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Management techniques in the organization
The main aim of this thesis was to analyze the specific management techniques used in the selected organization and to propose how these techniques efficiently use and develop. In the theoretical part, there four basic management techniques have been explained, such as planning, organizing, management and control, and the various methods used in these techniques. In the practical part, there at first, organization was described and then its history. Furthermore, the current situation was analyzed through questionnaires and interviews with the director of domestic sales. The results were presented in graphs. The last part contains a discussion and proposals of changes to which I came by the obtained information. By implementing these proposals, it could lead to more efficient use of management techniques and practices in society.
Awareness of pupils from selected high schools about issue of dying
Procházková, Tereza ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Zvírotský, Michal (referee)
The thesis deals with the subject of dying and death and focuses on secondary school students' awareness of this issue. The theoretical part of the thesis describes stages of dying, the needs of a dying person and their emotional state. Furthermore, it distinguishes between dying at home and dying in a health care institution. In the following chapters, the thesis focuses on palliative care, the process of grieving, funeral rites and the issue of euthanasia. The method of the theory was reading of literature that specializes in the issue. The practical part of the thesis compares data from questionnaires given to secondary school students on the topic of death and dying. The research shows that the students' awareness of the issue is considerably low - 84% respondents did not know what the term "palliative care" meant, 88% respondents did not know what the term "hospice" meant and 74% respondents were not familiar with the term "euthanasia". The research has found that there is a need to broaden the secondary school students' knowledge on the topic of dying. KEYWORDS thanatology, dying, death, euthanasia, palliative care
The usage of Internet advertising
The readers of this thesis meet the topic of internet advertising. The thesis describes different forms of internet advertising and its special features. Its aim is to analyse individual forms of internet advertising and propose an optimal campaign for the chosen subject. The first part covers theoretical knowledge in this area. The next part contains the analysis of competitors' use of Internet advertising. After that follows the analysis of current trends and offer of advertising agencies focusing on internet advertising. Based on the data gained in these parts, the last part of the thesis contains specific proposals and recommendations for internet advertising of the chosen company. These advertising campaigns should bring the company increase in sales and they should also increase public awareness of the company brand.
Experiential tourism in South Bohemia region
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the offer and demand for the products of experiential tourism in South Bohemia region. Based on the results of analysis a draft of a new of experiential tourism product is created.
Disqualification of members of governing bodies from holding an office in limited companies and comparison with the legal regulation in Great Britain
Procházková, Tereza ; Černá, Stanislava (advisor) ; Zahradníčková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the disqualification of directors. With regard to the proclaimed inspirational source from the United Kingdom, the work is focused on comparing the British legal framework with its Czech counterpart. Certain theories and methods presented in comparative literature are used for this comparison, especially the theory of legal transplants and the functional method. The work is divided into five parts, including the introduction and the conclusion. Firstly, the theoretical starting points and the objectives of the work are presented, followed by the part devoted to the British legislation and subsequently followed by the part devoted to the Czech regulation, which also contains aforementioned comparison. Last ones are the chapters devoted to answering the research questions and conclusion. In the section on British legislation, emphasis is placed on the grounds for disqualification, especially on the disqualification for unfitness. There are described main features of the regulation, which are relevant for the Czech legislation. In the part devoted to Czech version, the emphasis is also put on the grounds for disqualification, the past development of regulation in the Czech Republic and the personal scope of the disqualification. Czech legislation is also analytically...
Exodus of East German refugees in Prague 1989 and its reflexion in the official newspapers in GDR and CSSR
Procházková, Tereza ; Konrád, Ota (advisor) ; Šmidrkal, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled "The East German Exodus in Prague in 1989 and its Reflection in the Official Press of the GDR and CSSR" deals with the development of the East German exodus in Prague in 1989 and its reflection in Rudé Právo and Neues Deutschland. The objective of the thesis is to outline the situation in the GDR during the Honecker era (1971-1989) and to introduce the related phenomenon of occupation of German embassies in the 1980s. The following part of the thesis discusses the individual development stages of the East German exodus in Prague in 1989. The final part of the thesis examines the reflection of the refugee phenomenon in the above mentioned periodicals in the period of September 5 to November 7, 1989.
The possibilities of a horse use in handicapped people
Procházková, Tereza ; Levitová, Andrea (referee) ; Horázná, Marie (advisor)
title The possibility of using horses for people with disabilities. aim of the study Zoom and outline the possibilities of horses disabled. method For the creation of this thesis, we used the method of case studies. They were conducted in hipoterapeutickém center Valdek ops We have put research 2 children, a boy and girl who have established diagnosis cerebral palsy. With the help of medical reports, interviews with stakeholders and their legal guardians, we have compiled a family and personal history. diagnosis established doctor degree of motor development, current health condition, then determines what your destination hippotherapy in individual cases will be put. results Based on the evaluation of the case study, it was found that the significance hipotherapy client with cerebral palsy can be great in many ways. Keywords Hippotherapy, paradressage, vaulting Brazil, parawestern, parachariots. Powered by TCPDF (
Interpenetration fine directions in selected literary works end of 19th and early 20th century - Secession tendencies and mosaic
Procházková, Tereza ; Hrabáková, Jaroslava (referee) ; Stejskalová, Anna (advisor)
110 RESUME The thesis is focused on the interpretation of several literary works from the turn ofthe 19th and 20th century. Selected works characterize certain elements, themes and motifs, which occur in the visual arts ofthis period. One can thus speak ofthe mutual interpenetration of literature and fine arts. This includes, for instance, the return to nature, which was meant to bring renewal and or a desire for creative originality to both - literature and Art Nouveau. Just as in Art Nouveau style, a woman appeared in literature as beautiful as a mirage, which was often displayed in two locations, as otherworldly creature - a fairy, or a femme fatale. The beginnings of Czech Art Nouveau with literature is attached to popular fairy tales, fairy-tale motifs and characters, dreaminess and lyricism. Art Nouveau ornament in the literature showed after linguistically as frequent repetition of words, themes or phonetic groups. Important in tenns ofthe interaction of literature and Art Nouveau was a magazine Volne smery, published since 1896, edited by Frantisek Xaver Salda and by artists Jan Preisler and Stanislav Sucharda, which in the first years contained, apart from modem arts, a major literature part.
Town twinning - Prague and Nuremberg
The bachelor thesis deals with the cooperation between municipalities. In particular, it focuses on the partnership between towns and municipalities, known as 'twinning'. The thesis outlines the origin and significance of town-twinning, historical development of this type of cooperation, current trends in this area, possibilities of financing of joint projects within the framework of this partnership as well as the involved institutions. The second part of the thesis presents these findings on a practical example of the partnership between the cities of Prague and Nuremberg, describes the history and the current form of this partnership, and provides an overview of the joint projects. The thesis includes an analysis of the joint activities and subsequently evaluates the importance of the partnership for Prague and for Nuremberg.

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