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Changes of physical and functional environments in the neighbourhood of Nusle in Prague
Kozohorský, Tomáš ; Sýkora, Jan (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
In the last few years certain parts of post-socialist inner cities undergo dynamic transformation as a result of regeneration processes, while other are stagnating. This thesis focuses on changes of physical and functional environment in Nusle neighbourhood in Prague and analyses dynamics of the changes during the last decade. Quantitative data from various sources were used. Firstly, district's housing and residential characteristics are observed at the statistical units' level. Subsequently, the study analyses the change of housing stock quality and structural and spatial transformation of the retail market through field observation. Upgrading physical environment and changes of inner retail market structure were identified. Both environments in Nusle are nowadays spatially diversified. Keywords: inner city, urban revitalization, physical environment, functional environment, Prague
Migration, foreigners and the city: socio-spatial differentiation and local social environment
Přidalová, Ivana ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Drbohlav, Dušan (referee) ; Mulíček, Ondřej (referee)
1 Abstract Migration has been an inherent part of population development, and due to its role in shaping settlement system and societal changes also one of the key research interests of social geography. Due to the political regime and the limited movement across state borders, attention was predominantly given to internal migration in Czechia in the second half of the 20th century. Conversely, international migration has only been coming to the fore of academic debate since the 1990s. Despite the broad diversity of aspects of international migration in Czechia and the fact that the city has traditionally been the environment associated with the majority of immigrant population, little consideration has been given to the deeper understanding of the relationship between international migration, the presence of foreign citizens and the urban environment, especially foreigners' influence on socio-spatial differentiation and on social environment of particular urban locales. Czechia is a specific case: a country which was isolated from international migration for four decades became one of the main immigration countries in the post-socialist Central Europe after 1989. It represents a unique occasion to investigate the connection between international migration and the city in a previously unexplored environment...
Residential Mobility of Prague Population with Focus on Ethnic Minorities
Přidalová, Ivana
Since 1989, Czechia has undergone many changes. Increasingly important part of Czech society is represented by foreign inhabitants, who - most often - move to Prague. The capital city is target of economic migrants but also of those foreigners who seek a new home. The aim of the diploma thesis is to get to know spatial patterns of migration of population in Prague between 1992 and 2011 and to explain geographical causes of migration. The first part of the thesis discusses theoretical approaches dealing with mobility, especially with migration and residential mobility. Next chapter introduces development of migration of population in Prague and summarizes basic findings about the most numerous groups of foreigners living in the capital city. Based on data from registers of migration, general trends in population migration are identified, then, migration activity of Prague inhabitants by citizenship is analyzed. Case study of urbanistic district Nové Butovice-západ in the final part of the thesis verifies, by triangulation of research methods, the reliability of statistical data on numbers and movement of foreigners in Prague and analyzes the influence of immigration of Russian citizens on changing social environment of the studied locality.
Office development in Prague between years 2006-2015
Sachl, Jan ; Matoušek, Roman (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Office development in Prague between years 2006-2015 Abstract The thesis analyses the office development in Prague between years 2006 and 2015 as one of the processes that contributes to the transformation of urban spatial structure during transformation period. For the purpose of analysis the database of newly constructed offices was created, based on data by companies monitoring the real estate market. Based on the result of completed offices analysis was reported period divided into three phases: the peak of the office development before the crisis, a period of decline due to the global economic crisis and the current period of office development recovery. The new office development is concentrated in a few key areas. These areas are presented in detail and set in context of morphological zones of Prague and confronted with the development goals of Prague, expressed in the strategic plan. Keywords: urban geography, offices, post-socialist city, city transformation
Visitor management in the historical town. Case study Nymburk
Ulrychová, Tereza ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Visitor management in the historical town, case study Nymburk Abstract The main aim of this bachelor thesis was to suggest innovations that led to the expansion and improvement of tourism offers, based on visitor demand (which was measured by questionnaire survey in the tourist information centre) and the evaluation of tourism potential. Three thematic maps were created - Religious monuments in Nymburk, Technical and other architecturally important buildings in Nymburk and Park Ostrov in Nymburk. Then a web application was created with objects of interest in Nymburk, which is available to visitors on the website of the Tourist information centre in Nymburk. This bachelor thesis assesses the position of the tourist information centre in the network of tourism actors in Nymburk and suggests solutions to problems that resulted especially from the questionnaire survey. Key words: tourism, potential, tourist information centre, Nymburk
Spatial distribution of financial grants for municipalities in the region of Nuclear power plant Dukovany in focus of regional development
