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Childhood obesity and treatment of childhood obesity in the spa
Opravilová, Jana ; Chrpová, Diana (advisor) ; Bušová, Milena (referee)
The objective of this study was to find out if patiens with obesity were adequately educated in the area of the food composition since they were staying at Bludov Spa for the therapeutic program. In addition, determine whether family food consumption affects the percentile value of children, and whether frequency of breakfast and snack classification in children with optimal weight and children with overweight or obesity is different. Methodology: The practical part of this work is based on a questionnaires survey. The questionnaires were filled by 210 respondent in total. Pupils from primary school answered 104 questionnaires and patiens from the spa filled 106 questionnaires. Pupils from primary school were aged between 14 - 16 years, thein questionnaires were categorized according to percentile values per group below 90th percentile and above 90th percentile, based on age and calculated BMI. The patiens at the spa were aged between 7 - 18 years and all were in the group over the 97th percentile, but then question naires had to be categorized by age, in the 7 - 14 age group (younger and older schoolage), 15-18 years (adolescence), also a group aged 14 - 16 years was created to compareit with a group from the spa. There sults were plotted and compared to each other. Results: The evaluation of the...
Evaluation and consumption of animal fat in patients with CVD and DM
Opravilová, Jana ; Vrablík, Michal (advisor) ; Horák, Pavel (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of consumption of animal fat in patients with CVD and DM. The theoretical part deals with the distribution of lipid, lipid metabolism, the quality of each animal fats, foods containing them and their cooking. The practical part consists of a questionnaire study that tracks the incidence of animal fat and method of preparation in the diet of patients with CVD and DM. Data for this study were taken at III. Internal Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine. Keywords Animal fats, nutrition, obesity risks

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