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The Journal Religion und Priester. An Effort to Analyse the Publicistic Discourse of Catholic Theologians during the Reforms of Josephinism.
Pěček, Vít ; Zdichynec, Jan (advisor) ; Tinková, Daniela (referee)
1 Abstract (in English): The Bachelor thesis deals with the journal Religion und Priester, which was published between 1782 and 1784 in Prague and then in Vienna. This periodical was probably the first religious journal in the lands of the Crown of Bohemia, however, it was not an orthodox Catholic journal. The work concentrates at first on external characterization, subsequently it tries to solve the complicated question of the authorship of the journal during its first phase. Space is also dedicated to Franz Xaver Huber, the main editor and the personality with the very interesting life career. The core of the thesis consists in the analysis of the religious thought in the Religion und Priester, which was powerfully influenced by the Enlightenment and Josephinism. The goal of the authors was the cleansing of the religion, mainly the Catholic, the "enlightenment" of the people and the unification of Christian denominations. Besides that, they criticize the monastic life, celibacy, or papacy, and they demand some other principal changes in the Catholic Church. The next chapter describes a few contemporary reflexions concerning the analysed periodical. At the end the author speculates about the main tendencies in the journal - about the "naturalism", etatism, or "secondary Christianity".

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