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Media Image of Transport in Prague
Morongová, Denisa ; Pauknerová, Karolína (advisor) ; Novák, Arnošt (referee)
This diploma thesis contributes to sustainable transport in Prague. It analyses media texts from six selected Czech printed newspapers (Blesk, Mladá fronta Dnes, Pražský deník, Metro, Hospodářské noviny, Právo) by using the theoretical and methodological strategy of critical discourse analysis by Norman Fairclough. These texts were found through media database Anopress IT by using keywords about sustainable transport in the capital city of Prague in years 2010 till 2018. This thesis is divided into four main parts. The theoretical part is dedicated to the terms of mobility management, the social construction of reality and discourse. The methodological part is focusing on discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis and the approach by Norman Fairclough. The analysis identified five topics in the discourse of sustainable transport in Prague - electromobility, public transport, foot traffic, urban cycling, and Sustainable Mobility Plan. Sustainable mobility in Prague is presented in a context of the polluted environment which should be solved by "ecologically, environment- friendly, clean". The most media texts were dedicated to public transport and electromobility. Just one text was about foot traffic as a sustainable type of mobility. Participants were mostly from Prague city hall, however, not...
Summer resort Senohraby. Contribution to study of transformation suburban landscape during the period od industrialization
Chaloupková, Romana ; Matoušek, Václav (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the recreational activities of the inhabitants of Prague and their influence on the transformation of the suburban landscape at the time of industrialization. It characterizes the time period from the mid-19th century to the 40s of the 20th century. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part, it deals with the period of industrialization and, in connection with it, also with the industrial revolution. Further, the work is devoted to concrete manifestations of mass and individual recreation in the 19th century and consequently demographic growth of the inhabitants on the Czech territory, development of the middle class, establishment of the resort and the origin and importance of the Beautification Committee. The theoretical part ends with the characteristics of summer flats and other manifestations of individual and mass recreation until the middle of the 20th century. The empirical part deals with the characteristic, natural, geomorphological and historical development of Senohraby village. The main part of the work focuses on the development of recreational buildings from the 1918s to the 40s of the 20th century on the basis of archive materials. In the next chapters, the issue of summer flats, summer guests and their...
Working class colonies of the town Kladno. Contribution to study of live quality of workers in industrial towns during the time of industrialisation
Dvořáková, Lenka ; Matoušek, Václav (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Karolína (referee)
The topic of my diploma thesis is the workers' housing in Kladno. The aim of the thesis is to present information about the quality of life of the workers' social class in industrial cities in the period of industrialization. The thesis consists of two main parts. In the first part, essential terms important for understanding the topic are defined. It also focuses on the development of mining in the region of Kladno, the overview of mining companies mainly in the second half of the 19th century and the overview of the most important mines. Finally, the development of steel production in Kladno is described. The second part focuses on the research of the workers' quality of life, especially of miners and the development of the life quality in the reference period. Several areas of research have been stated. Workers' jobs, family life, impact of work on health of the workers and their families, the workers' social life and the development of the workers movement, living in workers' housing and demographic development of the population in the region of Kladno. All findings are summed up in the final part. Key words: workers' housing, quality of life, industrial revolution, industrialization
Visual analysis of documentary movies about contemporary Prague
Adamec, Vítězslav ; Matoušek, Roman (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to documentary movies about contemporary Prague that were recorded between years 2006 to 2015. The aim of thesis was to use visual analysis to discover what images of contemporary Prague selected movies show and for what reasons these images differ. This analysis is then compared with the themes of human geography researches that focus on the topic of Prague. The thesis also represents the film geography as a relevant discipline that enables a deeper understanding of the geographic reality in its polysemy. Keywords: documentary movies, visual analysis, Prague, film geography, cultural geography, urban geography
Communal House in Litvínov
Daňková, Hana ; Pauknerová, Karolína (advisor) ; Toušek, Ladislav (referee)
7 Abstract This thesis presents the case of the Collective House (Koldům) in Litvínov, Czech Republic in the period of 1945-60. The house with its 352 flats was built between 1947- 1957 by a local chemical factory for its employees, mainly for families with children. House's collective facilities should have made child- and household care easier. Koldům was also supposed to offer colorful social life. I have tried to depict the beginnings of living in Koldům, the use of collective facilities and social life in the house, supported by memories of informants, who settled down in Koldům in the 1950s and have been living there since. The memories of the informants showed, that the newcomers used spaces and facilities of the house according to their lifestyles. Some services, offered to the inhabitants were therefore more successful than others. Considering the high living standards offered in Koldům, the inhabitants perceived living there as very status-important. This has changed a lot until today. Shared images of the past serve as a powerful tool of legitimization for the community of the original inhabitants, amongst them the informants belong, and serve as a tool, by which the difference between the past and the presence is emphasized. In contrast to the past, the presence is perceived as declining,...
Discourse and construction of new identity of place in locality development: a case study of the Victory Square in Prague
Procházková, Alena ; Sýkora, Luděk (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Karolína (referee)
In the cities locality development tends to be the object of conflicts and negotiations of different actors with varied interests, e.g. investors, developers, municipal leaders and citizens' associations. It is possible to find among these participants a wide range of strategies and preferences, often including a visual presentation of the urban projects. This diploma thesis centers on the completion of the Victory Square, which according to the master plan of Prague should be a secondary center and it should be the main square of Prague 6. Currently completion projects for the Victory Square are discussed with a significant amount of opposing debate on their intended use, their purpose and also their design. The aim of this paper is to (1) analyze the present-day role of the unfinished Victory square in the center system in Prague, (2) ascertain who has an interest in the completion of the square and what methods are utilized to present their goals, with particularly emphasis on construction of a new identity of the space, and (3) discuss who has the ability to influence the final result considering the different roles of private investors, municipality and citizens. This thesis will try to identify the role of capital, residents, and discourse as influential actors in the reconstruction process...
Changes of public green and its cultivation at the turn of 19th and 20th century (case study of the town Kolín)
Michálková, Barbora ; Matoušek, Václav (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Karolína (referee)
The submitted diploma thesis aims to evaluate which transformations of the public green occurred at the turn of the 19th and 20th century with the emphasis on areas primarily used for the cultural and social purposes. One of the most significant subjects creating the specific landscape in the industrial cities in this period are the beautification associations; the objective of the thesis is to point out to their importance. In the introductory chapters the issue is integrated into the historical and social context, the basic terms related to the industrial society are defined. The fundamental of running of the beautification associations together with their activities are introduced. The necessary part of this work is also a treatise concerning the importance of public green, its development and typology. The second part includes the regional probe devoted to the transformation of green space within the city Kolín during its transformation into the modern industrial city. On the basis of acquired archival data, is in the frame of this issue, evaluated the activity of the local beautification association, which enabled the creation of contribution regarding the still insufficiently analysed relationship between the society and public green.

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