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Low-floor apartment house
Weinlich, Petr ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis discusses design of a low-floor apartment house in city of Prostějov. It is an elaboration of its blueprints for construction realization. Apartment house consists of three (above-ground) floors with partial basement that provides home hardware. Upper floors provide home hardware aswell as communication and living equipment. On every floor there are three dwelling units, that make total of 9 units in the house. Vertical structural system of the building in its basement forms permanent formwork and in the upper floors the loadbearing masonry is made of Porotherm. Horizontal structural system is provided from cast-in-place reinforced concrete ceilings. The construction is cieled by a warm flat roof with asphalt roofing. The apartment house is considered as a Nearly zero-energy building.
Detached house with a car workshop
Svoboda, Petr ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with design of detached house with car workshop in Zhoř u Mladé Vožice. It consits of two detached buildings without cellar on a plain ground. The house is L-shaped with one ground floor and attic. This building is made as a one unit made for four family members with option of accomodation of guests. The house is designed as a single layer clay masonry without thermal insulation with a pitched purlin roof. The building of the car workshop has got only one ground floor and it has a rectangular shape. In the front section there is the car workshop and the back section is a base for workers. The building is designed from clay masonry with a additional thermal insulation. The roof is made from truss girders.
Apartment building K4
Strádalová, Aneta ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the elaboration of documentation for construction of an apartment building in Rosice u Brna. The building is designed as a stand alone with four floors and flat roof. The apartment building constitutes of 9 apartment units, technical facilities and home furnishings The blueprint was processed using the AutoCAD program and the visualizations were processed using the SketchUp program.
Family house - Jinačovice
Dvořáček, Luboš ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Čupr, Karel (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on creation of a plan for the family house, which is located on sloping terrain in the newly developing part of the village Jinačovice on the plot No. 740/10. There is the southern slope, also the entrance to the house is south oriented. The family house has three floors and it is designed for a family of five or six. The whole building is found on the basic reinforced concrete belts, then it is bricked from Porotherm system and roofed by clicking roof. Movement between individual floors is made possible by a concrete staircase.
Apartment building
Vrbka, Jiří ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Fuciman, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is based on construction of new building self-standing block of flats, which is located in cadastral territory of Bukov in Moravia. Object has basement and three aboveground floors containing particular flats. Building contains ten flats of total disposition 4× 1 + kk, 4× 2 + 1 and 2× 3 + 1. Parking lot is projected in front of the object on the land of investor. Peripheral construction of basement is made from blocks BTB (sacrificial formwork) and contact thermal insulation system. Aboveground floors are built from ceramic blocks HELUZ. Ceiling constructions are projected from ceramic flu liners HELUZ MIAKO and girders POT. Object is covered by gable roof made from wooden frame-work structures with connector plates in angle of 22°. The bachelor thesis has been elaborated in the form of project documentation for realization of the construction.
Apartment building
Tomášek, Martin ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Fuciman, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of a partial basement apartment house with four floors. There is also a garage for cars and commercial space. The building is located in the cadastral area of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. On the ground floor there are spaces for commercial use and two housing units. On the second and third floor there are always three residential units, on the fourth floor there are two residential units with access to the terrace. In the basement there are cellar cubicles for individual housing units, spaces for technical equipment of the building and garage for users of the building. The object is of an irregular rectangular shape. The horizontal and vertical structures are made of the Heluz construction system. The roofing of the building is solved by means of single-skin flat roofs. The bachelor thesis is elaborated in the form of project documentation for building implementation.
Apartment building, Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav
Králík, Martin ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Sukopová, Dáša (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the documentation for the construction of a residential building in Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav. The apartment building will be located in a quiet zone of a two-storey building in a future residential development. Residential building is detached. It will be based on flat terrain. The apartment building is L-shaped (it consists of two rectangles). The building has 5 floors and 1 underground floor. There are a total of 19 apartments in the building, technical facilities and storage facilities are located in the underground part of the building. Residential building is basement. The building is covered with a flat vegetation roof. The peripheral above-ground structure is made of therm-shaped blocks, insulated with ETICS contact thermal insulation system. The main entrance to the building is from the northeast side of the building.
Apartment building on Ořechovka
Holomčíková, Hana ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Sukopová, Dáša (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor’s thesis is to design apartment house and create its blueprints. Object is located in Southern Moravian region in south-eastern outskirt of town Strážnice on allotment n. 2012/112. Purpose of using this designed apartment house is building for living consisting of seven apartment units. Every apartment unit has its own CELLAR, one outer parkland and one garage parkland. Apartment house is designed as building with basement, three above-ground floor and flat roof. On the property allotment are designed row garages with shed roof made of truss. Apartment house is designed as wall system construction. Foundations are made of strips, ceilings are designed as composed of reinforced concrete. Supporting perimeter masonry of basement is made of formwork, supporting perimeter masonry and all inner walls of overground floors are made of ceramic bloks. Staircase is designed as reinforced concrete. Thermal insulation above level of basement is composed of basalt wool. Under terrain level and in area of plinth is used Extruded polystyrene XPS as material for thermal insulation.
Detached House
Sikora, Marek ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is the elaboration of project documentation of a detached house. The building is located in the village Smilovice on the parcel number 2444. This parcel has flat terrain. The object has no cellar, building has two floors and attic. Two floors are decided for the garage and living space. Over the second floor is located attic. The fundation strips are made from plain concrete. The vertical constructions are made from Liapor blocks. The horizontal constructions are made from Liapor´s panels. The roof is sloping.
Apartment House
Karásek, Adam ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis solves a project documentation of Apartmet House and contains appurtenances according to valid regulations. The house is as a detached house, without basement. It has rectangular size and is covered with a flat one coat roof. The house has four floors with balconies. The house has 11 dwelling units. On the first floor is accessory apartments: bicycle, pram room, cleaning room, together wc, together workroom, technical room and cellar rooms. In the house is designed a elevator. The house is brick with a contact thermal insulation system.

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