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Analysis of sex chromosomes and gene clusters in selected mygalomorph and araneomorph spiders
Pappová, Michaela ; Král, Jiří (advisor) ; Johnson Pokorná, Martina (referee)
1 Abstract: The diploma thesis focuses on study of sex chromosomes evolution and repetitive organized genes of chosen mygalomorph and araneomorph spiders. Spiders are characterized by complexicity of sex chromosome systems, their karyotypes contain multiple sex chromosomes X. Besides multiple X chromosomes they also contain a pair or two pairs of nondiferentiated sex chromosomes X and Y. The used methods include methods of classical cytogenetics (preparation of chromosome slides, C-banding) and methods of molecular cytogenetics (fluorescent in situ hybridization and comparative genome hybridization). Complex sex systems were discovered in the studied Theraphosidae spiders. In Theraphosidae spiders Atropothele socotrana and Poecilotheria vittata neo-sex chromosomes were found. Analysis of molecular differentiation of sex chromosomes suggests low differentiation of Y chromosome in neo-sex chromosomes and pair of nondifferentiated sex chromosomes XY. In haplogyne spider Kukulcania aff. hibernalis (X1X2Y), the Y chromosome was significantly differentiated, male specific signal covered the whole chromosome. Detection of 18S rDNA showed that karyotypes of majority of analysed Theraphosidae spiders and haplogyne spiders contain low number (1 or 2) of nucleolar organizing regions localized terminally, which...
Analysis of user behavior due to the storing of digital footprints without knowledge of the user
Pappová, Michaela ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
Digital footprint designates data left behind a user movement in the digital environment or with the interaction with it. We distinguish active and passive digital footprint, together creating the digital identity of a user. The biggest benefit of the digital footprint for a user is the personalization of internet content. It also creates the reputation of a user on the internet. Other parties can utilize a digital footprint for purposes of marketing, science, HR research, and criminology. Digitial footprint can be actively affected and limited by users and different strategies for managing it exists. The aim of this thesis is to analyze user behavior of students in digital environment and their knowledge of digital footprint. It's focused on the relation between users knowledge about digital footprint existence and his real behavior. To fulfill the main purpose of the thesis researched questions are stated and the strategies of user behavior and managing their data are investigated afterwards. The knowledge of students and their real behavior with an accent on their motivation and reasons are determined in semi structured interviews. The relation between knowledge and real behavior has been found, as well as a strong influence of this relation on a user behavior strategy online.
Content management system with a focus on utilization in the library environment
Pappová, Michaela ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
Systémy pro správu obsahu s důrazem na využitelnost v knihovnickém prostředí Michaela Pappová Abstract (in English): The work is focused on open source web content management systems (WCMS), the conception and contextualisation. The advantages and negative factors associated with the use of these systems are discussed based on SWOT analysis. The next section presents selected WCMS - Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla! and Plone. These systems are compared in terms of potential utilization / deployment on the web, especially for small and medium-sized libraries by analyzing a sample of library web sites and specialized extensions, functions and other options offered by the system.

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4 Pappová, Martina
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