Černý, Tomáš ; Hána, David (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Spatial distribution of financial grants for municipalities in region of nuclear plant Dukovany in focus for regional development Abstract The aim of this paper is to determine spatial distribution of financial grants for municipalities in region of nuclear plant Dukovany in view of regional development by an analysis of income part of municipalities budget and data of financial gifts by Nadace ČEZ and data provided by representatives of the nearest municipalities of nuclear plant. The first part brings methodical framework of importance of financial incomes of the municipalities for regional development. The second part introduces socioeconomic conditions of surroundings of the nuclear plant Dukovany and also types of financial support of ČEZ company. Paper continues to analysis of incomes of municipalities and the first part of the hypothesis is verified. The second part of hypothesis and research questions is checked and answered in the fourth part, where financial gifts acquired by the nearest municipalites of the nucelar plant Dukovany are presented. The conclusion summarizes this paper and the hypotheses are evaluated. Keywords: municipalities incomes, grants, financial gifts, regional development, periphery, Czechia
The current attractiveness of Karlovy Vary in the eyes of Russian visitors and residents
Fuchsová, Andrea ; Přidalová, Ivana (advisor) ; Čermáková, Dita (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Karlovy Vary is a popular spa and holiday destination of the Russian clientele. Recently has had the attendance of the city upward trend, yet the Russians in the city greatly diminished. The thesis examines the attractiveness of a city as perceived by Russian visitors and residents themselves and investigates the circumstances underlying the real reason for the declining attendance, and is looking for answers to the question, whether the Russian clientele, dominating in the spa centre, could replace the clientele other. The objective of this thesis is to find out whether the Russians lose their interest about the city, and that they are moving it to other competing spa destinations. At the same time is taken into account the current geopolitical events, which have considerable influence to the loss of arrivals of Russians in Karlovy Vary. Keywords: destination attractiveness, tourism, migration, spa, Russians, Karlovy Vary
Housing and Municipal housing policy in rural region
Mareš, Jakub ; Matoušek, Roman (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Housing and Municipal housing policy in rural region Abstract The main object of this thesis is to assess public houses and housing policies in rural area of the Tábor district. The first part of this paper serves as a theoretical and terminological introduction to the subject. This includes the first chapter, where goals and methods for achieving those goals are established and the second chapter that introduces reader to housing policies, municipal housing funds, a new concept of social housing and methodology that was used to collect research data. The second part of the paper analyzes municipal housing funds in Czech Republic's township, especial the Tábor district and deduces results based on qualitative interviews with citizens. The research indicates that townships to 500 citizens usually don't have a municipal housing fund and therefore don't establish social housing, whereas townships to 3000 citizens have public houses and uses them as a form of social housing. Keywords: Housing, Housing Policy, Housing Fund, Social Housing, Rural Region
Ethnic residential differentiation of Karlovy Vary: foreigners and the spa center
Klsák, Adam ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Karlovy Vary is currently a city with one of the highest share of foreigners in population in Czechia. Thus, one could expect that residents from foreign countries will have a significant influence on the forming of socio-spatial structures of this city. The present work identifies and characterizes most significant groups of foreigners in Karlovy Vary and evaluates spatial patterns of these groups in the basic settlement units. Emphasis is placed on the concentration of foreigners into the spa center and their other residential preferences, used as a key to interpretation of identified spatial patterns and deepen the knowledge about the state of residential differentiation at the lower scale level. To reach the goals of present work is used a combination of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. A case study is framed within the theoretical framework of concepts of residential differentiation and segregation in the former Eastern block countries context. There is also a brief characterization of the presence of foreigners and ethnic minorities in Czechia or a summary of urban and residential development of surveyed city.
The negotiation between mayors of suburban municipalities and developers in the case of MEP Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav
Martinovská, Denisa ; Špačková, Petra (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is an evaluation of methods of negotiation between mayors of suburban municipalities and developers. The analyzed territory is the northeastern background of Prague which belongs to the area with the most intensively developing process of suburbanization in the country. The bachelor thesis deals with residential suburbanization which is characterized by the construction of family houses or apartment buildings on the edges of existing buildings of individual settlements. In the theoretical part is also briefly described the process of spatial planning and options of development control in municipalities. The empirical part analyzes approaches to spatial planning and regulatory instruments in the case of suburban municipalities included in the field survey in MEP Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav. One of regulatory instruments is itself negotiation with developers, of which I have focused on processing. Using this method, but also other regulatory instruments, is locally very different. In conclusion, it was created typology according to methods of negotiation between mayors and developers. Keywords: suburbanization, spatial planning, developer, negotiation, regulation

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