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Ekonomická efektivnost vinařských podniků při různém zajištění zpracovávané suroviny
Osička, Karel
The aim of this diploma thesis is to evaluate economically the efficiency of wine grape acquiring possibilities together with the presentation of a suitable proposal for the wine grape acquiring in view of the findings. The diploma thesis has two basic parts. The literary research introduces the problems of winery and viticulture with a focus on the issue of obtaining raw materials for wine production. The actual work consists of quantification of capital expenditures and operating costs associated with grape acquiring and harvesting. In connection with the above objective, the costs, the return on investment, the net present value of the investment, and the internal rate of return to the differ-ent possibilities of wine grape acquiring are also evaluated. Part of the thesis is also a preview of the impacts of the individual wine grape acquiring possibilities on the liquidity of the wine producer.
On the analyses of cutiing tools coated with PVD coatings
Malý, Martin ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
In this diploma thesis, literary research about drilling and coating technology focused on PVD coatings was performed. Furthermore, there is an overview of cutting materials. In the experimental part of the work, the attention is dedicated to tests of twist drills from cemented carbide and high-speed steel materials. For these drills, the feed force Ff and the cutting moment Mc were measured when drilling into austenitic stainless steel. At the end of this work, the technical and economic evaluation of the practical part is presented.
Advanced methods of surface topography evaluation
Hroděj, Daniel ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
This paper deals with the analysis of data obtained from the surface of aluminum alloy 7475-T7351 after face milling with a tool inclination of 1°. The theoretical part explains the basic principles of measuring the topography of the surface and instruments that are able to provide relevant data directly from the scanned part. The following part contains the methods of evaluating the information, especially using various types of parameters acquired from ČSN EN ISO standards. The practical part focuses on the data obtained from the sample surface using the Alicona IF-G5. This information determines the character of the surface texture with the tool inclination and the difference between the profile and surface parameters. There is also described surface texture in the tool path and on the edge of the tool path. In the final economic evaluation, the connection between the feed per tooth and the machining price is found.
Draft of pin production technology
Hrdlička, Martin ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Jaroš, Aleš (advisor)
The Master's thesis, written during the study of M-STM Manufacturing Technology and Management in Industry, is focused on the concept of the production technology of a pin. The thesis includes a description of forming and machining technology in terms of possibilities of their application in the production of the pin. Furthermore, by comparing both technologies and preliminary economic evaluations of production, it leads to the choice of the production method. This production method is then described, and the description contains the production process steps including the creation of the CNC program. The conclusion of the thesis is devoted to the technical and economic evaluation of the production concept.
Electroerosive sinking of technical ceramics
Kudrna, Tomáš ; Mouralová, Kateřina (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the topic of electrical discharge machining. The first part of the thesis contains a study of the die-sinking EDM. The die-sinking EDM of the silicon carbide ceramic is realized in the experimental part of the thesis. The result of this work was to explore the influence of the EDM sinking parameters, specifically pulse current, open-voltage and pulse on-time, on the machined surface. Furthermore, the analysis of the tool electrode was made. This analysis was focused on the wear in the corners, which has key influence on accuracy of the machining. The machining time was also examined.
Production technology of machine parts for the production unit
Langpaul, Jiří ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the suggestion of solutions to the weaknesses of production technology in the company Strojtex. The introductory part of the thesis contains an introduction to the company as well as an introduction to the tools of Lean manufacturing. As for the analytical part, a SWOT analysis is prepared, and in connection with its results, a proposal for solving deficiencies is made. The final part deals with the selection of a representative of the component with the design of a new production technology and its time and financial evaluation.
Production technology of selected range of tools with application of high-productivity equipment
Zdařil, David ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this work is to analyze the issue of providing cutting tools for internal use in the company STERCH-INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. It is mainly the production and regrinding of end mills and drills for specific machining applications, whose benefit lies in increased efficiency and flexibility of production, which also brings a significant cost reduction.
Electroerosion wire cutting of technical ceramics
Habovštiaková, Mária ; Mouralová, Kateřina (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the issue of wire electrical discharge machining of SiSiC ceramics. The first part explains the principles of electrical discharge machining, describes the WEDM technology and presents the properties of the advanced ceramics. The second part consists of a detailed analysis of the cutting process of eighteen samples obtained with systematically changing process parameters. Based on the obtained results from EDX analysis, SEM electron microscopy and topography there was performed an analysis of the influence of process parameters on the cutting speed, surface roughness, kerf width and number of wire breaks with usage of the selected brass cutting wire. From the evaluated results it was possible to select a combination of parameters that ensured a stable machining process.
Analysis of defects of copper alloy after wire electrical discharge machining
Vontor, Jakub ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Mouralová, Kateřina (advisor)
Electrical discharge wire machining, which represents non-conventional machining technology is up on very high technological level. However, due to this type of machining many of defects are set on the material and the quality of machined surface is changed according to set parameters of machine. Complex study was created with the aim of optimization these parameters according to final quality of surface and right wire speed. This study include experiment with 33 samples, every of these samples was machined with different parameters, results of these machining were analyzed.
Design of drilling arm for machine-tool
Štancl, Dominik ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design and deformation analysis of the real construction, which is a complement to the machine tool. The introductory part is devoted to the theory of drilling technology and extension of machine tool possibilities for this method of machining. The next section contains the design of the drill arm and the subsequent analysis in ANSYS to verify that the structure fulfill the requirements. At the end, the effect of changing the dimensions of the arm on the resulting rigidity and its functionality is assessed.

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