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The lords of the coat of arms of green rose on silver field. On the origin, genealogy, seals nad residences of the Lords of Krumlov
Gersdorfová, Zlata ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee) ; Velímský, Tomáš (referee)
The dissertation presented is an attempt at a complex processing of history of one of the family branches of the Vítkovci, Lords of Krumlov (ante 1213-1340). The introductory sections are devoted to a summary of existing literature and research, with an excursion into the legendistic tradition of the Vítkovci clan. This is followed by a third chapter dealing with the genealogy of the clan, which has been carried out with an emphasis on sources. Thus, the difference between preserved sources and historical constructs became evident (this difference was distinct primarily in the figure of Záviš of Falkenštejn). The genealogy of the clan was studied by Vítek of Prčice across the known and assumed members of the clan of all five generations up to the final male member Ješek, the son of Záviš of Falkenštejn. The fourth chapter describes the properties and wealth of the Lords of Krumlov on both the Bohemian and Austrian sides of the border. One section of the chapter is devoted to the mining of precious metals, thanks to which the Vítkovci gained their wealth and a significantly independent position. This is followed by a section on residences, which provides interesting information thanks to an interdisciplinary approach combining the results of archival, historical, construction-historical, and...
Accountancy book of the town of Cheb 1396-1419
Hošková, Eva ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
(in English) Municipal books are valuable historical sources of every town. They provide us an important information about history of the towns and thus they create a real picture of our ancestors' lives. This thesis focuses on the critical edition of the first main accountancy book of town of Cheb that captures the period from 1396 to 1419. The main accountancy book gives an overview of the yearly statement of municipal incomes and expenses and thus provides information about the economical situation of the town. In the thesis there are described the external features of the book, its content as well as the paleographic analysis. Some other Cheb municipal books from the same period are used for comparison. The edition has the editorial note and the critical apparatus. The appendix of pictures is also a part of the thesis. The first main accountancy book supplements many other still existing financial book of town Cheb.
Municipal book of Přibyslav 1487-1497
Kubíčková, Alice ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
1 Abstract The aim of the bachelor thesis is to compile a modern critical edition of Municipal book of Pribyslav city from the years 1479-1503, including an introduction describing the wider context of city development, ironmongery development in the region and a short presentation of the history of selected ironmongery hammers. The edition is preceded by the analysis of the Municipal book from a diplomatic and paleographic point of view, listed are also the name and local index.
Book of the furriers of Žatec 1474-1814
Benátská, Klára ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Mareš, Jan (referee)
This master thesis deals with the guild book of furriers from Žatec, which originated from the period between 1474-1816. Its main objective is to create an edition of this book and make it available for further research. This thesis can be divided into two parts: introductory chapters and the actual edition of the book. In the first part are briefly introduced Prague furriers guilds, whose development are linked with guild from Žatec, further outlined is the history of the furrier's guild from Žatec. This chapter is largely based on the edited book and focuses primarily on the guild in the 16th and 17th century. It analyses the organization and most important regulation of the furriers. The next two chapters deal with the book itself. They analyse both the external and internal characteristics. Emphasis is placed on the description of the book and study of its internal structure. Editorial note summarizes the rules under which the edition was created. The second and larger part contains the edition itself. It was written in compliance with modern editorial principles and is completed with footnotes and an index of names. Powered by TCPDF (
Diplomatics and Administration of the Monastery of Teplá in the Second Half of the Fifteenth Century
Trnka, Pavel ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Hlinomaz, Milan (referee) ; Kubín, Petr (referee)
The subject of the thesis are the documents of the canony of Teplá, as well as some aspect of the administration of the monastery in the Middle Ages, namely under the abbot Sigismund Hausmann (1459-1506). It contains, besides the introductory chapter, three main parts, treating the history of the monastery in the Middle Ages, its documents and its administration, respectively. In the introduction, the basic secondary literature and primary sources for the topic are introduced. In addition, the structure and the methodology of the thesis are outlined. The history of the canony from its foundation up to the year 1526 is given in the first part. The following turning points are chosen for the periodization: 1420, 1459, and 1507. The presentation is based mostly on primary sources and it is focused mainly on the later Middle Ages. The second section, devoted to the medieval diplomatics of the monastery, begins with the typology of the diplomatic material of the Premonstratensian canonies in Bohemia and Moravia. The treatment of the documents of Teplá is divided according to the extant types of material (charters, letters pattent, letters missive, cartularies, registers and the remaining official books). External as well as internal features of every diplomatic type are followed in three periods: to the...
