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Social work with homeless people serving a custodial sentence
Deutschová, Barbora ; Pěnkava, Pavel (advisor) ; Ripka, Štěpán (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to introduce the reader to the work of a social worker with homeless people serving prison sentences during all the phases of their sentence. It defines the specifics of social work in prisons and describes the various types of situation that most convicts experience and the ways in which these situations may be resolved. The work also covers the definition of the roles of prison social worker, social curator and social worker for a non-profit organization, and effective ways in which they can work together. Several independent studies have found that social work has a significant impact on reducing recidivism and crime in general, since it serves as an effective tool not only when working with people in prison, but also as a tool to prevent crime. In my case studies, therefore, I show how to do the kind of social work that we already know is reducing recidivism. The benefit of my work lies in a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind the quantitative results of social work. Keywords Social work, recidivism, offender, sentence, prison, homeless person
Conditions for the Establishment and Functioning of the Social Prevention Service - The Asylum House
Ligocká, Gabriela ; Pěnkava, Pavel (advisor) ; Varga, Ladislav (referee)
LIGOCKÁ, Gabriela. Conditions for the Establishment and Functioning of the Social Prevention Service - The Asylum House. Bachelor thesis. Prague: Charles University, Evangelical Theological Faculty, 2018. This theoretical bachelor thesis deals with homeless people in the context of residential social protection services The bachelor thesis is divided into four chapters which, in its entirety, provide a concrete legal description of the conditions and procedure for the establishment and functioning of the asylum house. The internal methodological regulations of the organization Naděje's Asylum house for Women in Prague are studied and presented. The bachelor thesis brings a holistic view of the asylum house from the processing of its registration as a social service, after the practical examination of the quality of provided social prevention services. At the same time, it presents the possibilities of system innovation of this multi-level homeless living model in the Czech Republic.
Public service as an opportunity to return to the labor market
Horynová, Radmila ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
This thesis "Community service as an opportunity to return at the labour market" deals with the topic of public services offered to receivers of jobseeker's allowance as a voluntary possibility to increase their incomes from social benefits. It focuses on the question whether community service for the long-term unemployed can be a means for their integration in the labour market. In the theoretical part different concepts of labour are introduced with emphasis being put on the importance of labour for people when it comes to their human needs, basic rights and at the same time to freedom of choice. The thesis deals with the problems of unemployment and mentions consequences of loss of a job. It introduces the development of unemployment, labour market policy and focuses on social policy in the area of support for people in material need which is connected with involvement in community service. This thesis also tries to introduce the application of community services in the Děčín region in a complex way. In the practical part the author makes a survey and compares evaluation of community services in four categories. The four categories comprise job centre employees who offer community services, organizers of community services, those who do community services and unemployed people who refuse...
Ending homelessness in the Czech Republic: Application of the Housing First model to the Czech environment
Cachová, Tereza ; Klvačová, Petra (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
In times such as these, when there is a rapid increase of people facing a housing crisis in the Czech Republic and the attempts to create and enforce the Law on Social Housing, people look at models from the Western countries, such as Housing First. Such models could provide possible solution for the housing situation of many people and also improve the quality of their lives. This particular method appeared in the 1990s USA and was aimed especially for people without homes who suffer from a mental disorder and alcohol or drug addiction at the same time. The main idea is that housing should not be a reward for successful solution of life problems but something that a person needs to start dealing with their troubles. In cases when people are given a place to live for a reduced rent, with the help of a social worker they can very often keep it up and they have the chance to deal with other problems connected to homelessness. The efficiency of the model is explored through experimental projects that do not look only at the percentage of people who are able to keep up their home but also the positive impact on their health or employability. With the spread of this method to Canada, Europe and Australia, certain aspects of Housing First were adapted to local contexts. Many subsequent projects use only...
Preparation of Vietnamese children for Czech state kinderdarten, Confrontation norms
Hyková, Simona ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this graduation thesis entitled Preparation of Vietnamese children for Czech state kindergarten, subtitled Confrontation norms, examines the requirements emphasised on Vietnamese children during adaption to preschools facilities. The purpose of thesis was to identify the main Vietnamese and Czech culture differences, which Vietnamese children are confronted with after entering Czech kindergarten. The study is composed of eight chapters, constituting Vietnamese culture, its habits, traditions, differences and describes the methodology of qualitative research. The investigation was conducted for one year in the Czech-Vietnamese Education Centre Talent, where the researcher subjectively perceived different norms. The last chapter of thesis summarises results of the investigation, critically reflects and answers to research questions.
