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Biodegradation of active pharmaceutical substances by thermotolerant catalyst
Palyzová, Andrea ; Marešová, Helena
Characterization of growth parameters of strains / mixed cultures of microorganisms in mineral medium at higher temperatures. Determination of biodegradation potential of thermotolerant strains / mixed cultures for residual drug concentrations in the environment
Production of sample of testing siderophore preparation
Palyzová, Andrea ; Kyslík, Pavel
Description of batch culture process of fur mutant of wild strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 for siderophores production in continuously stirred bioreactor and preparation of lyophilized mixed siderophores (pyoverdin and pyochelin) sample.
Transfer of technology for production of AEH from Sphingomonas sp
Kyslíková, Eva ; Palyzová, Andrea ; Marešová, Helena ; Štěpánek, Václav ; Zahradník, Jiří ; Bečka, Stanislav ; Dobišová, Marie ; Kyslík, Pavel
Research report on construction of a recombinant production microorganism, the way of its cultivation in stirred bioreactor, overproduction and isolation of AEH and stabilization of AEH as cross linked enzyme agregate
Optimization of two step Down-stream processing in laboratory scale
Palyzová, Andrea ; Kyslíková, Eva
Optimization of precipitation cell-free extract with ammonium sulfate. Scale-up process fed-batch cultivation in 1000 L scale for enzyme LinB. Preparation of the enzyme solution of large scale culture in a laboratory scale in the other step of purity.
Optimization of production of haloalkane dehalogenases in stirred bioreactor
Palyzová, Andrea ; Dobišová, Marie ; Maršálek, Jaroslav
Optimization of the composition of the culture medium and the expression of the enzyme in the course of a batch culture in shake flasks. The development of fermentative processes for enzyme LinB in a stirred bioreactor. Scale-up process of cultivation to 180L scale. Down-stream processing of large scale cultivation.

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