Church of St. Judoc in Cheb in the middle Ages
Hošková, Eva ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the history of the church of saint Judoc in Cheb. The thesis focuses mainly on the period of the Middle Ages, it gives information about the erection of the church and its funding and activities mainly in the 15th and 16th century. The extant sources and the regional literature are used for this period. Information about history of the church in modern times and the description of the church furnishings is gained from both German and Czech regional authors works. The history of the region and of the other sacral buildings in Cheb and the question of religious administration and of Cheb patriciate are also included in this thesis. The important part of the thesis is the edition of the sources for the medieval history of the church.
The Deanery of Prachen in the Late Middle Ages
Vlasák, Jiří ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
Bc. Jiří Vlasák, Deanery of Prácheň in the Late Middle Ages, Diploma Thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, 2015 This thesis deals with the church administration of the Prácheň's deanery, chiefly within the Late Middle Ages. It focuses on individual parishes in terms of their patronates, assets background, territorial scope of authority and parish clergy. Moreover, it deals with other types of benefactions of the deanery, yet attention is dedicated to the deanery as a whole, too. Chief historical resources used were official records of the Archidiocese of Prague, primarily books of confirmation and books of erection, and the records of the Prague's consisory. Key words: church administration, Prácheň's deanery, 14th and 15th century, clergy, assets background, territorial scope
The Sovereign Confirmations of Chartres for Bohemian and Silesian Towns to 1420
Velička, Tomáš ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Pátková, Hana (referee) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee)
The present work deals with confirmations that have issued Bohemian kings and princes of Silesia to Bohemian or Silesian towns. The work is divided into five parts. The first deals with existing exploration and methodological inspiration that I subsequently used. The second chapter summarizes the findings regarding the process of confirmation documents - from motives of its release, through the process of the documents in the office during the procedure, to handing over the finished instrument beneficiaries and paying taxes. Then I deal with the various types of confirmations and also I discuss separately the observational charters. The third part is devoted confirmations for the Bohemian towns with regard to all documents which the royal towns received, published by Bohemian kings. The problems are discussed from the perspective of publishers and recipients, as well as the documents themselves (their content, form). The same shall apply also in the case of the fourth chapter, which deals with the same aspects of the Silesian towns and confirmations, which they were received. The final chapter summarizes the findings, which I reached on the previous pages. An important part of this thesis is a variety of reports and graphs to better perceive the immediate context and development trends. I also deal with...
Chruch administration in the region of Turnov in the late Middle Ages
Časárová, Veronika ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
ČASÁROVÁ V., Church administrative in the region of Turnov in the late Middle Ages, the thesis, The Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, 2014, 93 s., 4 supp. The thesis is concerned with the development and the state of the church administration in the territory of the deanery of Turnov in the late Middle Ages, primarily after the year 1419 to the end of the fifteenth century. I extended my bachelor's thesis, results of which were used there and they function as a starting point for the further research. I have focused on the structure of the land possession at the particular parish offices and the comparison of the deanery of Turnov with another deaneries. Key words: Turnov, the church administration, the late Middle Ages
The deanery of Rakovník in the late Middle Ages
Mandzák, Ondrej ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The diploma thesis presents a view of church administration in deanery of Rakovnicko principally in period of 2nd half of 14th century and beggining of 15th century, via analysis of sources, especially registers of central church administration. Focuses primarily on parish network, constitution of priests to parish office, patrons of parishes, benlongings of churches. Compares results with facts discovered during research of another, analogous compiled deaneries.

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