Social aspects of ageing regarding homeless people in connection with systemic measures taken in the city of Prague
Pěnkava, Pavel ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee) ; Vágnerová, Marie (referee)
Homelessness is a socio-pathological phenomenon, caused by the inability of an individual to deal with crisis situations and leading to the lost of relationships but also the material environment. As a result of the above, the social exclusion of the individuals gradually becomes unchangeable. Here, Pěnkava (2013) describes the vertical decline within the social stratification, which brings a deep frustration and in a number of cases leads to resignation on the efforts to deal efficiently with the unfavorable situation. The causes of such collapse are multifactorial and hence, in order to solve them there is cooperation on the level of multidisciplinary teams needed. However, numerous issues are currently being solved by social workers only, who in many cases are forced to replace experts in fields such as law, psychology, pedagogy of leisure time, geriatry or medicine. The central theme of the dissertation is dealing with the possibilities and limitations of people without home in old age living in the Capital City of Prague. Considering the factors of age, the diversity in satisfying their needs and the associated risks involved, is this a specific group of people that is, moreover, at immediate risk to their lives and health. As a consequence, the dignity of these people is being hurt not only...
Demands of Social Work in the Selected Facility and Possibilities of Support for a Social Worker
Svobodová, Jana ; Křišťan, Alois (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with demands on social work in a selected facility which provides social activation services for homeless people, as well as the possibilities of support for social workers. The thesis consists theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the demands of social work in general. The demands of social work were derived from various sources, such as the definition of social work, the legislation, the ethical codes of social workers and the monograph on social work. The practical part deals with specific activities in the selected facility and the demands emerging through work with a target group of homeless people. There are examples from field work added in the thesis for greater clarity. The last part of the thesis consists of opportunities for support of a social worker who deals with demands specified above. Support options include supervision, intervision, employee training and teamwork.
The Employment opportunities for homeless people
Zimová, Marie ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of integrating homeless people into the labor market. People living on the street lose working habits, social contacts and motivation to change their situation after a certain period of time.
 The main aim of the work is to map out the possibilities of integrating homeless people into the labor market and try to return to normal life. However, since their possible integration lies in many aspects, this work also examines the degree of motivation of the interviewed persons and the obstacles that prevent them from seeking employment. The first part of the thesis consists of the theoretical anchoring of the given issue, with an emphasis on the high degree of desocialization of homeless people and difficulties in the process of change. It also focuses on possible ways of helping and promoting job-seeking both from the state and non- governmental non-profit organizations. The theoretical part concludes with a chapter describing four non-state organizations focusing on the employment of homeless people. Data collection was conducted on the basis of qualitative research, in the form of 16 semi- structured interviews (4 interviews in each organization) with people in the past or currently living on the street and employed in one of the four organizations I am putting...
Meeting the Needs of Female Clients of Shelters for Mothers and Children in the Czech Republic
Froňková, Veronika ; Šámalová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
(in English) The rigorous thesis is devoted to the topic of meeting the needs of users of shelter homes for mothers with children in the Czech Republic. It defines the form of residential social services for mothers with children in Czech legislation. It approaches the target audience of the institution and addresses the causes that may have led to the need to find a service. It specifies the most frequently solved needs, problems, deficits of shelter-seekers. The general part deals with social work methods that can be used in direct work with clients during their stay. The empirical part examines the needs of shelter clients from the perspective of social workers. Based on the assessment of the nationwide questionnaire survey, the results are compared with the views of the clients in the form of structured interviews to verify the reality of the data. The research part of the thesis is closed by an analysis of methodical tools for the identification of client needs used in several selected shelters for mothers and children. The results of the work bring the identification of the areas and the specific needs with which the social workers of the shelters all over the Czech Republic meet. Interpretation of results opens the way for a wider specification of social work performed in shelters for...

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