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Comparative morphology of structures associated with metathoracic scent glands in Heteroptera
Kment, Petr ; Vilímová, Jitka (advisor) ; Papáček, Miroslav (referee) ; Pluot-Sigwalt, Dominique (referee)
In my thesis, I studied the extemal structuresassociatedwith the metathoracicscent glands tn Heteroptera, partícularly in the superfamily Pentatomoidea' I focused on i) a review of terminology used for description oťmacrosculptureand microsculpture ofthese structures;ii) their morphology and structural diversity in partícularfamilies of Pentatomoidea;and iii) an attempt to homologize and polarize these structures and test their potential use for a phylogenetic hypothesis in Pentatomoidea. The followíng main terms are selected for description of the macrosculpture(thoracic Scent efferentsystem (intemal and extemal),valvular apparatus,intemal onfice, vestibule,vestíbular scar, ostiole, periostiolar depression,peritreme,auricle, spout, groove, rug4 disc, pentremal lobes, evaporatorium,and gyrification) and microsculpture(mycoid microsculpture,mushroom body, cap, stem, bridge, alveole, trabeculae,and peritremal microsculpture).These terms are defined,andan extensivelist ofsynonyms for eachofthem is compiled. The structures of the extemal scent efferent system are described for all families of the Pentatomoídea'The following conditions of the extemal scent efferent system are considered plesiomorphic: vestibular scar developed; ostiole situated between mesoacetabulum and metacetabulum,large,round or oval,...
Efficiency of selected educational practices in biology teaching
Radvanová, Sabina ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Dostál, Petr (referee) ; Papáček, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of the dissertation is to compare the efficiency of inquiry-based teaching versus standard frontal teaching on the topic of the human excretory system at secondary school. In the theoretical part of the thesis a content analysis of pedagogical and psychological literature, focusing on the efficiency of education and inquiry-based teachig, was conducted. Furthermore current Czech curricular documents were analyzed, i.e. the Framework Education Programme for secondary schools and available biology textbooks for secondary schools. In the practical part, based on these analyses and the study of pedagogical and psychological literature, lesson plans for the frontal teaching and inquiry-based teaching were prepared, including a proposal for research activities for experimental education. To compare the efficiency of selected teaching methods, a research tool was created - a pre-test, a post-test 1, a post-test 2 and questionnaires for students and teachers. Students and teachers of seven grammar schools in Prague were involved in the didactic experiment. The aim of the questionnaire was to provide further data and describe in detail the statistical data collected from the testing of the students. The analysis of the questionnaire data revealed a large consensus between students and their...
Pupils's Skills in Biology
Čudová, Radka ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Papáček, Miroslav (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (referee)
TITLE: Pupils's Skills in Biology AUTOR: Radka Čudová DEPARTMENT: Department of Biology and Environmental Studies SUPERVISOR: Doc. RNDr. Věra Čížková, CSc. ABSTRACT: The aim of this work is to create the structure and the categorization of primary and high school biological skills and find out the real condition of selected skills at student of particular school levels. In the theoretical part of the work, there was made a content analysis of selected world official school curricula and studies aimed at investigation the teaching of biology and the approaches to structuring of biological skills. In the practical part, there was established structured system of skills respecting inquiry-based science teaching (IBSE) based on the analysis and study of pedagogical-psychological literature. A questionnaire was made in a broader team of the project to which the thesis came under a survey which investigated the opinions and requirements of the skill level in biology of lower secondary (ISCED 2), secondary general (grammar) school teachers (ISCED 3) and academics. The results of this survey were used to create the test unit aimed at testing biological skills in four categories: A. Identification of biological problems and asking questions, B. Information searching and recording, C. Classification and process...
Taxonomy of Oriental Enicocephalidae (Heteroptera: Enicocephalomorpha) and morphological novelties of new taxa.
Baňař, Petr ; Štys, Pavel (advisor) ; Papáček, Miroslav (referee) ; Heiss, Ernst (referee)
The infraorder Enicocephalomorpha represents the basalmost group of Heteroptera, the sister group of all remaining Heteroptera (= Euheteroptera) (ŠTYS 1989). The infraorder, whose unique phylogenetic position was recognized by most modern authors (ŠTYS & KERZHNER 1975), is currently divided into two families, Aenictopecheidae and Enicocephalidae. Some new taxa are described (Results: Parts A-H) and special attention is paid to newly discovered or overlooked morphological characters of the group, some of them important for all the Heteroptera. In Part A is described first member of worldwide distributed genus Systelloderes from the Oriental region, S. loebli Štys & Baňař, 2007 and the term neopatella is established for for sclerites within the femoro-tibial intersegmental membrane. Xenicocephalus josifovi Štys & Baňař, 2008 is described in Part B, representing first known complete adult of this peculiar genus. Unique type of raptorial foreleg among all Enicocephalomorpha is described and illustrated and its function by predation is assumed. In Part C is described new genus Phaenicocleus Štys & Baňař, 2009 from northern Borneo, based on males of three species. New diagnostic characters in Enicocephalomorpha are used. Phaenicocleus granulosus Baňař & Štys, 2011 is described in Part D, based on the...
How to prepare a textbook effectively?
Papáček, Miroslav ; Harada, T.
How to prepare a textbook effectively?
Field practice as a pedagogical experiment
Papáček, Miroslav
Field practice as a pedagogical experiment.

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