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The Role of Self-Regulation, Quantity of Practice and Self-Efficacy in Self-Assessment and Improved Performance among Lebanese and Czech Piano Students
Agopian, Vartan ; Gregor, Vít (advisor) ; Palkovská, Jana (referee) ; Sanders, Edel (referee)
This work studies the role of self-regulation and self-efficacy during piano practice in improved self-assessment and performance, since in the last couple of decades, research has shown that number of hours of practice is not the only predictor of improved performance. Piano students at the Beirut and Prague conservatories wrote weekly journals assessing their self-regulation during practice for nine months and then performed in an exam, in addition to filling an online questionnaire. Results showed that students self-regulated mostly using the method and social factors dimension. Moreover, although students in Prague performed a harder repertoire, they were not better in self-regulation compared to the students in Beirut, except for the time dimension of self-regulation. A list of self-regulatory behaviors is presented at the end of the work, in addition to the implications for music educators and piano students and the contributions to the field of music education in terms of preparation for performance in the absence of a teacher. Keywords piano pedagogy, practice, self-assessment, self-efficacy, self-regulation
Methodology of Elementary Piano Teaching with Suggestion of Optimal Solution for Selection and Arrangement of Sheet Music
Lorenc, Eva ; Tichá, Libuše (advisor) ; Palkovská, Jana (referee) ; Krajný, Boris (referee)
The beginnings of piano playing of children play an important role in laying quality pianistic groundings, which are crucial for their further pianistic development as well as for building their relationship with the instrument and music itself. This thesis is devoted to the study of elementary piano teaching of children aged 5-7 years. The aim of the thesis is to map the current state of piano pedagogy in Czech Republic and to propose optimal methodological procedures and solutions in the initial piano lessons based on modern pedagogical approaches and the needs of contemporary piano pedagogy. In five chapters of the work, this goal will be achieved by examining the historical background of piano schools in Bohemia over the centuries to this day, by setting up theoretical and practical bases for the researched issue and finally by research itself. Within the framework of practical bases, which served as a basis for subsequent research, an optimal methodological approach to teaching in the early stage of piano playing was proposed for children aged 5-7 years, which corresponds to the most modern requirements of the field. The optimal selection and arrangement of sheet music for the given area of pedagogy was also designed with a focus on Czech and foreign piano schools and instructive piano...
Karel Sklenička 's Responsorial Psalms
Nedbalová, Josefína ; Stříteská, Leona (advisor) ; Palkovská, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis consists of three parts. The first one describes the historical role of psalms during masses from their origin until presence. It illuminates the new role of psalms in the Cathlolic liturgy after the second Vatican council and outlines how these liturgical changes projected into Czech Catholic enviroments. The second part introduces significant Czech psalters and their authors. The psalters were created for liturgical needs and in reaction to the conclusions of the 2VC for liturgical needs. The third, main part of the thesis consists of detailed analysis of 1992 Karel Sklenička's psalter Responsoriální žalmy pro neděle a významné dny liturgického roku. The analysis of harmonic and melodic procedures of individual tones serves as a basis for the practival part of the thesis which is an extension of existing Sklenička's psalter to all days of liturgical year. The new psalter preserves the music component composed by Karel Sklenička and also preserves the way of work with the liturgical text in new psalms following the pattern of Karel Sklenička. The new psalter keeps strictly to the liturgically prescribed texts for individual liturgical occasions like the psalter from 1992.
Čestmír Gregor: The Piano Compositions of the Composer
Veličková, Magda ; Gregor, Vít (advisor) ; Palkovská, Jana (referee)
In my thesis, I introduce a complete list of piano works by Čestmír Gregor, a contemporary Czech composer of modern classical music. 1 have tried to define his compositional techniques and sources of inspiration by analysing the individual pieces of music. I have found that the major features of the author's highly unique style are polyphonic thinking, the development of motives from small nuclei, expressive themes, plastic tunes, inventive work with rhythm, and the absence of a tonal centre which he compensates for by distinctive melodies . The author finds his inspiration in folklore, especially Moravian (Leoš Janáček), the works of Czech interwar avantgardě (Pavel Borkovec) and in jazz (Jaroslav Ježek). His music reflects the emotional states of a man living in the twenty-first century whose life style is predominantly determined by an urban environment. Gregor does not use any of the Musica Nova theories, instead he founded his own music language. The basis for his compositions is communicative music, which follows the patterns of human perceptive psychology. Gregor's concertant compositions are typical for a new instrument stylization and nontraditional attitudes towards instrument virtuosity (playing with a palm, elbow; an unconventional fingering). His piano sonatas and concerts enable the...
Piano works of Polish composers after Chopin
Strzelecka, Milena ; Kozánková, Olga (advisor) ; Palkovská, Jana (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to bring information about Polish famous composers after Chopin. The work contains an overview of life, work, and describes individual examples of piano and composer work. We look at the styles and character of Polish pianists together in selected parts of the compositions

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