last part is a practical part, it is focused on the identification of official state university pages on Facebook and the subsequent analysis of these pages by using the tools that were defined in the third part of the thesis.
Social networks and new media - use in sales of accommodation services in the Czech Republic
Kovařík, Petr ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Galba, Alexander (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on comparism the ways of selling and mediating accommodation in the Czech Republic with help of new media and social networks. The main goal is to learn the latest sales methods, for example with help of internet portals, social networks or mobile apps, to evaluate their properties and benefits for both, the accommodation provider and the customer. The theoretical part of the thesis is divided into chapters of different sales methods including their advantages and disadvantages and in the practical part it is possible to see the functioning, operation and demonstration of real data from the portal operated by the solver of this work. The thesis should be beneficial for those who like to travel and want to find new ways to get accommodation and for those who provide accommodations and want to get new clients.
Using Social Networking in Education
Blahout, Jan ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Juříček, Jan (referee)
The subject of diploma thesis are online social networks and how they can be used in education. The first part deals how social networks can help in education, it analyses communi-cation as crucial aspect educational process. Theoretical part is also trying to define online social network with the aim on education, few of social networks are presented with exam-ples how can they be used in practise. The practical part consists in the implementation of a chosen social network (proba-bly Yammer) into the real teaching courses of the Department of system analysis - intro-ductory on subjects 4SA615 - Information Management and 4SA526 - New media and social networks. Questionnaire is used to evaluate the results and to get feedback from the student on the implemented project (social network). Recommendations are proposed based on the feedback, which could be applied to improve the courses in upcoming semes-ters. In the best-case scenario, the conclusion of this diploma thesis could lead to imple-menting the social network for whole department, or even university.
Development of methodics for performance comparison of data warehouse systems
Ronovský, Jan ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Meixner, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on developing methodics for performance comparison of data warehouse systems. Firstly, the thesis defines data warehouses in various development stages of organization BI and describes knowledge about data warehouses. Methodics developed in the thesis describes architecture of standardized data warehouse, data flow between areas of data warehouse and processes in data warehouse. Understanding of these concepts is crucial for assurance of methodics applicability. Methodics offer logical progression of steps, which start and include testing of data warehouse systems. The contribution of the thesis is in having guide, what needs to be done when organization must do while testing various systems for data warehouses. Also it describes how this testing should be done on middle level detail, which is the absolute minimum level of abstraction that can be done due to wide applicability of methodics. Methodics offers solution to the problem of performance comparison when organization need to answer question - Which data warehouse system should we use in our organization? However, methodics expects already some knowledge about data warehouse content.
Application of telemedicine principles and technologies in the field of life insurance
Stašek, Filip ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Bach, Štěpán (referee)
The aim of diploma thesis is description and application of new product in life insurance area. This product is based on insured body parameters and physical activity monitoring with the assistance of wearables. Based on analysis of the data obtained by the insurance company, it can be setting appropriate and fair price of life insurance. Introduction describes principle of Internet of Things, which idea is reflected in next part described eHealth and telemedicine industries, where will be defined the possibilities of use information and communication technologies in these industries. One from the technologies using in these industries are already mentioned wearables, which can be used into the basic monitoring of individuals health condition. Except of health services is possible use these wearables in insurance industry too, where can monitor physical activity and selected body parameters of individuals and motivate them to exercise and healthy lifestyle in form of insurance discounts. The thesis points to current situation of using these devices at the local as well as global insurance market and possible principle of monitoring and analysis body parameters and lifestyle at Czech insurance market in the form of a new life insurance product.
Analysis and optimization of logistic processes in manufacturing company
Čamková, Karolina ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
This thesis is focused on topic of mapping and optimization of processes with particular focus on logistic processes. The work consists of three interconnected parts. The first part contains definitions of important concepts and approaches in three separate areas. The areas are organization processes, logistic processes and Lean management. The second part revolves around suitable methodology, it contains used methods and tools suitable for mapping and analysis of various process as well as principles and tools recommended for optimization of logistic processes. The last part of thesis maps key processes of internal logistics inside of manufacturing factory and analyses logistic system used in organization. The thesis also proposes various recommendations how to make analysed processes better. Analysis and optimization of processes is in the end enriched by recommendations, which should lead to better organization logistics system in the future.

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