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Rethinking Corruption in the Czech Republic: A Mixed-Methods Approach to a Systemic Problem
Gawthorpe, Steven ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Sičáková Beblavá, Emília (referee) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
Systemic corruption is a common term amongst scholars and practitioners, yet there is sparse conceptual agreement and substantive analysis within the discourse. Regardless of the current deficit, there is considerable pioneering space and advantages to contrast against the overwhelming emphasis on individuals. This paper aims to broaden the conceptual scope of systemic corruption research through a pattern-to-process mixed-methods design. The design combines empirical data from the public procurement sector analyzing the spatiotemporal patterns of network behavior with a descriptive account of processes from in-depth interviews. The empirical approach statistically distinguishes the performance differentials of public procurement awards amongst firms that exhibit the characteristics of political influence from those that do not. This paper operationalizes that political influence is corruption when a public official would not have made the same decision without the special consideration of political affiliation, contribution, or network connection. After stripping away explanatory factors for firm competence, the data reveals that firms with influence characteristics win substantially more and more often performing similar work. The usage of geospatial cluster analysis, in conjunction with field...
The importance of small-scale public procurements in municipal budgets
Rod, Pavel ; Pavel, Jan (advisor)
This Master´s thesis is dealing with small scale public procurements. Small scale public procurements are a specific category of government contracts since they not as rigorously regulated by law as the sub-limit and over-the-limit contracts. The analysis is dealing with small scale public procurements in selected communities, specifically it studies the ratio of the value of small scale public contracts and the total value of public contracts. The analysis is extended with an example of two selected cities. In the final section, a regression analysis is conducted, which, similarly to previous chapters, studies the relation between small scale public procurements and population of selected municipalities.
Small-scale public procurements of „other“ legal persons
Klihavcová, Markéta ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Vítek, Leoš (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on part of public sector, which is under the lowest public control. We are talking about small-scale public procurements of "other" legal persons. It is well known, that corruption in the Czech Republic is high. That is why this thesis is trying to calculate the part of public procurments, which is made of small-scale public procurements, where contracting authority do not have to follow high legislative requirements. First part of the thesis is theoretical and second practical, where the small-scale public procurements are calculated.
Effeciency of surveillance in field of public procurement by ÚOHS
Pavlas, Viktor ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Tománková, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about effeciency of public procurement control system in the Czech Republic. Main object of this thesis is Office for the Protection of Competition (Úřad pro ochranu hospodářské soutěže). In first theoretical part of this thesis are basic reason for controlling the public procurement market, control system itself: basic categorization of public procurements for purpose of regulation, Czech control system and few control systems of other countries of European union. In second practical part of this thesis is used survey to determine whether the control system of Czech republic is effective or not.
Impact of taxes and benefits on income inequality in the Czech Republic
Hospodka, Jakub ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Vaskovskyi, Anton (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to analyze the impacts of the tax system and the state social support benefits on the level of income inequality in the Czech Republic between 2004 and 2014. The space is also devoted to anchoring both systems and explaining the part of their functioning that is relevant for the mentioned topic. The Gini coefficient, the Robin Hood Index and the S80 / S20 ratio are used to quantify income inequality. The analysis consists of the creation of four income categories based on the EU SILC survey and the subsequent application of the above-mentioned indicators.
Factors affecting the number of bidders in procurement auctions in the procurement of goods
Kozina, Anastasiia ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Vaskovskyi, Anton (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the factors affecting the number of bidders in the procurement auctions of goods. The main goal of this work will be to find out how the various factors can influence the number of contracting authorities in the tendering of public contracts. The theoretical part of the thesis is focus on the law aspect of the public procurement area and explain how the legislation divides the public procurement market in the Czech Republic and the impact these divisions have on the overall efficiency of public procurement. In the practical part, a regression analysis of the influence of the main factors on the number of bidders is carried out. In the end, recommendations will be proposed to discuss problems in public procurement.
How the Payment Model Influences the Waste Number and Structure
Šubrtová, Karolína ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Tománková, Ivana (referee)
The purpose of this work is to evaluate a potential relation between the number of communal and separated waste produced by municipalities in the Czech Republic and related pricing method. I am trying to demonstrate that municipalities using fixed charges, which is still the dominant pricing method in the Czech Republic, produce more communal and less separated waste than municipalities using the variable charges. The survey consists data from 22 municipalities in 2015. There are three hypothesis for verification. The first one is based on fact that if municipality use fix charging than the number of communal waste would be higher than if they use variable charging. The second one suggest if municipality use variable charging, the habitants will be more motivated to separate waste and the total number of separated waste would be bigger. The last one is comparing the total number of separated waste with total waste produced.
Financing of Political Parties
Remeš, Stanislav ; Dufek, Luboš (advisor) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
This work discusses the financing of political parties. Therefore, we can find basic terms, principles and functioning of funding here as well as every single style of financing and its divisions. It is followed by analysis of data of selected political parties for the period of the years 2006 - 2015. There is always picked one year with parliamentary elections and one close-by with none elections. The culmination of my work is comparison of the observed results and assessment of dependence of whole income derived from one election on election expenses. It is obvious that the final results show significant statistical dependence.
Compliance costs of taxation and their measurement
Síbrtová, Veronika ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Vítek, Leoš (referee)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is compliance costs of taxation, which are incurred by taxpayers because of tax system existence. The main aim of the thesis is to quantify the compliance costs primarily from time perspective and subsequently in monetary units. The analysis was performed for the year 2016 for value added tax and for corporate income tax. Based on a questionnaire survey, compliance costs of individual respondents were identified. Only the so-called ordinary compliance costs were considered, without taking into account bookkeeping costs and external advisory costs. The ratio of compliance costs on the final average corporate income tax paid is 2.39 %. The share of VAT compliance costs on the final average tax paid is 1.38 %, in terms of profit before tax the share is 0.85 %. The average total compliance costs for the taxes under review amount to CZK 195 thousand per year.
Analysis of public procurement in chosen municipality
Volavková, Hana ; Maaytová, Alena (advisor) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is dedicated to analysis of public procurement in Dacice. Theoretical part is focused on legislation of public procurement in the Czech Republic, the basic concepts and the procurement process. Practical part deals with the analysis of the budget of Dacice and with the analysis of public contracts, which the city enters. Attention is paid to the possibilities of evaluating public contracts, the types of procurement procedures, the expected and final value of the contract, the number of offers and the administrative costs of public procurement. The results of the case studies are compared with the data on public contracts awarded in Trebon and on the public procurement market in the Czech Republic.

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