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Jaroslav Hašek - author of short stories, journalist and politics
Felenda, Šimon ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes and compares three life and social roles of one of the most well-known writers of Czech literature, Jaroslav Hasek. Specifically, it is his role as a storyteller, a journalist and a politician. My work is focused on the analysis of the blend and differences between these roles pertaining to the development and context of both the time period and Hasek. The analysis is divided into several parts and it tries to view Hasek from different points of view. Specifically, it deals with the author's historical genesis, then with the narratological analysis of short stories and finally the content analysis associated with the reference to Jaroslav Hasek's language resources.
The MeToo movement and its reflection in selected Czech printed media outlets
Knížková, Gabriela ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This Bachelor thesis aims to research and describe the media image of the MeToo movement, which prompted women to share their experiences with sexual violence on social media. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the MeToo movement and its evolution from a local initiative to help socially disadvantaged African American women to its current state, impacting predominantly the American entertainment industry following the scandalous sexual predátory behavior of Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer. The next chapter describes the way the MeToo movement proceded to affect the Czech Republic a the reactions it elicited in Czech society. The thesis also examines the complex issue of sexual violence, its forms and effects and the way its looked upon in Czech society. The media research in this thesis studies texts from Czech online media outlets, and, published between November 2017 and January 2018. The research is completed through the method of triangulation. The method of Berelson content analysis is used and followed by a qualitative method of interpreting the texts. The thesis is complete with charts and a list of analysed articles.
Advocacy journalism on the example of Jakub Patočka
Davidová, Adéla ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the so-called advocacy journalism, which is in the Czech media environment trying to explain on the example of a journalist, sociologist, former environmental activist and member of two political parties - ČSSD and Green Party - Jakub Patočka. The thesis puts journalism in context with other types of journalistic roles and the concept of journalism in liberal democratic societies. The research method of the work is an in-depth semi-structured interview, which examines primarily Patočka's perception of journalism and politics and their blending. The text focuses primarily on the period since 2003 when Patočka joined the Green Party until 2017, when the Brno Social Democrats decided to exclude him from the party. The work is divided into Patočka's journalistic and political career. Journalistic chapters are devoted to his work in the magazine Last (later Seven) generation, Literární noviny and Deník Referendum. One chapter describes his role in the so-called Kuřim case. In the section dedicated to Patočka's political engagement there are mentioned European Parliament elections 2004, in which Patočka stood as a leader of the Green Party, his attempt to reform the Green Party together with Jan Beránek or Patočka's expulsion from the ČSSD due to his organization of a...
The Influence of Advertisers on Media Content of Lifestyle Magazines
Pouzarová, Jana ; Osvaldová, Barbora (advisor) ; Moravec, Václav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out whether advertisers can influence the content of lifestyle media. The first part of this work deals with the theory of media economics, the market of printed magazines and the various influences on the media; followed by a definition of the ethical and legal framework for advertising. It also includes a description of selected media, an overview of their market position and the degree of financial dependence on advertising. Two lifestyle magazines, namely Cosmopolitan, representing women's magazines, and ForMen, as a men-oriented magazine, were selected for analysis. The second part of the thesis deals with the definition of the methodological framework and the description of the research method used, i.e. quantitative content analysis. Three different phenomena are explored using six research sub-questions, namely the ratio of advertising and editorial content, the degree of linking advertising with editorial materials (brand reciprocity), and finally the use of advertorials, their labelling and distinguishability from other content. The third section of the work elaborates on research results. The thesis concludes that while certain dependence and influences can be traced, not all possible manifestations of the relationship between publishers and advertisers...
Traditional media and its battle against fake news: the case of BBC, ARD and Radio Free Europe
Čáslavská, Veronika ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This thesis examines how traditional media could reinforce its position as a reliable source of information, overcoming the huge amount of misinformation in public space. First, the thesis analyzes the concept of fake news, examining different concepts of this expression across American and Anglo-Saxon environments. In the following chapters, the thesis presents a link between trust in media and the spread of fake news, outlines psychological factors that allow for fake news to be spread easily and highlights the role of media literacy. Next chapters list the specific ways in which traditional media can fight against fake news, for example through slow journalism or factual verification. That is how the thesis gets to the three analyzed fact-checking departments, which were established as a part of foreign traditional media: ARD Faktenfinder, BBC Reality Check and RFE / RL / VOA These departments were founded between 2015 and 2017 and perceive verification of information as an independent journalistic output. Using semi-structured interviews, the thesis examines how these departments work, how they define fake news, what are their future plans or whether they actively contribute to the development of media literacy. Comparative analysis has shown that none of the departments has...
Obesity and fat shaming in media on the example Patricie Solaříková and
Bečvářová, Lucie ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
The adoration of thinness and the cult of perfect body has been an issue for many decades; with substantial contributions of the mass media and the press. As consequence, the phenomena of fat-shaming and fat-glorification become prominent, either by denouncing obesity and humiliating the overweight, or by worshipping the obese and elevating their status above the slender people. The theoretical part of the thesis aims to introduce the first phenomenon, which condemns the corpulent population disregarding their state of health and other aspects of life, capable of causing an unfounded weight increase, and to depict the approach of the media (tabloids in particular) towards the excess weight. The practical part of the thesis is concerned with analysing selected articles of a tabloid journal, beginning with characterising its content, target audience and focus, and strives to reveal specific instances of fat-shaming on articles regarding the fluctuating weight of actress Patricie Solaříková between years 2013 and 2017. The practical part opens with presentation of the actress and apart from analysing the approach of in articles regarding the actress' weight, the thesis deals with the frequency of such articles and the proportion of the aforementioned articles to columns concerned...
Russian news websites in the Czech Republic and its reporting about the European Union
Podzimková, Pavlína ; Osvaldová, Barbora (advisor) ; Moravec, Václav (referee)
In recent years, many sources have referred to the Russian hybrid or information warfare against the West. Disinformation media is considered an important part of the Russian strategy. A large number of allegedly Russian disinformation websites have appeared in the Czech Republic after 2014, when tensions in Ukraine were escalated. In this bachelor thesis we will analyse three of them: Sputnik Czech Republic, Aeronet and AC24. This content analysis will focus especially on news about the European Union. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to confirm or disprove the hypothesis about the Russian propaganda effort to weaken the status of Western institutions. The thesis will also deal with methods of manipulation in the content of disinformation websites.
The status of Seznam Zprávy news server on Czech media market after one year of its existence
Bejlková, Kamila ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the news server Seznam Zprávy. Its goal is to find out, how the server established in the period of the first two years since its creation in October 2016. The goal of the work is to describe the specifics of online media and the Internet, which users are able to access not only from technologies such as computer or mobile devices, but also within smart TVs in the form of HbbTV. The main aim of the analytical part is to find out how this news server established itself within the Czech media landscape. The main factor the interest of the audience and the frequency of citations of the diary in other Czech media. News server Seznam Zprávy is compared with other, currently most popular, Czech news online journals: iDNES, Novinky, Denik, Aktualne, Lidovky and iRozhlas. This thesis offers statistics of data about traffic and the numbers of real users available from the Based on them, it is determined what success the server Seznam Zprávy for the first two years of the audience recorded. In the role of other indicators are the number of citations in other media. Overview of this data has been provided by the online media archive of Newton Media. The last indicator is the interest in social profiles of the medium on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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