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Tobacco use and its consequences among children 8-12 years old. Prevalence and forms of smoking, brand and source awareness, smoking initiation.
Kučerová, Jarmila ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Pánková, Alexandra (referee) ; Janata, Hana (referee)
Objectives: Within the Czech Republic there are missing reports on smoking prevalence, forms of smoking, sources of cigarettes or the influence of tobacco marketing on children younger than 12 years of age. Methods: Between 2009 and 2012 we conducted a cross sectional survey with 3 887 children from Prague and 592 from the Usti Region, age 8-12 years old, from 51 primary schools. The survey was part of a school based smoking prevention program at participating schools. Results: Among children, 23.3% reported some experience with smoking. Smoking experience was higher among boys, and children with family members who smoked. Cigarettes were the most common form of smoking (about 17 % of all respondents), followed by water-pipe (prevalence in Prague was 7.4% and 4.9% in Usti Region (p = 0.030)). Less than 1% of all children reported experience with marijuana. Relatives were the most commonly named source of cigarettes for first smoking experience (43.1%). Among children that reported smoking at least once a month, relatives were the most common source of cigarettes (32.5%), and 15.5% reported purchasing their own cigarettes. More than one third of children reported that no one had talked to them about smoking yet. Among all children 59.0% could name one or more cigarette brands. The most well-known...
Eating disorders and smoking
Riabus, Daria ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Pánková, Alexandra (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis is dealing with eating disorders caused by smoking. Thesis is divided into two main parts - theory and practice. The history of eating disorders, definition of each type of eating disorders, treatment examples and health complications of the disorder are covered in the first theoretical part. Also, there are disclosed the history of smoking, ways of treatment of the tobacco dependence and health consequences of smoking. At the end of the theoretical part there are discussions about the relations between smoking and weight, smoking and eating disorders, relapse of the disease when quitting smoking and about e-smoking among people with eating disorders. Practical part of this thesis contains of the research in a way of the survey. The questionnaire was made in two languages - Russian and Czech, in order to get greater amount of the respondents and to get more diverse answers. A link to the questionnaire was distributed by social media and web pages. Questionnaire was available to fill out from 13. 02. 2018 to 12. 03. 2018 and in total I received 101 respondents (54 for Czech version and 47 for Russian). The questionnaire was composed only for those people who have (or used to have) eating disorders and for those who smoke (or used to smoke) simultaneously. The outcome displays...
Smoking and weight.
Pánková, Alexandra ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee) ; Kolek, Vitezslav (referee)
Tobacco use is closely related to changes in body weight. Undesired weight gain following smoking cessation occurs in most patients. The mechanism responsible for changes in body weight post cessation are only partially understood. Several hypotheses have suggested a temporary increase in blood pressure following smoking cessation. In addition, weight concerns after quitting are common, and may affect tobacco dependence treatment outcomes. The aim of our study was to monitor changes in body weight, blood pressure, incretins and selected hormonal parameters among ex-smokers after three months of abstinence. We also examined factors associated with smoking-related weight concerns. We monitored and evaluated selected parameters (personal history, questionnaires, anthropometric, biochemical, hormonal) and compared before and after tobacco dependece treatment, if patients underwent such treatment. We found that smoking cessation was associated with weight gain. Smokers who were more tobacco dependent or more sedentary were at increased risk. The prevalence of diagnosis hypertension did not differ among non-smokers, former smokers and smokers adjusting for age and BMI. In the pilot phase of our study we demonstrated that three months of smoking abstinence was associated with an increase in serum leptin...
