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Hodnocení rozkladu biologicky rozložitelných plastů v podmínkách domácího kompostování
Partlová, Zuzana
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of decomposition of biodegradable plastics in the conditions of domestic composting. It describes the waste management general characteristics and basic legislation. It deals with the general characteristics of plastics, focusing on biodegradable plastics and their standards. The characteristics of the composting process and phytotoxicity issues are also presented. The practical part of the diploma thesis contains the description of realization composting experiment at domestic conditions with selected samples and monitoring the experimental process. The following parameters were measured: temperature, humidity, pH of compost and meteorological data. Further, the calculation of the decay degree of the test samples and the determination of phytotoxicity by the Phytotoxkit in the composts produced during the experiment.
Authorial Acting as (Non)education towards a Self
Pártlová, Zuzana ; SUDA, Stanislav (advisor) ; MALANÍKOVÁ, Hana (referee)
This doctoral thesis explores the potential of authorial acting as a tool for open-ended self-education. It focuses on the properties and the process of acquiring psychosomatic capacity for presentation in front of an audience as a means of self-discovery and self-realization through play (Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner) and other preparatory psychosomatic drama disciplines. The secondary subject of this thesis is the relevance of this capacity to teachers and educators. In the theoretical section, I present the essential terms and concepts as well as the basis of my research. I explain why I use the expression "(non)education towards a self” rather than "personal education” and how one's holistic and creative conditioning relates to the skills of a pedagogue or educator in the broadest sense of the word. The qualitative research section consists of three parts which correspond to three research projects. The first part explores the "personal trajectories" of students of the two-year “Creative Pedagogy-Pedagogical Condition” (CP-PC) study program. The exploration is based on written reflections and a two-day encounter devoted to discussion and creative work. The encounter involved practical workshops as well as talks with I. Vyskočil and E. Vyskočilová and student discussions. The aim was to explore the development of the individual psychosomatic “fitness" by means that go beyond written subjective reflections and offer live confrontations with oneself and others in workshops and discussions. The second part focuses on the issue of authenticity and the triple actor-viewer-assistant relation. Using simultaneous recording with two cameras and focus groups, we tried to analyze the moments of spontaneity during the experimentation and to identify the essential features of authentic expression. The themes that significantly emerged from the research were the theme of inner and outer spectator and of body resonance and joy as main characteristics of authentic presence. In the third section, I followed up on the findings of the previous sections in 16 semistructured interviews with students of the CP-PC program as well as regular and external students at the department. These interviews were analyzed using the method of open coding combining two perspectives: a broader, theme-focused perspective and a narrower, notional one. This research reveals the complexity of tacit learning processes which, in the context of play and psychosomatics, foster a personal evolution towards an original, creative personality, i.e. "becoming one's self”. Simultaneously, this research attempts to define the essential "virtues” of authentic acting and outlines the benefits of Vyskočil´s pedagogy for education of educators.
Kompostování biologicky rozložitelných odpadů v domácích podmínkách
Partlová, Zuzana
This thesis deals with composting of biodegradable waste at home. It describes legislation and ways of dealing with biodegradable waste. It focuses on composting especially at home conditions. The thesis deals with phytotoxicity too. Practical part of this thesis describes realization of experiment, which means founding the compost pile, monitoring the progress of the composting process. These parameters were measured during process of composting: weather information, temperature, humidity and pH of the compost pile. After composting process sample of compost was taken and tested with Phytotoxikit to measure phytotoxicity.
Inviolability of diplomatic bag and its abuse
Partlová, Zuzana ; Trávníčková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Peterková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the inviolability of the diplomatic bag and its abuse. The first chapter introduces the current work of the International Law Commission relating to subsequent conduct of treaties. Second chapter defines diplomatic privileges and immunities, three theories of diplomatic immunity and its historical background. Third chapter elaborately analyses treatment of diplomatic bag in Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Fourth chapter presents an overview of cases of abuse of the diplomatic bag or violation of its inviolability. Finally it introduces options, how states can fight against such abuses.
Passive houses - importance od certification and recovery of investment
Partlová, Zuzana ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
In the present time, when prices of energy go up continually, we can hear more and more about the topic of energy-cutting. Important role in this sphere performs low-energy development. Passive houses, which are specific type of low energy houses, cut heat demand significantly. It means marked improvement with the view of energy saving, protection of the environment, but also quality of living. There is no doubt that these constructions bring numerous advantages, as evidenced by ever-growing number of passive houses abroad. Nevertheless, in the Czech Republic are very little passive houses. Partial intention of the thesis work is to highlight the importance of certification, which is able to contribute toward expansion of passive houses. The outcome of this part is proposal of the criteria for certification of passive houses in the Czech Republic. Principal aim of my diploma work is to compare passive house to common house in light of capital expenditures and operating costs and information about pay-off period of investment in low-energy buildings. Just matter of economic return is the most important criterion in decision making about construction of house or building.
Transform of economy and voucher privatization
Partlová, Zuzana ; Zajíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Ježek, Tomáš (referee)
Téma mé bakalářské práce je kupónová privatizace. V začátku práce se věnuji výchozím podmínkám v postkomunistickém Československu, které vedly k přijetí této nestandardní metody privatizace. Dále se zabývám obdobnými pokusy, které byly ve světě vyzkoušeny ještě před využitím kupónové metody na celou transformující se ekonomiku, ale také myšlenkami a návrhy, které se kupónové privatizaci přibližovaly. Práce se také zaměřuje na počátky kupónové privatizace v Československu a hodnotí doporučení zahraničních ekonomů, jak při privatizaci postupovat. Závěr práce se nesnaží hodnotit výsledky kupónové privatizace, ale přináší shrnutí, proč byla tato metoda přijata jako dominantní metoda privatizace a myšlenku, že využití kupónů pro privatizaci bylo pro mnoho ekonomů logickým řešením tehdejší situace.

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