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Multimodal urban planning with a focus on seniors
Papoušek, Jan ; Čábelka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Štych, Přemysl (referee)
This thesis concerns with the issues of transit analysis in a transit network. In the theoretical part, based on the research of specialized literature, there are suggested parameters for creating a transit network regarding health condition of seniors. In the practical part, there is described the process of creating the transit network, creating parameters of movement in the transit network and analysis of the final ideal route using ESRI ArcGIS 10.5. extension Network Analyst. The final route is compared with the results of other commonly available platforms. Comparison of the results confirmed functionality of set parameters and showed possibilities for further use. Key words: Transit network, network analysis, Network Analyst, ESRI ArcGIS 10.5., routing problem, parameter
Enteral and parenteral nutrition in the prevention of the refeeding syndrome
Papoušek, Jan ; Novák, František (advisor) ; Macášek, Jaroslav (referee)
In severely malnourished individuals whose energy intake from food was low for an extended period, the sudden restoration of nutrition could cause a rapid decrease in serum electrolyte levels, which can be life-threatening. This phenomenon is called the refeeding syndrome (RFS) and it is particularly noticeable in the introduction of the refeeding process and the administration of artificial nutrition. In the prevention of RFS it is necessary to correctly set the initial nutrition, carefully monitor the patient's health status and the development of serum electrolyte levels, particularly phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. It is advisable to supplement lacking micronutrients, in particular vitamin B1. In my thesis I focus on practical procedures at the beginning of refeeding and observe the development of the health status of patients in the first five days of nurturing. The aim was to develop a refeeding procedure for people at high risk of RFS and verify its use in clinical practice. The research was based on predetermined selection criteria. Three eligible patients in different clinical status who met the criteria were chosen. Attending physicians were familiar with the recommended procedure of refeeding which served as a guide for the application of the specific nutrition products. All three patients...

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