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The Long-term Energy Planning
Pallová, Ivana ; Paar, Martin (referee) ; Radil, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis deals with long-term energy modeling. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to the explanation and description of the main parts of econometric models and comparison of these models. Then explains a description of LEAP modeling software. The practical part is focused on data analysis and their use for creating model of the energy system of the Czech Republic. The next part describes the creation of the model with information about input data and their expected progression until 2040. The last part is devoted to control and evaluation of results from LEAP modeling software.
Potential Production of Electric Energy by Photovoltaic Power Stations on the Roof Installation in Municipality up to 3000 Residents
Štefek, Martin ; Ptáček, Michal (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine the maximum technical potential of photovoltaic roof power stations of the municipality with up to 3,000 inhabitants. The thesis proposes its own procedure enabling a quick determination of the maximum size of the installation for each house based on the ČSN EN 15316-4-3 standard. The proposed methodology is applied on the municipality Moravany u Brna. For overall estimation of the photovoltaic potential of the municipality, other methodologies using only statistical data are applied and compared with proposed methodology. Last section of the thesis deals with the estimation of the load caused by a large number of small photovoltaic roof installations.
Graphic Description of Electric Energy System in Selected Areas
Šácha, Tomáš ; Fiala, Zbyněk (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with graphical description of power system for selected areas. Based on publicly available materials and materials provided by E.ON Distribuce, a.s., a graphic description of electricity consumption and performance of selected cities, municipalities and power lines are created. The thesis describes the structure of the power system and its main parameters, including the distribution of networks in terms of their arrangement. It also contains information on the selected municipality from the data provided by the Czech Statistical Office. Graphically processed consumption values, both selected cities and municipalities, as well as selected areas and also electric traction vehicles are shown.
Short Circuit Currents in DC Systems
Kolařík, Robin ; Geschwinder, Lukáš (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of short-circuit currents in DC systems. The thesis introduces the possibility of application of low voltage DC distribution in commercial and industrial buildings. The second part is focused to high voltage direct current transmission. The practical part deals with the calculation of short-circuit currents of individual elements and subsequently with short-circuit conditions in the DC network. At the end of the work are evaluated advantages and disadvantages between AC and DC voltage and suitability of use in given areas.
Battery Systems for Distribution Networks
Filip, Robin ; Radil, Lukáš (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is focused on problematics of battery storage systems in distribution network. The thesis introduces methods of electrical energy storage with emphasis on battery storage systems. It also deals with possibilities of using these systems in the network. Additionally, an overview of current and planned projects with a description of the legislative environment of the area in the Czech Republic is included. The practical part deals with the design of battery storage capacity regarding to development of power consumption, electromobility as well as photovoltaics.
Determination of electromagnetic field distribution around underground power cable
Gromotovič, Ivan ; Paar, Martin (referee) ; Vyčítal, Václav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the distribution of the electromagnetic field around the conductor in the way of laying the conductors. The paper describes the structure of the cables and their lettering. More detailed is described the underground cable and various ways of protecting the conductor against mechanical damage are shown. The functions of the locator of underground lines on the electromagnetic field principle are briefly described . In the practical part, in simulation software Ansys Maxwell has been designed models to simulate the layout of the underground line. The output of the thesis is the comparison of the results created by the simulations.
Control and monitoring of a distributed energy generation systems based on renewable sources with storage system
Smugala, Ondrej ; Paar, Martin (referee) ; Vrána, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis is dealing with possible approaches to control distributed energy resources and storage systems. One of these approaches is a virtual power plant and its concept is described in the first part of the thesis. The virtual power plant is a controlled system of distributed energy resources, storage systems and controllable loads interconnected via communication network, that can act as a conventional power plant. The theoretical part contains a survey of control system's topologies, a brief summary of available communication infrastructures and standards. The second part of the thesis is focused on the description of operation and control of hybrid system that represents an inseparable component of virtual power plant. A Matlab Simulink model was created for this purpose. A simulation of hybrid inverter's step response is realised to test the operation of the hybrid system and it is compared with the real measurements in the laboratory. A comparison of control approaches of hybrid system implemented on the basis of measurements is also included in this thesis and was published in the scientific paper attached in the appendix.
Evaluation and Comparison of Power Quality Changes from Multiple Measured Points
Koštialik, Marek ; Kopička, Marek (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deal with the description of electrical energy quality in low voltage. A test data model is created in the thesis which can automatically evaluate the state of the quality of electric energy in terms of higher harmonic voltages in the MATLAB programming environment. To verify the correct design of the model, two possible views of simulated data are created in the form of tables and graphical dependencies. An user interface is created for more complex control of each model states of the data being considered.
Wireless Energy Transfer
Lašo, Matej ; Paar, Martin (referee) ; Krbal, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor's thesis is to give complex information about wireless energy transfer and its historical evolution. The thesis then continues with describing the devices that are using wireless energy transfer and the effects this method is having on human health and the ways protecting against its effects. The second part, concerning practical measurements, aims at measuring on special pads using the wireless transfer on which I have made all my calibrations and measuring of magnetic flux and efficiency of this transfer.

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