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Janyšová, Lenka ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; BERGMAN, Aleš (referee)
The bachelor thesis records a staging process heading towards creation of the theatre performance Wernischaz. It describes nearly yearlong activity of a student group studying at a high school level of a gymnasium that were striving to discover poetics of Ivan Wernisch’s texts. The thesis contents information about the group, passages on Wernisch’s work and experimentations with his texts, followed by information about the realization and the presentation of the project.
Toros, Anastázie ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The main aim of my work is to explore Ukrainian dramatic literature written for children, and to find there inspirational topics that will be of benefit to Drama in Education. I want to focus on searching for contemporary literary themes through the fantasy-folkloric motifs that are present in the work of Ukrainian writers. I will also try to outline how the Theatre of Young Audience in Ukraine works.
Socialization Potential of Drama Education in Working with Roma Minority
Gažáková, Eva ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The doctoral dissertation presents socialization potential of drama education and the possibilities for its use when working with the Roma minority in the Czech republic. First, the theoretical framework is set by defining the terms individual identity, ethnical identity, socialization, paratheatrical systems. After that the discipline drama is presented and an explanation is given as to how socialization potential is anchored in the discipline through its goal, content and methods
Teaching English through drama methods
Šíp, Martin ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with teaching English as a foreign language at primary school. This thesis summarizes methodological approaches to teaching foreign languages, describing and comparing the predominant methods of drama education and teaching English. Furthermore the thesis describes and compares educational and dramatic games. Later, this bachelor´s thesis explores the application of specific methods of drama education (for example role playing game, pantomime and improvisation) in specific English lessons. Thus, this thesis provides examples of using specific drama methods in teaching English.
Social Topics In Teaching Drama In Education For Students Of Social Work
Šeráková, Jana ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to create, realise and reflect four lessons of drama in education for the second grade students of Social Work at Teacher Training College in Karlovy Vary. The topics of the lessons are chosen specifically by the needs of the targeted group and their study focus. The theoretical part deals with the Framework and School Educational Programme and its connotations with the drama in education lessons. It also summarizes the preparatory phase of the project – Asperger syndrome, Russian ethnic minority, alternative waste disposal, social networks and of course the characterisation of the targeted group. The practical part includes the scripts of all lessons and the reflection by students and the teacher. Generally speaking, this paper is trying to find new approaches in combining the fields of social work with the methods and techniques of drama in education. It offers to students new insight to the problematic of the chosen social groups and topics, which they can use in their future work.
To Cooperation and Empathy through Story
Řezáčová, Bára Meda ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; ČERNÍK, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a form of drama in education, which focuses primarily on personality and social development in a problematic group, which has no previous experience with drama in education. In the theoretical part, I summarize the goals of the project, its background and chosen form and also the characterisation of the targeted group. Furthermore, I provide a general description of the work on the project – from the type of the lesson, pedagogical approach to the used methods and techniques. In the practical part, I describe the realisation process itself. The project consists of eight lessons, which develops the cooperation and relationships in the class. Key words: cooperation, empathy, personality and social development, story, elementary school, problematic group, drama in education
Drama Education at Primary Schools in the Context of the Curricular Reform
Johnová, Jana ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Provazník, Jaroslav (referee) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
DRAMA EDUCATION AT PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CURRICULAR REFORM Jana Johnová Abstract This disertation thesis aims at creating theoretical resources for the development of the drama eduacation in the area of Liberec region. Its main research aim is to state the real current status of the drama education as a school subject itself as well as its usage as a methodical intsrument for teaching other subjects at primary schools in the Liberec region. Whatmore it should offer an outline about drama contribution and its perception from the point of view of primary school headmasters in the Liberec region, school teachers as well as the students of this subjects at pedagogical faculty of the Technical University in Liberec. The main resource for this thesis is the Czech educational system that has gone through several changes since 1989. The most important one is the curricular reform. The main aim of the Frame education program for the primary education (FEP PE) is to create and develop the pupils' key competences on the basis of the activity learning / teaching. Beside the key competences and the expected outcomes of the FEP PE the cross-curricular themes are important and new formative components, that extend the pupils' knowledge and they enrich their personalities and relationships with other...
Opportunities of applying drama education in the Scholastic educational program of the elementary school
Holemá, Irena ; Spilková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Marušák, Radek (referee) ; Provazník, Jaroslav (referee)
Opportunities of applying drama education in the Scholastic educational program of the elementary school ABSTRACT Key words: drama education, Scholastic educational program for elementary schooling, implementing new courses into classwork, pedagogical research, key competencies. The dissertation work pursues an analysis of the process of implementing new subject matter anchored in the scholastic educational program of a given elementary school into the practical classwork. This subject is the educational subject of drama education. In the theoretical section of the work, based on the specialist literature, are compiled the fundamental assumptions and circumstances, which influenced to a high degree the development of the sphere of drama education and contributed to its entry to the schools. Attention is paid to the topics of the principles of the transformation of Czech education, to the principle of the humanization of the schools, to the projects of school reform and the issues of the key competencies. Presented are studies mapping the frequency and the scope of the implementation of drama education in Czech schools in specific regions. The objective of the research section of the work is to analyze this process through a form of pedagogical research permitting personal participation in the process of...

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