Smoking and acute coronary syndrome
Zappová, Eliška ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Pánková, Alexandra (referee)
The aim of this work is to assess the association between smoking tobacco products and the onset of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), particularly with regard to the age. In the practical part determine the prevalence of smoking among patients with ACS hospitalized at the Department III. Internal-Cardiology FNKV and then evaluate their views on smoking in relation to their own health. The work was compiled by the method of quantitative research. The result of the accumulated material we should find out the ratio of smokers and non-smokers with that disease and perception of current health condition. This work could be an inspiration for health professionals, who should realize how crucial importance of smoking prevention and treatment of tobacco dependence. Of controlled interview can also benefit patients, interviews were used as the possibility of a brief intervention Keywords: acute coronary syndrome, smoking, tobacco addiction
Tobacco dependence and psychiatric comorbidity
Jonáková, Lenka ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Pánková, Alexandra (referee)
Tobacco dependence and psychiatric comorbidity Introduction: Because the smoking is a societal problem and the prevalence of smoking of psychiatric patients is 2 to 3 times higher than in the general population, the purpose of the bachelor thesis was to map these issues for patients in a psychiatric hospital in Havlíčkův Brod. Objectives: There were four objectives defined in the thesis: to determine the prevalence of smoking , to find the most common diagnoses for patients-smokers and to chart the aspects associated with smoking including health personnel attitudes, to assess their knowledge about smoking cessation possibilities and to offer basic advice and information material about smoking cessation to the patients. Methods: The data source was the records of patients hospitalized in the psychiatric hospital Havlíčkův Brod till the 3rd of February 2014. Actual research was carried out on patients with a diagnosis of F 10 and F 20 in the period from 3rd of February to 15th of June 2014. The research sample of the predominantly quantitative research included 200 patients with diagnoses F 10 and F 20 and 55 physicians working with psychiatric ill patients-smokers. Data were collected by questionnaire survey and doctors were contacted by an internal e-mail. Results: Compared to the general...
Food composition in tobacco dependent patients
Kudláčková, Eliška ; Pánková, Alexandra (advisor) ; Králíková, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with eating habits of ex-smokers. I observe and analyze their eating habits and changes by qualitative methods. The theoretical part discusses tobacco, nicotine effects on the organism and on eating habits and weight. I describe health consequences of unhealthy eating habits combined with smoking. The text discusses general nutrition recommendations and recommendations specifically for smokers. A separate chapter is dedicated to addiction, its nature, genesis, forms, and manifestations, and in more detail to nicotine addiction. The practical part describes the respondents' dietary regimens and results of the comparison of eating habits while smoking and while being abstinent.
Treatment of tobacco dependence: knowledge and interest among smokers in Kolín area
Vodičková, Ludmila ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Pánková, Alexandra (referee)
According to a research report made by National Institute of Health in 2012, in the Czech Republic can be over 24 % of the population classified as regular smokers who smokes more than one cigarette a day. There is no doubt that smoking ranks among current societal problems that threatens the health of about two and a half million people in the Czech Republic.For this reason, in this thesis I concerned myself with subject of treatment of tobacco dependence and I'm trying to determine the level of knowledge about treatment options among the smokers in the Kolín area and if they are interested in treatment. This thesis is divided in two parts - theoretical and practical. Goal of the theoretical part is to describe methods of diagnosis of tobacco addiction and treatment options. The first chapter of this thesis describes and explains what is nicotine, tobacco with its brief history and the concept of passive smoking. The second chapter deals with what is addiction to tobacco, describes the principle and neurobiology. The third chapter deals with the different ways to diagnose tobacco dependence and the last, the fourth chapter of the theoretical part provides information about treatment options. Practical work aimed to investigate awareness about treatment options for tobacco dependence among smokers...
Harm reduction and tobacco smoking
Remešová, Renáta ; Králíková, Eva (advisor) ; Pánková, Alexandra (referee)
The main goal of this work was to investigate behavior and attitude of Czech smokers towards e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and reduction of number of cigarettes by means of questionnaire inquiry. These Harm Reduction methods are favorable for smokers who at present are not able or willing to quit smoking as prevalence of smoking and mortality resulting from diseases connected to smoking are high. Theoretical part concerns basic notions and terminology of tobacco, epidemiology of tobacco usage, legislative measures and above all the less risky alternatives of tobacco usage together with their most current research. Practical part firstly describes methods of data collection and analysis coming from quantitative research based on questionnaires as well as results of the analysis. Target group were smokers aged 15 and more, living in the area of Czech Republic. Total amount of respondents was 302. Data were collected through internet portal as and personally by questioning random people and firms in Prague and then processed through statistical program R and Microsoft Excel. Methods are those of descriptive statistics. The first part of results introduces prevalence data which are almost identical to those of Český zdravotní ústav (2012). Then several pairs of variables were chosen and...

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