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Návrh úpravy systému nakládání s odpadem v obci do 5000 obyvatel
Přikryl, Jan
The subject of the thesis is to propose a municipal waste management adjustment in the municipality Přibice. The first part of the thesis is concerned with legislative requirements related to the given issue. Following part of the thesis consists of an analysis of the current waste management situation of the municipality, its description and a draft of possible funds for financing the modification of the municipal waste management. Based on results of the analysis a waste-collection centre proposal for bulky waste, hazardous waste and e-waste is formulated aiming at choosing the appropriate number, size and time interval of the pick-up of collecting containers. Within the next step, an adjustment to handle biologically reducible waste by identifying suitable size and number of composters is formulated. In the end of the thesis there are presented current financial resources for making adjustments in the waste management system.
Surface modification of nanoparticles for sustaining sensitivity of surface-enhanced raman spectrometric measurements in salinated environment
Týčová, Anna ; Přikryl, Jan ; Vaňhara, P. ; Klepárník, Karel ; Foret, František
Surface-enhanced Raman spectrometry (SERS) represents a powerful method for analysis of a broad spectrum of analytes ranging from inorganic ions to biomolecules of high complexity. It combines the potential\nof Raman spectrometry for a definite identification of an analyte with remarkable sensitivity achieved by the surface enhancement effect occurring on metal nanoparticles. While low ionic strength influences positively\nthe sensitivity of the SERS measurement, a higher level of inorganic salts leads to fast ruining of colloidal character, which completely devastates the effect of the surface enhancement. The common stabilization of\nnanoparticles by a layer of polymers has a negative impact on the SERS sensitivity since it shields the nanoparticle surface from the analytes. In this work, we aim at the development of the bi-ligand system of\nnanoparticles surface modification for improved stability of colloid in saline solution at sustaining the potential for sensitive SERS analyses. The proposed system relies on the binding of 3-mercaptopropionic acid and\nthiolated polyethylene glycol in a suitable ratio onto the nanoparticle surfaces. While the short chains of the acid sustain the accessibility of the surface for analytes, the polymeric structures act as a steric barrier\npreventing colloid aggregation.
Experimental comparison of traffic flow models on traffic data
Přikryl, Jan ; Horňák, Ivan
Despite their deficiencies, continuous second-order traffic flow models are still commonly used to derive discrete-time models that help traffic engineers to model and predict traffic oflow behaviour on highways. We brie fly overview the development of traffic flow theory based on continuous flow-density models of Lighthill-Whitham-Richards (LWR) type, that lead to the second-order model of Aw-Rascle. We will then concentrate on widely-adopted discrete approximation to the LWR model by Daganzo's Cell Transmission Model. Behaviour of the discussed models will be demonstrated by comparing the traffic flow prediction based on these models with real traffic data on the southern highway ring of Prague.
Preparation of a warehouse building in Kuřim
Přikryl, Jan ; Rotrekl, Ivo (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis is preparation of the realization of a warehouse situated in Kuřim. The work contains technological regulations for the construction of the reinforced concrete skeleton and the realization of the industrial floor, the design of the main machines and mechanisms including the time deployment, the detailed time schedule of the main building object SO 101.3 Hall B, time schedule and financial plan of the building – the objects one. Due to the scale of the work, documents relating to safety and quality control are also processed. Further, the technical report of the site equipment, including drawings, is processed. In the chapter, which provides space for other assignments, the OSH plan is elaborated, the budget of object SO 101.3 Hall B, Safety measures for the installation of reinforced concrete skeleton. The last point of the diploma thesis deals with specialization in the field of realization of inland communication.
Surface enhanced raman spectroscopy: Detection platforms for sample analysis with and without electrophoretic separation
Týčová, Anna ; Přikryl, Jan ; Foret, František ; Belder, D.
In this work we present two platforms of relatively simple construction for user-friendly sample detection via surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). The first platform is designed for direct sample analysis and deals with hydrophilic spots array within a hydrophobic surface. The second presented platform aims on analysis of samples of higher complexity requiring separation step prior the detection. This is achived via microfluidic electrophoretic device with online SERS detection.
Rapid fabrication of microextraction devices for direct determination of basic drugs in dried blood spots
Ryšavá, Lenka ; Přikryl, Jan ; Dvořák, Miloš ; Malá, Zdeňka ; Kubáň, Pavel
A 3D-printed cutter was designed for rapid fabrication of supported liquid membrane (SLM) extraction devices compatible with injection system of commercial capillary electrophoresis (CE) instrument. Low cost and single use microextraction devices were fabricated from polypropylene micropipette tips with high precision (dimension variances ≤ 3% RSD). Practical applicability of the microextraction devices was examined by in-line coupling of SLM extractions to CE for direct analysis of four model basic drugs in dried blood spot extracts. Excellent repeatability of the hyphenated technique was achieved (RSD ≤ 7.6%), transfer of analytes across the SLM ranged from 23 to 73% and limits of detection were as low as 0.07 μg/mL.
Arduino-based pressure-driven flow controller for droplet microfluidics
Přikryl, Jan ; Křivánková, Jana ; Hlaváček, Antonín
Droplet-based microfluidic systems bear significant value in an extremely wide range of applications due to its remarkable advantages, nevertheless, their technical demands on precise flow control are high. Here, we present lab-built Arduino-based flow controller fulfilling needs of droplet microfluidics to easily and effectively automate the system. As an additional required accessory, CNC-milled component for vials pressurizing was presented.
Droplet-based microfluidic chip with passive mixer for analysis with photon-upconversion nanoparticles
Křivánková, Jana ; Přikryl, Jan ; Hlaváček, Antonín
Mixing of the fluids in microfluidic chips is important especially in applications, where droplet contents need to be rapidly homogenized. Here, a passive method for mixing in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microchannels is presented. Droplet homogenization was firstly tested with organic stains and subsequently applied for mixing water dispersions of photon-upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs).\n
CECE 2018. 15th International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis
Foret, František ; Křenková, Jana ; Drobníková, Iveta ; Klepárník, Karel ; Přikryl, Jan
This year the meeting included full texts of 25 oral and 61 poster presentations. The attached conference proceedings, edited by highly cited scientists, documents the quality of the meeting. Similarly to the previous years the lectures were given by outstanding, highly cited, scientists. The list of speakers as well as more detailed information about the conference can be found on its permanent web at
Measuring photon-upconversion luminiscence from droplets in microfluidic chips
Hlaváček, Antonín ; Křivánková, Jana ; Přikryl, Jan
UCNPs are lanthanide-doped nanocrystals that can be excited by near-infrared light and emit light of shorter wavelengths. Advantages of UCNPs include multiple and narrow emission bands, negligible autofluorescence and high photostability, which make UCNPs ideal luminescence label for use in droplet microfluidic. Here, we introduce the instrumentation for reading photon-upconversion luminescence of nanoparticles, which are dispersed in water droplets in a microfluidic chip.

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