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Porovnání nákladů na opravy vybrané skupiny trakto
The bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of repair costs of a selected group of tractors with the monitoring and evaluation of operationally economic indicators for a group of tractors that have a power of more than 90 kW.
Study of mechanical properties of nanolayered Ti/Ni coatings
Zábranský, L. ; Václavík, R. ; Přibyl, R. ; Ženíšek, J. ; Souček, P. ; Buršík, Jiří ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Buršíková, V.
The aim of the present work was to study the dependence of mechanical properties of Ti/Ni multilayer thin films on the thicknesses of constituent Ti and Ni layers. The multilayer thin films were synthesized by deposition of Ti and Ni layers alternately on single crystalline silicon substrates using direct current magnetron sputtering method. Thicknesses of Ti and Ni layers varied from 1.7 nm to 100 nm. The micro-structure of the multilayer films was studied using X-ray diffraction technique, scanning electron microscopy with focused ion beam technique and transmission electron microscopy. Mechanical properties obtained from nanoindentation experiments were discussed in relation to microstructural observations.
User Authentication and Autorization for New Generation Networks
Přibyl, Radek ; Cvrček, Daniel (referee) ; Matoušek, Petr (advisor)
This document describes methods of user authentication and authorisation via a trusted server. There is analysis of the system Kerberos, which is used as an inspiration for desing of a new authentication scheme. There are analysed programming layers and interfaces for specific applications ensuring user authentication and authorisation. The document contains a design and detailed description of a new authentication scheme. This scheme is implemented into the communication between email client and imap server.

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2 PŘIBYL, Radek
2 Přibyl, Radek
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